Police, Fire, & Court Records – February 4th Edition

VR LOGO - WEBEdon Police
(Jan 18) Warning, Speed (2)
(Jan 19) Citizen Assist
(Jan 20) Family Dispute
(Jan 20) Medic Run
(Jan 20) Warning, Headlight
(Jan 20) Citizen Assist
(Jan 20) Parking Complaint
(Jan 21) Citation, Speed (2)
(Jan 22) Citizen Assist
(Jan 23) Alarm Drop
(Jan 23) Wellbeing Check
(Jan 23) Citizen Assist
(Jan 24) Citation, Speed
(Jan 24) Warning, Speed

Fayette Police
No reports received at time of press.

No reports received at time of press.

Pioneer Police
No reports received at time of press.

No reports received at time of press.

(Jan 19) Breaking & Entering
(Jan 19) Speed/Warning
(Jan 20) Medical Emergency
(Jan 20) Unruly Juvenile
(Jan 20) Wellbeing Check
(Jan 21) Lock Out
(Jan 21) Parking Violation
(Jan 21) Theft
(Jan 21) Agency Assist (2)
(Jan 22) Lock Out (2)
(Jan 22) Drug Complaint
(Jan 23) Medical Emergency
(Jan 23) Telephone Harassment
(Jan 23) Theft
(Jan 23) Wellbeing Check
(Jan 23) Agency Assist
(Jan 24) Citizen Assist
(Jan 24) Speed/Citation
(Jan 24) Agency Assist
(Jan 25) Wellbeing Check

Wauseon Police
(Jan 22) 731 Fairway Dr Unit 1, Identity Theft
(Jan 22) 425 Cole St Unit 404, Larceny
(Jan 23) 300-B S Shoop Ave, Welfare Check
(Jan 23) 824 N Shoop Ave, Larceny
(Jan 23) 421 Potter St, Wire Down
(Jan 23) 810 N Shoop Ave, Larceny
(Jan 23) 309 Barbara Dr, Telephone Harassment
(Jan 24) 612 Burr Rd, Suspicious Vehicle
(Jan 24) 206 E Leggett St, Loud Noise
(Jan 24) 206 E Leggett St, Accident (Property Damage)
(Jan 24) 245 E Willow St, Investigate Complaint
(Jan 24) 425 E Park St, 911 Hang Up Contact In Person
(Jan 24) 303 E Walnut St, Drunk With Gun
(Jan 25) 725 S Shoop Ave, Animal Call
(Jan 25) 448 Marshall St, Suspicious Person
(Jan 25) 1088 Barney Oldfield Fr, Welfare Check
(Jan 25) 1489 N Shoop Ave, Alarm Drop
(Jan 25) 232 E Elm St, Hit-Skip
(Jan 25) 485 E Airport Hwy, Accident (Property Damage)
(Jan 25) 1100-B Apache Dr, Dog at Large
(Jan 25) 485 E Airport Hwy, Larceny
(Jan 25) 725 S Shoop Ave, Narcotics
(Jan 26) 730 Pine St, Run Away or Unruly
(Jan 26) 485 E Airport Hwy, Larceny
(Jan 26) 212 Jefferson St, Open Door
(Jan 26) 950 E Oak St, Run Away or Unruly
(Jan 26) 887 Burr Rd, Alarm Drop
(Jan 26) 722 Fairway Dr, Narcotics
(Jan 26) 1265 N Shoop Ave, Accident (Property Damage)
(Jan 26) 940 E Leggett St, Alarm Drop
(Jan 26) 840 W Elm St, Civil Matter
(Jan 26) 1489 N Shoop Ave, Alarm Drop
(Jan 27) 840 W Elm St Unit 700, Assault
(Jan 27) 700-B S Shoop Ave, Accident (Property Damage)
(Jan 27) 123 S Fulton St, Alarm Drop
(Jan 27) 320 Sycamore St, Alarm Drop
(Jan 27) 390 Joanna Dr, Welfare Check
(Jan 28) 555 W Linfoot St, Accident (Property Damage)
(Jan 28) 840 Parkview, Assault
(Jan 28) 230 Clinton St, Telephone Harassment
(Jan 28) 135 N Maplewood St, Suspicious Activity
(Jan 29) 940 E Leggett St, Alarm Drop
(Jan 29) 843 Wood St, Welfare Check
(Jan 29) 625 N Shoop Ave, Welfare Check
(Jan 29) 225 E Linfoot St, Alarm Frop
(Jan 29) 604 S Shoop Ave, Unit 200, Menacing
(Jan 29) 940 E Oak St, Larceny

The Williams County Sheriff’s Office and the Multi Area Narcotics Unit executed a search warrant at 02107 US 20, Edon OH. This resulted in the arrest of Joseph L. Green, age 55, for Illegal Assembly of Chemicals to Manufacture Methamphetamine, a felony. He was taken to CCNO, additional charges are pending.

