Park Renovations Are Well Underway In Fayette

photo WEBWhen you plan to have company over one of the first things you do is clean the house and spruce things up. The Village of Fayette is no different. With the Bullthistle Festival just a week away lots of improvements are in the works not just for the festival but for years of beautification and use.

The renovations being done are in cooperation with the Fayette Parks Board and Director Nick Ramos but with a lot of assistance from citizens and businesses who wanted to help. Their time, dedication, work hours and gift in kind is what is helping this project go far.

The first to see a facelift is the old tennis and basketball courts. The old asphalt has been removed and new cement was poured. This was done by Joe and Ben Sly and crew and Kip Humbert. According to Ramos, the poles will be repositioned with new boards and rims and will be regulation size.

The second half of the old courts was also removed and is presently being dug and graded for sand volleyball. The work, time and money for this has come from Armstrong Excavating, Borderline Express Trucking, K&K Trucking and Kunkle Enterprises. Additional services are being provided by Hibbard Excavating.

Ramos said that Park Board Funds were used to purchase sand, stone, top soil and grass. He hopes most of the work will be complete for the crowd expected for the Bullthistle on August 2.

Other improvements taking place at the Normal Grove Park was the painting of the shelter house roof by Bullthistle Committee members. Improving the beauty and use of the park is important to all so make sure to stop out at the park to see all the new and join your friends and neighbors at the Bullthistle Festival.

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