Pioneer Native Graduates From University Of Michigan, Set To Undergo Medical Scientist Training At Indiana University School Of Medicine

fee gradJames and Patti Fee of Pioneer would like to announce the graduation of their daughter, Megan Melain (Fee) Bernath, from the University of Michigan and her acceptance into the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at Indiana University School of Medicine. Megan is a 2009 graduate of North Central Local School and earned an Associate of Science Degree from Northwest State Community College of that year.

Megan earned a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience and Human Evolutionary Anthropology from the University of Michigan. Megan graduated with Distinction in December 2013 and achieved Honors in Neuroscience through the successful completion of an Honors thesis. During her undergraduate years, she received the James B. Angell Scholar award, University Honors several times, and instructed an introductory Honors course. Megan also gained acceptance in the Suresh Ramnath Neurosurgery fellowship, the University of Michigan pre-MSTP fellowship, and the University of Michigan Honors Summer fellowship. Finally, Megan was an active member of a medical research team at the University of Michigan that investigated the causes of Parkinson’s disease.

The Indiana University School of Medicine where Megan has been accepted is located at the Indianapolis campus. Megan gained acceptance into a highly competitive MD/PhD dual degree program, in which she will complete four years of medical school (MD) in addition to four years of graduate school (PhD). The MD/PhD training program is focused on producing physician-scientists who can translate laboratory discoveries into effective treatments for patients. In addition, Indiana University School of Medicine’s MD/PhD program is designated a Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP). MSTP is a title reserved for the nation’s distinguished MD/PhD programs with a total number of 118 MD/PhD programs in the country, there are currently 43 participating institutions with MSTPs for only a total of 933 accepted trainees in all stages of the program. Megan will be fully funded throughout her education by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Megan will attend Indiana University’s MSTP for eight years, and then later continue her education in a residential program before becoming a Medical Doctor with a PhD. Megan and her husband are residing in Indianapolis, IN.



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