David L. Jones, Stryker, OH, Disorderly Conduct – Jail: 30 days, with 24 suspended. Fine: $250. Costs: $215. Not allowed to contact victim, Dustin Jones.
Randy Maag, West Unity, OH, Disorderly Conduct – Fine: $75. Costs: $85.
James Maag, West Unity, OH, Disorderly Conduct – Fine: $75. Costs: $85.

WILLIAMS County Traffic
David L. Jones, Stryker, OH, Operating Under a Suspended License – Fine: $300. Costs: $115.
Joseph C. Boggs, West Unity, OH, Fictitious Registration – Waive Amount: $250.
Steven L. Northrup, Edon, OH, A.C.D.A. – Waive Amount: $155.
Deborah L. Fugate, Montpelier, OH, Open Container – Waive Amount: $175. A.C.D.A. – Waive Amount: $150. Seatbelt – Waive Amount: $70.
Joseph F. Moran Jr., Montpelier, OH, Improper Registration – Waive Amount: $125. Expired Plates – Waive Amount: $125.
Donald L. Headley Sr., Montpelier, OH, Seatbelt – Fine: $20. Costs: $40.
Scott L. Stuckey, West Unity, OH, Seatbelt – Fine: $30. Costs: $40.
Gary L. Gallagher, Montpelier, OH, 70/55 Speed – Fine: $46. Costs: $79.
Norman E. Dickman Jr., Fayette, OH, Seatbelt – Waive Amount: $70.
Brandon S. John, West Unity, OH, A.C.D.A. – Fine: $50. Costs: $79.
Amber D. Osborn, Pioneer, OH, 40/25 Speed – Fine: $40. Costs: $85.
Mark A. Phillips, Montpelier, OH, Improper Registration – Waive Amount: $125.
Ryle J. Smith, Edon, OH, 68/55 Speed – Waive Amount: $125. Fine: $46. Costs: $82.50.
Jackie L. Litwiller, Fayette, OH, Tag/Sticker Violation – Waive Amount: $125.
Mark A. Harrington, Stryker, OH, 69/55 Speed – Waive Amount: $125.
Amalia E. Hernandez Izaguirre, Wauseon, OH, 71/55 Speed – Waive Amount: $125. Fine: $46.
Chase W. Flory, Stryker, OH, Seatbelt – Fine: $30. Costs: $40.
Bruce W. Deardroff, Pioneer, OH, 66/55 Speed – Waive Amount: $125.
Heather L. Hageman, Montpelier, OH, 67/55 Speed – Fine: $40. Costs: $79.
Kattie M. Lee, Stryker, OH, Failure to Control – Fine: $71. Costs: $79.
Jack W. New, Fayette, OH, Violation of Lane/Line – Waive Amount: $150.
Brooke M. Hammond, Edon, OH, Failure to Control – Fine: $65. Costs: $85.
Tina K. Bavin, West Unity, OH, 72/55 Speed – Waive Amount: $125.
Jessica E. McDaniel, Pioneer, OH, Seatbelt – Waive Amount: $70.

Marietta M. Irvin, Montpelier, OH, Stop Sign – Waive Amount: $150.
Lindsay A. Newell, Pioneer, OH, Expired Plates – Waive Amount: $125.
Gwen S. Kellogg, Montpelier, OH, 36/25 Speed – Waive Amount: $125.
Melony L. Odonley, Montpelier, OH, Traffic Light – Fine: $40. Costs: $85.

Dissolutions Granted
Tobey Davis, of Bryan, OH, and John B. Davis, of Pioneer, OH.

