Pettisville Wins Seesaw Game With Stryker In BBC Seventh Grade Semi-Finals

(February 7th, 2015) – PETTISVILLE: Home court advantage turned out to be good luck for the Lady Blackbirds’ Seventh Grade squad.

Taking on Stryker in the girls Buckeye Border Conference Semi-Finals, Pettisville was able to secure a tough win in a back and forth game, 29-23.

The contest began with Stryker taking an 8-3 lead in the first period. Pettisville reversed those roles in the second quarter, outscoring the Panthers 9-4. At the half, each time had accumulated 12 points.

It was the third quarter that made all the difference. The Lady Blackbirds settled in defensively, not allowing any points to be scored by the Panther girls. Meanwhile, Pettisville put up 12 points in that span, doubling their total. While the Lady Panthers made a late run in the fourth quarter, the 11-5 effort fell short of tying or surpassing Pettisville.

Cadwell led the Pettisville scorers at 8 points. His teammate and fellow eighth grader Currier added 6 points.

For Stryker, Sophia Hubby and Mikayla Graber each totaled 8 points in the loss.

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