NWoESC Organizes For 2017

The following actions were taken by the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center Governing Board at their organizational and regular meeting held January 24, 2017.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Pro Tem Ron Crawford. All in attendance recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

•Appointed Mrs. Carol Kleck treasurer pro tempore for assuming the duties of the treasurer during this organizational and regular Governing Board Meeting due to the absence of Homer Hendricks, CFO/Treasurer.

•Elected Mr. Ron Crawford as president of the NwOESC governing board for 2017.
•Elected Mr. Brian Baker as vice-president of the NwOESC governing board for 2017.
•Established the following for regular monthly meetings:

TIME: 7:00 pm
LOCATION: NwOESC Conference Room
DATES: February 28, 2017
March 28, 2017
April 25, 2017
May 23, 2017
June 27, 2017
July 25, 2017
August 22, 2017
September 26, 2017
October 24, 2017
November 28, 2017
December 19, 2017

Audit committee to meet quarterly before the regular NwOESC governing board meetings (January, April, July, and October). Records commission to meet two times after the regular NwOESC governing board meetings (April and October).

•Approved the appointment of the superintendent, director of special education, and the director of curriculum, instruction, and professional development as purchasing agents for 2017 with the dollar limit of ($15,000for the superintendent per purchase, and $7,500 for the director of special education and the director of curriculum, instruction, and professional development per purchase. Purchase requests in excess of the superintendent’s limit will require Board approval.

•Granted the Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer authority to pay bills, process payrolls, invest Board funds and make all necessary cash advancements to grants during 2017.

•Approved motion to allow the superintendent or designees to participate in Federal, State or other funded grants, contracts or agreements as they become available to the Board in 2017, and then be brought to the Board for ratification.

•Appointed Jill Gilliland as Compliance Officer female representative and Steve Hastings as Compliance Officer male representative for the purpose of coordinating the Center’s efforts to comply with applicable Federal and State laws and regulations, including the duty to address in a prompt and equitable manner any inquiries or complaints regarding discrimination/retaliation or denial of equal access (i.e. Civil Rights, Anti-Harassment, Section 504, ADA, and Title IX) for 2017.

•Approved motion to permit the superintendent to hire employees during 2017 contingent upon Board approval at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

•Approved a resolution allowing the superintendent of the Northwest Ohio Educational Service to approve school bus drivers and van drivers for Board certification who have met all of the established requirements. At the next regularly scheduled Governing Board meeting, these names will be approved also by the NwOESC Governing Board.

•Appointed the following people to serve on the Audit Committee to quarterly review calendar year 2017 financial reports:
1. Homer Hendricks, Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer
2. Mr. Ronald Crawford
3. Mr. Tom Gerig
4. Mrs. Diane Wyse

And also appointed the following people to serve as OSBA Liaisons:
OSBA Legislative Liaison: Mr. Brian Baker
OSBA Student Liaison: Mr. Jim George

•Appointed Homer Hendricks as the designee for each NwOESC governing board member effective 01/01/17 to comply with the requirements of the Ohio Public Records Law.

•Approved motion to authorize the Superintendent, on behalf of this Board, and to acknowledge acceptance of such offer on behalf of this Board, to accept resignations which have been submitted by employees during times when this Board is not in session, subject to ratification by this Board; provided however, that upon ratification by this Board, such resignations shall be deemed effective as of the date and time of the Superintendent’s acceptance.

•Approved motion to set the fees to individuals requesting copies of the schedule of meetings, agenda, or notice of individual meetings at the following:

Paper copies – twenty-five cents ($.25) per page for the first twenty-five (25) pages; twelve cents ($.12) per page for pages twenty-six (26) – seventy-five (75); and six cents ($.06) per page for pages seventy-six (76) – up. There is no charge for documents e-mailed.

The following items were approved under the consent agenda format:

•Approved Financial Transactions
– City of Napoleon to provide to NwOESC, 21st Century (Napoleon MS/HS), Extended Learning Opportunities involving Environmental Services for the period of 1/1/17-6/30/17.

– Henry County Arts Council to provide to NwOESC, 21st Century (Liberty Center Elementary), Art, Culture, Historical Activities and Character Development and Self Esteem Experiences for the period of 1/1/17-6/30/17.

– Mingo Studio Inc. to provide to NwOESC, 21st Century (Liberty Center Elementary), Extended Learning Opportunities involving Creative Arts and Photography for the period of 1/1/17-6/30/17.

– NwOESC to provide to Wauseon Exempted Village Schools, ESL Instruction Services for the period of 8/15/16-6/15/17.

Estelle Eberle, Paraprofessional, effective 7/1/17

Tacia Livensparger, Paraprofessional, effective 1/20/17
Lauren Nafziger, Personnel Coordinator, effective 1/14/17

Classified Limited
Name – Contract – Length
Bergman, Jennifer D. – CLASS-1 Yr – 1/9/17-7/31/17
Hansen-Smith, Teresa M. – CLASS-1 Yr – 1/3/17-7/31/17
Palmer, Rachel L. – CLASS-1 Yr – 1/3/17-7/31/17

After School Program Site Coordinator
Wauseon – Patricia Turpening

After School Program Assistants
Swanton – Dawn Sullivan
Wauseon – Deanna Beck, Susan Benson, Lindsay Gordon, Christie Metzner

After School Program Teachers
Wauseon -Teresa Barrett, Deanna Beck, Ryndell Bzovi, Melissa Diebert, Lindsay Gordon, Marcia Hull, Julie McCaughey, Deborah Nafziger, Jessica Schuette

