Pioneer Village Council Discusses “The Bees Knees” Market Event

2 (Pioneer Council) WEBArts and crafts are about to become the bee’s knees in Pioneer.

Creative minds and dexterous hands will soon be flocking to the town, as the Pioneer Village Council approved for public space to be used to host a handmade market. Brooklyne Montalvo, owner of The Bees Knees Vintage and Handmade Boutique, sought after and received permission to hold the event from the council at their August Regular Meeting.

Montalvo’s pitch to council members and administrators was one of symbiotic gains.

“I just want to bring more people into Pioneer and help my business.”

Indeed, it’s Montalvo’s hope that the market will become an annual happening, with its draw reaching more populated surrounding areas such as Toledo and Fort Wayne. For his part, Mayor Edward Kidston was enthusiastic about the premise.
“I think anything that brings people to Pioneer is a great idea.”

According to Montalvo, the market already has over 30 local vendors lined up, and she is optimistic that number will rise to between 40 and 50 before the beginning of the event. There is no charge to set up shop.

Appropriately titled “The Bees Knees Market,” the event is slated for Saturday, September 6th from 10 A.M. To 6 P.M. and will take place on the sidewalks of downtown Pioneer. Live music is anticipated, and the possibility of kid’s activities and food being available is currently being explored.

During his report to the council, Fire Chief Denny Fackler requested that the village buy a new firetruck. The council agreed , establishing that the purchase would not exceed $300,000. Not wanting to drain their General Fund too much, Mayor Kidston suggested that the town seek financing, despite having the funds to complete the potential transaction outright.

The council’s plan for the loan is to have it paid off in about four to five years. Payments will likely amount to $45,000 a year, with the village paying more off the balance when possible. Mayor Kidston made it clear that the down payment should be small, and that payments in excess should be put on hold, however, until the vehicle is in their possession.

“I don’t want to spend a substantial amount until it’s in our garage.”

With Fackler’s recommendation, the council also welcomed Aaron Filson as the newest Pioneer Firefighter.

Chief of Police Timothy Livengood addressed council members as well. Reviewing his monthly report, the council inquired about an increase in village police activities outside of township limits.

“They seem to trust us more.” Livengood said of the Williams County Sherrif’s Office. “They tend to rely on us a little more than in the past.”

Brad VanDeVoorde, new Supervisor of the Electric Department, updated the council on his work throughout the village. With not much to report, VanDeVoorde took the time to acknowledge his healthy working relationship with Village Administrator Al Fiser. The Administrator took the opportunity to informed the council that Brad Plummer, the man VanDeVoorde replaced, payed the village $5,600 he owed for leaving their employ early.

According to Fiscal Officer April McMillen, the village renewed a Certificate of Deposit with The State Bank. They did, however, move $500,000 to The Edon State Bank.

“Not all area banks were interested in public funds at this time,” Fiser added, “but Edon was.”

As for village improvements, North Park Lane, South Elm Street, South Park Lane, South Rose Lane, and Tanglewood Lane were all approved for repaving. In total, 2,628 linear feet of road will be

A resolution was also approved, which allowed for The Village Administrator to submit an application to participate in the Ohio Public Works Program. In desperate need of renovation, the council plans to submit 1st street to the program. Estimates for the cost of the project hover just under $1 million, with the village only having $280,000 currently dedicated. Mayor Kidston believes the program will allot them between $300,000-$400,000 if accepted, leaving the remainder of the renovations to be paid off through a zero-interest loan. If successfully entered into the program, contracts will be awarded in July of 2015.

The council will hold their next regular meeting on Tuesday, September 16th at 7:00 P.M. in the Pioneer Community Center. Normally meeting on the second Monday of the month, the council moved their session in order to support the North Central Band at the Williams County Fair.

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