Personnel Actions Dominate The May 18th Meeting Of The Stryker Local Board Of Education

IMG_0090.JPGBy: Timothy Kays

The Stryker Local Board of Education convened in regular session on the evening of May 18.

The Treasurer’s report stated that the General Fund showed a cash balance of $3,104,383.03 after the applications of total revenues amounting to $535,640.00, and total expenses of $419,649.88.

In other financial matters, the Board received donations of a welder valued at $200.00 for Vo-Ag from Bruce Rosebrock, $100.00 to the Stryker Junior Class for prom from Woolace Electric, $20.00 to the Stryker Junior Class for prom from the Arvenwood Kennell, and $50.00 for the Baseball Fund from Michael and Carol Moore.

The Board approved the updated Five Year Forecast, along with an amendment to the appropriations and to the Certificate of Available Resources. The Board approved participation in the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program. The Board agreed to the property and liability insurance for fiscal year 2016 with the Schools of Ohio Risk Sharing Authority at the cost of $21,212, a modest premium increase of $88.00 over last year. Finally, the Board approved a three year contract with Healthcare Process Consulting to manage the Ohio Medicaid School Program at a cost of $3,000, and approved an application for Student Accident Insurance though Love Insurance Agency.

Moving into the substantial personnel portion of the evening’s agenda, the Board approved the following Supplemental Contracts for the 2015-2016 School year as presented:

Varsity Basketball Boys – Kevin Beck
Boys Basketball Assistant – Tyler Woolace
Panthian Advisor – Tiffany Korzan
Varsity Volleyball – Beth Morr
Varsity Basketball Girls – Steve Brown
Girls Basketball Assistant – Brett Grieser
A. V. Advisor – Dustin Maroon
Varsity Golf – John Ruffer
Varsity Girls Softball – Lauren Waidelich
Jr. Class Advisor (Shared) – Paula Short
Varsity Baseball – Brett Grieser
Baseball Assistant (Shared) – Cale Frey
Baseball Assistant (Shared) – Blake Ruffer
Varsity/JV Cheerleader Advisor – Katie McHugh
Varsity Cross-country Boys/Girls – Scott Goodnight
Mentor (as needed) – Shane Marshall
Mentor (as needed) – Melanie Baldwin
Mentor Coordinator – Blake Burkholder
N.H.S. Advisor – Katie Jiminez
Secondary Musical Director – Kristi Meihls (’15-’16)
Elem. Quiz Advisor – Angie Behnfedlt
Jr. High Quiz Advisor – Barb Yoder
H.S. Quiz Advisor – Barb Yoder
Spanish Club (As needed) – Barb Yoder
Art Club (As needed) – Laura Moser
7th Boys Basketball – Blake Ruffer
7th Girls Basketball – Nikki DeGroff
8th Boys Basketball – John Ruffer
8th Girls Basketball – Joe Grieser
Jr. High Cross Country – Kevin Beck
Jr. High Golf – Blake Ruffer
Jr. High A.D. – Paula Short

The Board approved the following the following classified substitutes and volunteers for the 2015-16 and 2014-15 school years, contingent upon required BCI/FBI background checks and all required documents:

Conner Varner
Ed Ruffer
Chelsea Henry

Classified and Transportation Driver Substitutes
Joe Graber
Rick Ruffer
Kaye Wonders
Larry Davis
Tracy Frank
Scott Goodnight
Tim Oberlin
Betty Ross
Cindy Ruffer
Patty Olmstead
Sandy Stuckey
Michelle Short
Janet Myers
Jackie Holsopple
Dorothy Beck

The Board approved the following 2015 Summer School teachers:
Katie Jimenez
Laurin Waidelich
Brenda DeGroff
Barb Yoder
Shane Marshall
Matt Arnos
Angie Behndfeldt
Melanie Baldwin

The Board approved the following personnel contracts as presented:
Dave Schultz
Bruce Brown
Kim Miller
Rick Ruffer
Paula Short
Jill Peters
Nikki DeGroff
Elaine Aguilar

The Board approved the following one year teaching contracts for 2015-16:
Hanna Meck
Amy Fleming
Hannah Storrer

The Board approved the following 2014-15 athletic event workers:
Barb Yoder – $35.00 per event
Connie Grieser – $35.00 per event
Paula Short- $35.00 per event
Joe Grieser- $35.00 per event
Kim Miller – $60.00 per event

The Board accepted the resignation of teacher Beth Lewis, effective the end of the 2014-15 school year, and approved Matt Arnos for a 5th Quarter Agriculture Grant for Summer 2015, and the 2015-16 school year.

In other actions, the Board approved a Service Agreement with the NWOCA, a Service Agreement with the Williams County Juvenile Court, and the 2015-2016 membership in the Ohio High School Athletic Association. The Board approved a 2015-2016 transportation agreement with the North Central School District. and agreed to the NEOLA new, revised, updated policies and related administrative guidelines.

Finally, the Board gave their consent to the Overnight/Extended Trip for the Baseball Team to Louisville, Kentucky, from May 29-31, 2015.

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