NSCC Announces Dean’s List For Summer Semester 2014

VR LOGO - WEBThe following Northwest State Community College students from your area have made the Dean’s List for the summer semester (* indicates 4.00 GPA):

Shannon Ross-Yocklin (Alvordton), Sara Millay* (Edon), Sydney Stoll* (Edon), Jennifer Nine* (Fayette), Jessica Double* (Lyons), Casey Simon* (Lyons), Kirsten Burkhard* (Montpelier), Kayce DeMara (Montpelier), Jamie Hand* (Montpelier), Keshia Shutts (Montpelier), Rachelle Genoslin* (Pettisville), Andria Grieser (Stryker), Baily Grime* (Stryker), Kevin Becker* (Wauseon), Melania Behnfeldt* (Wauseon), Cody Bradley (Wauseon), Mary Katherine D’Esposito* (Wauseon), Alanna Ferreira (Wauseon), Chelsea Gunther* (Wauseon), Rosalinda Kamerdula* (Wauseon), Alexsandra Mangotic* (Wauseon), Amanda Reed* (Wauseon), Michael Sager* (Wauseon), Amanda Schroeder (Wauseon), Brett Spires (Wauseon), Joseph Stutzman* (Wauseon), Natalie Short* (West Unity), Leah Thompson (West Unity).

The Dean’s List is a select group of students who have taken at least 12 credit hous as full-time students or 6-11.99 as part time students and have averaged above a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

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