People From Stryker’s Quadco Delighted With Dog Agility Program

DogProgram1Sep14 WEBThere were plenty of jumping dogs and wagging tails as some people from Quadco enjoyed a dog agility program recently.

Karen Kent, a Training Specialist for Quadco and a longtime dog obedience and agility instructor, invited fellow dog enthusiasts to bring their dogs to give a program at the Defiance Bark & Run Dog Park, across from the Defiance reservoir.
About 20 individuals from Quadco’s Defiance center and Stryker facility enjoyed watching the dogs perform on the equipment at the park, including the teeter totter and A-frame. The dogs also conquered obstacles by running through tires and tunnels, did jumps and weaved through the poles for the program that lasted over an hour.

Kent said some of the dogs were beginners with just a few weeks of training and others were advanced with American Kennel Club titles and Canine Performance Event titles.

Owners and dogs who participated included Kent with her Boston terriers, Sampson and ‘Kenzi, Amy Struble with her Shelties, Meg and Katie, Sandra Stockhorst with Tot, and Jodi Lause with her golden retriever, Eleanor.

After the program was over, the participants from Quadco enjoyed petting the dogs and getting to spend some “nose-to-nose” time with them.

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