Pioneer Possesses Plenty Of Pride & Patriotism

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Contrary to what some may have heard, patriotism is alive and well.

At least, it is in Pioneer.

The village’s residents gave a rousing response to a request made by Ed Kidston, a second generation mayor of the town. In his annual newsletter last November, Kidston asked the citizens of his town to help him continue Pioneer’s majestic display of patriotism. Anyone who has ever come into the village while heading north on State Route 15 knows exactly to what he is referring, as the street posts aligning the road are littered with American flags.

Kidston’s goal is to replace worn flags year after year, keeping the quite visual support for the American way of life fresh. In order to accomplish this, he requested some of his fellow Pioneer residents help out as well.

“I encourage you to get your kids involved, do it as a family, or join with one of your neighbors,” Kidston proclaimed, “maybe a class at school or a business or organization you belong to.”

What the mayor was asking for was that some of the people of Pioneer adopt at least a flag. Roughly ninety people, actually. Kidston was optimistic that the idea would be embraced by the community.

“Let’s show our Pioneer pride together!!” He wrote with great enthusiasm. “I think it will be great fun knowing you are part of something special.”

As it turns out, his optimism was not misplaced. To date, one hundred and twenty-three flags have been adopted by entities within the village. Some are individuals. Others local businesses or churches. But, overall, more people than even mayor Kidston could have predicted answered the call to show their patriotism.

“I am so proud of our citizens and their willingness to contribute in such a big way.” Kidston expressed. “This is just fantastic!”

There is a dedication ceremony planned in the village in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer held in May. All of the support offered to this country by Pioneer’s patriots will be on full display along State Street all Summer long.

Several Pioneer residents, including organizations, have expressed their own pride at the idea as well.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to honor and remember my dad, Harry Semer, by purchasing a flag…” Pam Smith stated. “My dad proudly served his country during the Korean War.”

Senior Pastor Steve Smith, of Lake View Church, expressed his thoughts on the dedication as well.

“We are honored as members of the community to participate in an opportunity to offer support and to fly the flag that so publicly displays who we are and what we stand for.”

Even Village Councilwoman Connie Salisbury, whose daughter, Tiffany Snider is amongst those being honored, was filled with a renewed sense of pride by this event.

“This ‘Pioneer Patriot’ event is a visual statement of the care and concern of the residents in the Village of Pioneer!”

Anyone claiming that patriotism is dead need only take a quick drive down State Street come May to see that they are wrong.

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