Northwest Ohio Toastmasters Meet & Hear Of Opportunities To Grow

IMG_0090.JPGAdult coloring was the topic of a speech at the Northwest Ohio Toastmasters meeting on June 1st.

Darlene Shepard of Bryan, told how she and her sister traveled to Missouri by car this spring. Her sister was in the back seat coloring one day. Darlene thought how childish, but later learned that there is a new trend for adults to color pictures of all types. This can include scenic, shapes, animals, and all kinds of other possibilities.

She related that the coloring books are of moderate cost. Coloring can be done with regular crayons, pencils, and different styles of markers. Just as with kids’ crayons, there are both basic and expanded sets for coloring.

This new coloring trend for adults, showed its popularity in April on Amazon with “Secret Garden” being the #1 coloring book.

Adults can return to their nostalgic memories as a kid having fun coloring. It can allow a person to be creative and artistic along with reducing stress. It also keeps the mind and body connected.

Since coloring is an easy to do activity, it can be done while watching TV. Some clubs are also starting to appear where people color and socialize at the same time. It can be fun to even color the same picture more than once using different color combinations.

“A Road Well Traveled,” was the topic presented by Jane Hibbard of Stryker, who also was Toastmaster for the evening. She explained the ten year journey she has had in Toastmasters giving more than 40 speeches. In addition she has worked on several leadership activities including coaching a youth group and starting a new club in Findlay.

Jane’s speech was intended for new members of Toastmasters where she explained the many opportunities of learning to speak and grow. For all of her involvement at multiple levels, she was recently honored by the national organization with a plaque as a Distinguished Toastmaster.

Larry Zuvers of Bryan lead the general evaluation of the meeting where members commented on the two speeches. Andy Lyke of Whitehouse, was timer with Karen Lyke as grammarian and Ah counter. The word of the night was ‘Propitious’ which related to promoting a positive outcome.

Wendy Chen of Bryan, was in charge of table topics. She asked several members to talk briefly about their experiences in giving speeches. Barb Steckly of Bryan provided an inspirational close about not being first but finishing well.

Guests are always welcome to attend Northwest Ohio Toastmasters’ meetings on the first and third Monday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Allied Health Building Conference Room H104 at Northwest State Community College south of Archbold. For more information contact Larry Zuvers at 419-636-2329 or


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