Substitute Paraprofessionals
Debbie Brubaker, Gina Hinson, Samantha Monteith, Laura Rupp, Patricia Shotwell, Sara Taylor, Kelsey Waidelich

Substitute Teachers
Lisa Aular, Denise Baker, Paul Baker, Kayla Belknap, Alexa Fischer, Dale Hess, Nicole James, Amanda Latscha, Randy Luke, Zane Miller, Samantha Monteith, Derek Moran, Amber Ruemmele, Sara Taylor, Ryan Zeiter

Substitute Custodian
Gloria Sheets

Bus Driver
Evergreen – James Ehrsam

Student Teachers/Interns/Volunteers
-Armstrong, Jack, Student Teacher as a BGSU Student, Spring Semester, 2017 Placed with Amanda Doty
-Donaldson, Stephanie, Physical Therapist Clinical as an University of Findlay Student, Spring Semester, 2017 Placed with Laurie Gombash
-Schwiefert, Sara, Student Teacher as a BGSU Student, Spring Semester, 2017 Placed with Adrian Whitney

•Approved resolution for travel expenses related to official duties while serving OSBA

•Approved a Secondary Partner Organization Agreement with the Student Loan Strategies, LLC, dba Innovative Student Loan Solutions, LLC, as supported by the Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA) to promote a Student Loan Forgiveness Program built specifically to maximize the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program to staff and other interested public/non-profit agencies in the NwOESC service region.

•Approved the purchase of audit services of fiscal year 2015-16 from the Ohio Auditor of State.

•Approved the following policy recommendations:

Policy 6220.01 – Operating Balance Management (formerly 6210A) – technical rev
Bylaw 0100 – Definitions – revised
Bylaw 0160 – Meetings – revised
Policy 1530 – Evaluation of Administrators – revised
Policy 1619 – Group Health Plans – new
Policy 1619.01 – Privacy Protections of Self-Funded Group Health Plans – revised
Policy 1619.03 – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – new
Policy 2460 – Special Education – revised
Policy 3220 – Teacher Evaluation – revised
Policy 3419 – Group Health Plans – replacement
Policy 3419.01 – Privacy Protections of Self-Funded Group Health Plans – revised
Policy 3419.03 – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – new
Policy 4419 – Group Health Plans – replacement
Policy 4419.01 – Privacy Protections of Self-Funded Group Health Plans – revised
Policy 4419.03 – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – new
Policy 6144 – Investments – replacement
Policy 6605 – Crowdfunding – new
Policy 7540 – Technology – replacement
Policy 7540.01 – Technology Privacy – replacement
Policy 7540.02 – Web Content, Services and Apps – replacement
Policy 8330 – Student Records – revised

•Approved the payment of the 2016-17 Interstate Migrant Education Council annual participation fee to the Council of Chief State School Officers as fiscal agent at an amount which is above the purchasing agent limit, with migrant grant funds.

•Approved motion to set the NwOESC Salary Schedules to reflect a 2% increase for the 2017-18 contract year as presented.

•Entered into Executive Session to discuss the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee or the investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee, official, licensee or regulated individual.

•Approved resolution to initiate procedures under Ohio law for the retirement and reemployment of Ann Lamb, Assistant Financial Officer.

SUPERINTENDENT: Mrs. Gearhart discussed proactive strategies to secure and maintain difficult to staff areas such as gifted endorsement/licensure and school psychology. A summit to address preparing for future challenges in the workforce is being coordinated by NSCC for February 7th. State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria, Chancellor of Higher Education John Carey, and Workforce Transformation Board Director Ryan Burgess will be present to discuss the state perspective. Key stakeholders from education, higher education, business, and the community will communicate and collaborate on solutions to workforce challenges. The Activate Health and Wellness Center Archbold location is now open to area educators and family members electing coverage through the NBHP consortium. A training in partnership with OSBA is set for March 8th to address Booster Clubs/Extra-Curricular Best Practices.

CFO/TREASURER: Information was distributed on behalf of Mr. Hendricks sharing the annual audit is still in process and the GAAP report is being finalized by the state. Mid-year estimates were distributed to districts recently on ESC programs and services. W-2’s, 1099s, and 1095s have been processed and submitted. The Business Office staff are being commended for their diligent work over the past few months.

DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL EDUCATION: Mrs. Gilliland provided an overview of the shortage of school psychologists in Ohio as per a recent study. A student writing prompt and answer was shared expressing appreciation for the student’s paraprofessional.

DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM, INSTRUCTION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Mrs. Dobbelaere shared gifted identification and services discussions are being held with member districts. Many county events such as Honors Band, Honors Choir, Music Fests, Spelling Bees, and Quiz Bowls are underway with the coordination by NwOESC consultant and supervisory staff. Upcoming professional development offerings include World Languages, ACT Administration Overview, and Teacher Talks on Science, Gifted, Best Practices, Math, and ESL/ELL.

As all of the business of the evening was complete, the meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm. A special meeting to discuss compensation of a public employee and conduct other board business will be held at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, February 7th at the NwOESC office located at 205 Nolan Parkway, Archbold, OH. The next regular meeting of the board will be held at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at the NwOESC office located at 205 Nolan Parkway, Archbold, OH. A meeting to hear public comment on the retirement and reemployment of Ann Lamb will take place at 6:50 pm on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 at the same location.


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