Police, Fire, & Court Records – August 20, 2014 Edition

No reports received at time of press.

Stryker P.D.
(Aug 1) Open Door – Commercial
(Aug 1) Passing Bad Checks
(Aug 1) Traffic Warning – Speed
(Aug 1) Agency Assist
(Aug 1) Traffic Citation – Stop Sign
(Aug 2) Traffic Warning – Speed
(Aug 2) Traffic Warning – Equipment Violation
(Aug 3) Traffic Warning – Speed
(Aug 4) Traffic Warning – Stop Sign
(Aug 4) Harassment
(Aug 5) Warrant Service – Adult Arrest
(Aug 5) Theft
(Aug 5) Traffic Warning – Stop Sign
(Aug 6) Open Door – Commercial
(Aug 6) Traffic Warning – Stop Sign
(Aug 7) Domestic Dispute
(Aug 7) Traffic Warning – Stop Sign
(Aug 7) Traffic Citation – Stop Sign
(Aug 7) Traffic Citation – Stop Sign

Pioneer P.D.
No reports received at time of press.

West Unity P.D.
(Aug 4) Speed/Warning x3
(Aug 4) Assist Medic
(Aug 4) Animal Complaint
(Aug 5) Animal Complaint
(Aug 5) Speed/Warning
(Aug 5) Speed/Citation
(Aug 5) Agency Assist
(Aug 6) Break Lights/Warning
(Aug 6) Assist Medic
(Aug 6) Citizen Assist
(Aug 6) Lock OUt
(Aug 6) Headlight/Warning
(Aug 6) License Plate Light/Warning
(Aug 7) Agency Assist
(Aug 7) Theft
(Aug 7) Traffic Crash
(Aug 7) Suspicious Person
(Aug 8) Assist Medic
(Aug 8) Illegal Left Turn/Warning
(Aug 8) Speed/Warning
(Aug 8) Theft
(Aug 8) Noise Complaint
(Aug 8) Left of Center/Warning
(Aug 8) Lock-Out
(Aug 9) Red Light/Warning
(Aug 9) Speed/Warning
(Aug 9) Agency Assist
(Aug 9) Animal Complaint
(Aug 9) Speed/Warning x2
(Aug 10) Speed/Warning
(Aug 10) Driving Under Suspension Citation
(Aug 10) Speed/Citation

Montpelier P.D.
No reports received at time of press.

Fayette P.D.
No reports received at time of press.

Wauseon Police
(Aug 7) 824 N Shoop Ave, Animals in Vehicle
(Aug 7) 123 W Superior St, Open Burn
(Aug 7) 200-B Maple St, Suspicious Person
(Aug 7) 206 Jefferson St, Animal Call
(Aug 7) 749 Wauseon Senior Village, 911 Hang Up Contact In Person
(Aug 7) N Franklin St @ E Elm St, Juveniles in Roadway
(Aug 7) 495 E Airport Hwy, Larceny
(Aug 7) 450 E Oak St, Barking Dog
(Aug 8) 451 Cedar St, Accident (Property Damage)
(Aug 8) 523 E Leggett St, Fraud
(Aug 8) 640 Spruce St, Larceny
(Aug 8) 722 Fairway Dr Unit 10, Assault
(Aug 8) 485 E Airport Hwy, Dog in Hot Car
(Aug 8) Tractor Supply, Alarm Drop
(Aug 8) 1497 N Shoop Ave, Domestic Trouble
(Aug 8) 840 W Elm St, Investigate Complaint
(Aug 8) 319 W Leggett St, Loud Music/Party
(Aug 8) 136 W Chestnut St, Domestic Trouble
(Aug 8) 600 Wood St, Suspicious Vehicle
(Aug 9) 320 Sycamore St, Alarm Drop
(Aug 9) 230 Clinton St, Animal Call
(Aug 9) 485 E Airport Hwy, Accident (Property Damage)
(Aug 9) 230 Clinton St, Dog Bit Another Dog
(Aug 9) 211 S Fulton ST, Accident (Property Damage)
(Aug 9) 398 S Shoop Ave, Funeral Escort
(Aug 9) 485 E Airport Hwy, Dog in Vehicle
(Aug 9) 1205 N Shoop Ave, Funeral Escort
(Aug 9) 250 Depot St, Investigate Comlpaint
(Aug 9)741 Fairway Dr Unit 3, Suspicious Person
(Aug 9) 840 W Elm St Unit 708, Domestic Trouble
(Aug 9) 485 E Airport Hwy, Suspicious Activity
(Aug 9) 607 N Fulton St, Accident (Property Damage)
(Aug 9) 840 W Elm St Unit 907, Investigate Comlpaint
(Aug 10) W Leggett St, Vandalism
(Aug 10) 700-B Fairway Dr, Stolen Car
(Aug 10) 135 Darlene Dr, Animal Call
(Aug 11) 873 Burr Rd, Wire Down
(Aug 11) 900-B E Leggett St, Investigate Complaint
(Aug 11) 615 Ottokee St, Open Door
(Aug 11) S Shoop Ave @ E Leggett St, Accident (Property Damage)
(Aug 11) 151 S Fulton St, Counterfeit Bill
(Aug 11) Clinton St @ Jefferson, Investigate Complaint
(Aug 12) 230 Clinton St, Lost/Found/Recovered
(Aug 12) 725 S Shoop Ave, Hit-Skip
(Aug 12) 730 Wood St, Identity Theft
(aug 12) 104 W Chestnut Ct, Animal Call
(Aug 12) Ottokee St @ Airport Hwy, Vehicle Fire
(Aug 12) 485 E Airport Hwy, Larceny
(Aug 12) 840 W Elm St Unit 402, Narcotics
(Aug 12) 594 Douglas Dr, Dog At Large
(Aug 12) 840 W Elm St Unit 501, Drunk
(Aug 13) S Brunell St @ Norfolk, Possible Suicide Attempt
(Aug 13) E Linfoot St @ N Fulton, Animal Call
(Aug 13) 134 W Linfoot St, Animal Call
(Aug 13) 824 N Shoop Ave, Burglary
(Aug 13) 485 E Airport Hwy, Investigate Complaint
(Aug 13) 805 Cherry St, Fight
(Aug 13) 250 W Linfoot St Unit 25, Larceny
(Aug 13) 840 W Elm St Unit 905, Welfare Check
(Aug 13) 230 Clinton St, Threats/Harassment
(Aug 13) 228 Cherry St, Found Dog
(Aug 13) 1495 N Shoop Ave, Juveniles
(Aug 13) 1201 N Ottokee St, Suicide Attempt

