NwOESC Announces August Governing Board Meeting Recap

The following actions were taken by the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center Governing Board at their regular meeting held August 23, 2016:

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Ron Crawford. All in attendance recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

The following items were approved under the consent agenda format:

•Approved minutes from the special board meeting and the regular board meeting both held July 26, 2016.

•Approved Financial Transactions

-Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West to provide to NwOESC, Audiologist Services for the period of 7/1/16-6/30/17

-NwOESC to provide to Wauseon Exempted Village Schools, Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer Search Services for the period of 8/1/16-position finalization

-NwOESC to provide to St. Paul Lutheran School, Speech Therapist Services for the period of 8/15/16-6/15/17

FMLA and Disability

Kathleen Benson, Paraprofessional, effective 8/10/16
Kimberly Dickmann, Paraprofessional, effective 8/10/16
Lynne Kozak, Paraprofessional, effective 8/14/16
Tina Lantow, Intervention Specialist, effective 8/1/16
Alex Wilson, Payroll Specialist, effective 8/27/16

Certified Limited
Hurst, Nicole C. – CERT-1 Yr – 8/1/16-7/31/17
Lamb, David M. – CERT-1 Yr – 8/12/16-6/30/17

Classified Limited
Allison, Ami S. – CLASS-1 Yr – 8/1/16-7/31/17
Fauver, Warren D. – CLASS-1 Yr – 8/1/16-6/30/17
Hobeck, Aeriel A. – CLASS-1 Yr – 8/1/16-7/31/17
Staugler, Desiree A. – CLASS-1 Yr – 8/1/16-7/31/17
Vashaw, Sarah – CLASS-1 Yr – 8/1/16-6/30/17
Wann, Deanna M. – CLASS-1 Yr – 8/1/16-7/31/17

Classified Notice
Kamp, Laura

Additional Wage Payments
Cheek, Jessica, Williams County PAX Training, 8/2/2016
Decker, Amanda, Williams County PAX Training, 8/2/2016
Funnell, Glenda, Williams County PAX Training, 8/2/2016
Herman, Dawn, Williams County PAX Training, 8/2/2016
Hutchison, Kim, Williams County PAX Training, 8/2/2016

21st Century Site Coordinators
Ayersville – Lynette Roberts
Delta – Janey Allen Dunford
Liberty Center – Donna Crozier
Napoleon – William Baughman, Anne Kessing
Patrick Henry – Josh Biederstedt
Wauseon – Pamela Waugh

21st Century Teachers
Archbold – Breanna Daugherty
Defiance – Britt Gerken
Holgate – Julie Casillas, Amy Ellerbrock, James Niese, Beth Peck, Kimberly Schroeder, Shanna Sidle, Christine Yenser
Liberty Center – Jeanette Dishop, Stephanie Echler, Kaitlyn Rhodes, Ashley Westbury
Patrick Henry – Lisa Kleman
Wauseon – Tamara Ankney, Amy Boyers, Michael Colon, William Friess, Kayla Heising, Kevin Kreiner, Jill Martinez, Katie Miller, Bradley Myers, Lynlee Reinking

21st Century Program Assistant
Ayersville- Anne Healy
Holgate – Anne Healy
Wauseon – Susan Benson

21st Century Specialized Education Assistants
Defiance – Lucinda Seip
Patrick Henry – Jackie Bower
Wauseon – Brenda Robison

21st Century Drivers
Wauseon – Charles Kline, Dennis Peabody, Karen Rees

Substitute Paraprofessionals
Eileen Boellner, Tamara Bonaminio, Rita Brand, Summer Carr, Shaunda Davis, Diane Diamond, Deneen Evans Dilworth, Nicole Fruchey, Koreen Gilbert, Beth Harbourt, Jami Jesse, Aeriel Hobeck, Shannon Mack, Mary-Ann Mitchell Hurst, Eric Lutton, Tiffany Olmstead, Courtny Osborn, Derric Otterson, Kinga Pattogato, Jennifer Perry, Tamela Peter, Shannon Riley, Barbara Roby, Tricia Rodriguez, Stephanie Smith, Deborah Stover, Julie Tietje, Taylor Waidelich, Tabatha Weaver

Substitute Teachers
Salli Ackerman, Kendra Beck, Breanna Backhaus, Jennifer Bergman, Carla Blaker, Eileen Boellner, Tamara Bonaminio, John Bucklew, Nicole Carone, Daniel Crowe, Susan Demland, Rebecca Diaz, Malinda Dunbar, Janey Dunford, Sandra Eithiear, Nicole Fruchey, Mary Garman, Koreen Gilbert, Carol Goldsmith, Adam Heaston, Scott Heighland, Emilee Horwath, Eric Hubbard, Jami Jesse, Phyllis Johnson, Buffy Kelb, Kristen Leaders, Eric Lutton, Shannon Mack, Kathleen McGrady, Matthew McIntyre, Kevin McQuade, Heather Merritt, Karen Milek, Jessica Mitchell, Mary-Ann Mitchell Hurst, Monica Nainiger, Sheryl Nickels, Charlotte Ondrus, William Ondrus, Hilary Opdycke, Maren Peter, Tamela Peter, Josiah Poletta, Dinah Rice, Tricia Rodriguez, James Roth, Arlene Rozevink, Christine Sauder, Mary Rose Schiemann, Douglas Schimmoeller, Frederick Schultz, Holly Schultz, Heather Schuster, Cynthia Shoup, Dennis Siebeneck, Nicholas Siewert, Jackie Simonis, Terrilyn Singer, Gale Smith, Emily Starnes, Abigail Stehulak, Deborah Stover, Julie Tietje, Karen Vollmer, Taylor Waidelich, Emily Wallace, Renee Weaver, John Westhoven, Magdalene Westrick, Spring Wilson

