Pioneer Council Hears Argument For Potential Naming Of Roadway

By: T.J. Hug
The Village Reporter

The Pioneer Village Council had an interesting guest during its recognition of visitors at the governing body’s May regular meeting.

Tracie Thorp, of Lake Pioneer Condominiums, owned by Thorp Norman Real Estate, made an appearance at the meeting, hoping to have a roadway receive an official name and title of road from the village.  Council members and Mayor Ed Kidston, however, refused to do so, stating that the driving path was never built to be a road in the first place.

“We’re not going to accept the street until it’s brought up to standard.”  Kidston explained.

Thorp argued that the roadway, which she dubbed Riverview, was in fact a road, and that not recognizing it as such could lead not only to inconvenience to those who live on it, but confusion amongst fire departments and police forces having to handle a situation in the area.  Issues involving the lack of a proper address, ranging from Riverview residents not receiving their mail to safety concerns regarding fires and crime were brought up by the property owner.

Kidston had a simple solution to those problems, however.

“Those homes sit on Lakeshore Drive.”  The mayor referenced the primary road running through Lake Pioneer Condos.

Continuing to state that this was in fact not true, Thorp never relented in her claim that Riverview deserves a name.  The council consider it little more than a driveway, though.

“You could have built a road.”  Expressed Kidston.  “You can do it today.”

While the debate got a bit heated between the two parties, neither side allowed their frustration to get the better of them, and the proper time and respect was given for everyone to speak.

A contract was awarded for the First Street renovation project.  After months of planning and raising funds, as well as procuring grants for the million dollar plan, things will soon be moving forward with the repaving of the street in question.  Gerken Paving, a company out of Napoleon, was named the recipient of the contract.

Large Trash Day has come and gone in the village of Pioneer, and Village Administrator Al Fiser reported the results to the members of the council.  Nineteen and a half tons of trash was removed by the village.  The cost to accomplish this task was roughly $1,400.

The council ended the meeting by entering into Executive Session to discuss possible litigation.  No action was expected.

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