Wauseon FIre
No reports received at time of press.

Sheriff Roy E. Miller announces that the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office conducted a High Visibility Blitz. The Blitz started on August 3, 2014 and ended on August 13, 2014. Deputies who worked this Blitz made 39 traffic stops and issued 8 citations. The citations that were issued were for speed violations. Deputies also issued 33 warnings to motorists. The High Visibility Blitz is paid from a grant that the Sheriff’s Office has received from the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Sheriff Miller and his deputies are dedicated to protecting the citizens of Fulton County and the motorists who travel its highways. This grant allows extra patrol to enforce traffic laws that will increase the safety of motorists on the roadway in areas that are prone to a higher number of serious and fatal crashes.

Sierra Baker, 19, Wauseon, Ohio, pled guilty to Attempted Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs. On November 5, 2013, she attempted to sell Adderall. Judge James E. Barber sentenced Ms. Baker to 1 year community control and ordered her to pay prosecution costs, make restitution of $70.00 to the MAN Unit, seek and maintain employment, and serve 7 days in CCNO with credit for 7 days served. Failure to comply could result in Ms. Baker spending 8 months in prison.
A Wauseon man was sentenced on August 13, 2014, in the Fulton County Common Pleas Court according to county prosecutor Scott A. Haselman. Steven J. O’Neal, 21, formerly of 221 W. Chestnut St, previously pleaded guilty to Breaking and Entering. On April 22, 2014, he entered a shed on County Rd 14, Wauseon, and stole property. Judge James E. Barber sentenced Mr. O’Neal to prison for 11 months.

Colleen Schlosser, age 55, Edon, Ohio, was operating a 2012 Chevrolet Captiva SUV traveling South on CR-1.50 .3 miles South of US-20 in Northwest Township when she truck a deer that ran onto the roadway. The vehicle sustained minor damage.
Logan McKelvey, age 20, Montpelier, Ohio, was operating a 2011 Ford Fusion traveling East on SR-34 .2 miles East of CR-20.50 in Springfield Township. He reportedly fell asleep, traveled off the left side of the roadway, and struck a tree, ditch, and wooden embankment. There were no injuries. The vehicle sustained heavy damage. Mr. MrKelvey was cited for Failure to Control.
Wade Michalski, age 23, Bryan, Ohio, was arrested on July 26, for Marked Lanes violation, Driving Under Suspension, OVI, and open container of alcohol. He was released to family.
Clarence Lovejoy, age 28, Edgerton, Ohio, was arrested on July 27 on two Bryan Municipal Couty warrants for passing bad checks. He was held at CCNO.
Kurt Peterson, age 26, Pioneer, Ohio, was arrested on July 27 for left of center and OVI following a traffic stop. He was released to a friend.
Douglas Ferguson II, age 22, Montpelier, Ohio, was arrested on July 27 and charged with drug paraphernalia following a traffic stop. He was released.
Michael Raymond Moser, age 34, Bryan, Ohio, was arrested on July 29 for Burglary and Breaking and Entering. He was taken to CCNO.

The Fulton County Crime Stopper Program would like your help in solving the following crimes:
Authorities are investigating the theft of guns on two separate occasions. On July 3, 2014, a .22 caliber revolver (either a Gardner model 939 or an Aubert 1873 Stallion) with holster and belt was stolen from the pole barn at County Road 27 and MN, Fayette. Then on July 27, 2014, authorities reported a Remington Wingmaster pump action shotgun and a Remington 870 Express pump action shotgun were taken from a residence located at 21801 County Road H, Arcbbold. Total value of all the guns is $1,000.
If you have any information concerning these crimes that could lead to the arrest and incarceration of the person(s) involved, please contact the Fulton County Crime Stopper Hotline. Anyone with information about these or any other felony will be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 cash. Call is confidential and anonymous. The number to call day or night is 1-800-255-1122, toll free.

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