Pioneer’s Fire Insurance Rating Rises

By: James Pruitt

A light agenda was dealt with swiftly by the Pioneer Village Council July 11.

The council approved the first reading of a resolution about contracting with Madison Township for fire services. An ordinance amending appropriations was passed as well.

Administrator Al Fiser said crews would be wrapping up 1st Street by the end of July.

Fire Report
Fire Chief Denny Fackler said his department responded to 21 runs between June 6 and July 11. The unit also followed up on two controlled burns.
Of the 21 runs, 11 were medical assists of EMS. There were extrications of victims, a passenger vehicle fire and a building fire in Alvordton.
Fackler said the village has an ISO rating of 4.
“I want to thanks our Fire Department members for the extra work that we have to do,” Fackler said. “Anthony and Bob for the testing they did with our water system and the village for providing upgrades and equipment to accomplish this.
“It takes a lot of teamwork to accomplish this rating improvement.”

Police Report
Police Chief Timothy Livengood reported his officers responded to 121 calls June 1-30. Fifty-three were dispatched and 44 were officer initiated.
The southeast (Zone 4) had 49 calls or 40 percent of all calls. The northwest had the least with 14. There were seven calls outside the village.
There were 24 calls on Wednesdays and 20 calls on Saturdays. Fridays had the fewest calls (12).
Officers filled out 28 incident reports; issued eight traffic warnings, two traffic citations.
There was one misdemeanor criminal charge and one warrant for arrest. There were five accidents.
The average response time was 33 seconds and the average time on a call was 11 minutes, 12 seconds.
The most common report was for nuisance ordinance violations (4). There were three thefts.
A mid-year comparison shows the department saw a 24.5 percent jump in calls from 2015 to 2016.
Misdemeanors are up 166.67 percent (24-9). Criminal charges are up 140 percent (24-10).

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