Pathways To Wholeness Seminar Returning To Montpelier

mexico WEBBy: James Pruitt

Fresh off a fruitful trip to California and Mexico, a Michigan pastor is bringing his ministry to Montpelier once again to help people find a Pathway to Wholeness.

Ron Schoenherr will be in Montpelier for 10 weeks at the River of Life Worship Center, 14226 U.S. Route 20A. The seminar will run 6:30-8 p.m. Tuesdays.

Schoenherr and wife Rosa wrapped up a 10-week series in southern California where attendance averaged around 300 people. The PTW seminars are now available in English and Spanish and Restoration Christian Ministry has reached out to Argentina and Costa Rica, Schoenherr said.

“The ministry is growing,” an upbeat Schoenherr said in a phone interview. “We are also doing a class in rural Mexico for 13 pastors.”

Running that class requires an 18-hour day including travel time from southern California to Yuma, Ariz., and south to Mexico.

Schoenherr has been leading his ministry for 11 years and has been a Christian for 35. In all his years, he has not seen the response to the gospel like he has in California.

“We are seeing miracles,” Schoenherr said. “We are seeing the book of Acts come to life.

“People are receptive to the message; we are seeing a response in the first or second week.”

The seminar teaches principles from the Bible that shows Jesus Christ came to show people how live right. The emphasis is there is freedom in Christ.

The barriers that used to thwart his ministry don’t seem to exist anymore, he said.

“We used to have resistance, now we have zero resistance, people are wide open,’ Schoenherr said. “I don’t know if this is God’s timing. He told me to watch it happen, not make it happen.”

Schoenherr has been leading seminars in three locations in Southern California. Turnouts have been strong as well as reports of divine intervention.

“We had a wonderful God-filled Day of Ministry – a Day of Restoration Healing and Freedom on Feb. 13 at Primera Asamblea de Dios with just short of 300 people attending,” Schoenherr stated in an e-mail. “ At the end of the day we had a an optional miracle service for those who wanted to stay, with 100 people (attending).. Blind eyes were opened and the lame walked as we left at 10:30 that night.”

The success in California and Mexico has him looking forward to coming back to Montpelier. He has seen a huge response before and is confident the the community will catch fire again. He taught a 10-week seminar last fall.

“We are coming back to Montpelier to rebuild what used to be here,” Schoenherr said. “We (once) had 103 attend a Day of Ministry.”

While he reports many miracles, he does not take responsibility for them. His focus is on discipleship in Christ and on the impact Christ has had on the world from Genesis 3 to the modern day.

Out west he encountered a lot of single-parent families and broken homes.

“People have real problems,” Schoenherr said. “People don’t understand why it’s happening. Jesus Christ can put a stop to this.”

Through his seminar and a ministry called Victory Outreach, many lives have been drastically changed.

“Miracles are happening because of God’s intervention,” Schoenherr said. “I am not laying hands on people or even praying for them.

“It’s not smoke and mirrors; it’s real life in the trenches.”

The Pathways to Wholeness seminar is a 10-week course designed for established Christians who want to draw closer to God.
The programs offers “spiritual tools” to live a victorious life and an opportunity to see the manifestation of one’s healing.
According to a flyer benefits of attending include:
• Gain financial relief when you learn what has been attacking your finances
• Obtain better health as you receive insight into the root of many diseases.
• Learn the principles to live a peaceful life, free from stress, fear and bitterness
• Understand what is holding you back in areas of your life.
• Enjoy improved relationships with friends and family!
For more information contact Ron and Rosa Schoenherr at or online at

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