Substitute Speech
Language Pathologist
Debra Opdycke

Student Teachers/Interns/Volunteers
Colon, Kelly, Social Work Internship as an Eastern Michigan University Student, Fall Semester, 2016 Placed with Ron Rittichier

Bus Drivers
Evergreen – Madonna Allemenious, Gloria Baker, David Baumbarger, Jennie Blain-Fischer, Tamara Bonaminio, Theresa Burgess, Quinn Chovanec, Paula Christlieb, Susan Hanifan, Michael Huffman, Nick Kerekes, Terrie Ketring-Copeland, Denise Kissling, Rosalie Koch, Ashlee Ricker, Debra Slee, Dawn Spradlin, Ronnie Whitehead, Anthony Williams
Northeastern – Sue Woolace, Chad Zachrich
Swanton – Kelly Harlett

Van Drivers
Evergreen – Douglas Desloover
Northeastern – Jennifer Saner
NwOESC – Jackie Fouty, Mike Volkert

•Approved Pettisville Bus Drivers – Tammy Burkholder, Kelly McDermott, Diane Nafziger, Randy Nafziger, Jim Pratt, Brad Rufenacht, Cindy Rupp, Gary Rupp, Tom Wagner, Jared Wanemacher, Roger Weber, Jack Young

•Approved a contract with The Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West/SSTR1 to provide up to 10 days each or a total or 20 days to Northwest Ohio ESC for specified consultants to do Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) work throughout the 2016-17 school year.

•Approved a contract with Kristine S. Fauver as an Independent Contractor to provide School Psychological Services for the period of 8/13/16-6/30/17.

•Approved an agreement with NOVA to provide online instruction at the Northwest Ohio Opportunity School and Independence Education Center for 2016-17.

•Approved a contract with Family Service of Northwest Ohio for Family and Schools Together (F.A.S.T) training and programming for the period 8/1/16-6/30/17 to be paid from SS/HS Grant funds.

•Approved an Amended and Restated Building Lease Agreement effective September 1st, 2016, by and between the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center (Landlord) and the Northern Buckeye Education Council (Tenant) for office facilities located at 205-209 Nolan Parkway, Archbold, Ohio to reflect changes indicating that while the relationship between Landlord and Tenant under this Lease legally is that of lessor and lessee, the parties recognize Tenant’s substantial contribution toward the cost of constructing the Building, based on both prior contributions and the prepaid Base Rent described in this Lease, and, accordingly, they intend for the terms of this Lease to reflect a relationship akin to—while not legally structured as—joint ownership with respect to the Property, and therefore this Lease reflects numerous terms that may more commonly be observed in a use agreement between joint owners of a facility.

•Approved the purchase of a Comprehensive Service Plan for maintenance and repair of the Phonak HA/FM amplification units from Phonak LLC with General Funds for the period 7/1/16-6/30/17.

•Approved the purchase of electronic data sharing and management, database web access and web site support, network support, and server support services from META Solutions for the Ohio Migrant Education Center with Migrant Grant funds for the period of 7/1/16-6/30/17.


SUPERINTENDENT: Kerri Gearhart reported that approximately half of the districts in the service area are now in session. Early Childhood Expansion Grant funds are being used to expand preschool opportunities to income eligible students in area schools. Paperwork processing for home school requests is underway in collaboration with area schools. Fall Migrant programming is in place as classes begins to assist migrant students in transitioning to school. The board and administrative team would like to commend all staff for a smooth start to the 2016-17 school year.

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER: Homer Hendricks reported that work is being done to complete the High Performing ESC application process. A demonstration of the eFinancePLUS software will be offered in September, with business office staff attending. The business office staff are working to prepare for the first payment under the new contracts for the year, invoicing preschool typical peer tuition, and handling the receipt and payment of supply and material orders for staff. Business office personnel also assisted in the new staff orientation and fall staff meeting events taking place recently, providing information and support to staff in a variety of areas.

DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL EDUCATION: Jill Gilliland shared that ten districts utilizing NwOESC preschool services have received the highest rating possible in the Step-Up-to-Quality process – 5-Stars. Step-Up-to-Quality is Ohio’s comprehensive accountability system for preschool programs. Several other district programs are finishing the review process, and ratings will be issued later this fall. Independence Education Center has started the school year with a proactive PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) approach, focusing on student accomplishments and good choices/responses as a school-wide initiative. A core PBIS team is in place to support staff and students in their efforts.

DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM, INSTRUCTION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Kris Dobbelaere shared about the Energy Bus initiative rolled at to staff at the recent fall staff meeting. Resident Educator Trainings are in process for teachers and mentors, with Jen Ripke heading up the program. Substitute teacher training was provided recently, and included information on using technology in the classroom setting. Ohio School Counselor Evaluation System training will take place soon for area guidance counselors and principals, with close to 90 registered to date. Numerous other events and trainings are scheduled for the fall, including Science Teacher Network, Rigor and Relevance for All, English as a Second Language Best Practices, Google Day (NWOCA), the Power of ICU, Fulton County AgFest, and Williams County Junior High Honors Band.

•As all of the business of the evening was complete, the meeting adjourned at 8:07 pm. The next regular meeting of the board will be held at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at the NwOESC office located at 205 Nolan Parkway, Archbold, OH.


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