Sheriff Roy Miller reports that on January 27, 2015, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office received a call of suspicious activity on US 20A (Airport Highway) near County Road 5. Deputies were given a description of the vehicle which was located in a business drive east of Delta, Swancreek Township. During a joint investigation, Deputies and Delta Police Officers found the suspects’ vehicle was reported stolen out of Montpelier. Five suspects were then arrested on various charges and warrants as follows: Schuylar Winkler, age 21, of Defiance, arrested on a Parole Violation; Kylie Cranson, age 19, of Bryan, arrested on Possession of Drug Instruments; Misty Lane, age 28, of Edgerton, arrested on an out-of-county warrant; Tristen Reynolds, age 22, of West Unity, arrested for Possession of Drug Instruments; and James Black, age 18, of Bryan, arrested for breaking and entering. The arrests led to the Multi Area Narcotics Unit being called and the discovery of an active meth lab at 424 Rulf Street, Defiance. The Multi Area Narcotics Unit dismantled multiple meth labs at the residence. The M.A.N. Unit was assisted at the scene by Defiance Police Department and Defiance City Fire Department. More changes are likely after the prosecutor reviews the case. Mugshot photos of the individuals are available at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio website: ccnoregionaljail.org

Jobe G. Reynolds, Fayette, OH, OVI/First Offense – Jail: 1 year. Fine: $500. Costs: $88.
Jeffrey J. Jasso, Wauseon, OH, Physical Control – Fine: $500. Costs: $88.
Daniel A. Oberhaus, Wauseon, OH, OVI/First Offense – Fine: $575. Costs: $88.
Mark A. Schang, Wauseon, OH, Expired Plates – Fine: $37. Costs: $88.
Eli M. Wright, Wauseon, OH, Following Close – Waiver Amount: $125.
Dexter L. Aeschliman, Wauseon, OH, Seatbelt – Waiver Amount: $81.
Andres Rocha III, Wauseon, OH, OVI/First Offense – Jail: 20 days. Fine: $800. Costs: $88.
Taylor M. Merillat, Fayette, OH, D.U.S. – Fine: $200. Costs: $88.
Edwardo Navarro, Wauseon, OH, Failure to Yield – Fine: $37. Costs: $88.
Ashley E. Kerr, Stryker, OH, 83/70 Speed – Waiver Amount: $125.
Julian Molina, Wauseon, OH, A.C.D.A. – Fine: $102. Costs: $88.
Preston W. Lantz, Wauseon, OH, A.C.D.A. – Fine: $102. Costs: $88.
Constance J. Nofziger, Wauseon, OH, Assured Clear D – Waiver Amount: $190.
Debra L. Grzymkowski, Montpelier, OH, Failure to Control – Waiver Amount: $190.
Jason M. Dietrich, Wauseon, OH, Failure to Control – Waiver Amount: $190.
Kevin L. Putnam, Fayette, OH, 44/25 Speed – Waiver Amount: $165.
Jade E. Pontious, Wauseon, OH, Physical Control – Fine: $500. Costs: $80.
Santisouk Champada, Montpelier, OH, 82/70 Speed – Waiver Amount: $117.
Nathan E. Goodman, Wauseon, OH, 40/25 Speed – Waiver Amount: $127. Seatbelt – $73.
Tiffany L. Law, Wauseon, OH, Expired Registration – Fine: $37. Costs: $80.
Heidi L. Betz, Wauseon, OH, Stop Sign – Fine: $37. Costs: $80.

James D. Wilson, Wauseon, OH, Theft – Jail: 45 days. Fine: $250. Costs: $78.
Derek Allen, Montpelier, OH, Drug Paraphernalia – Fine: $50. Costs: $78. Possession of Marijuana – Fine: $50. Costs: $54.
Megan L. Lerma, Fayette, OH, Theft – Fine: $250. Costs: $78.
Michael W. Heath, Wauseon, OH, Underage Alcohol Consumption – Fine: $100. Costs: $70.

A Delta, Ohio woman was sentenced on January 23, 2015, in the Fulton County Common Pleas Court. Crystal Wright, age 55, previously pled guilty to Misuse of Credit Cards. According to Fulton County Prosecutor Scott A. Haselman, on or about May 12, 2014 to June 14, 2014, Ms. Wright used the credit card of an elderly person to make unauthorized purchases. Judge James E. Barber sentenced Ms. Wright to two years of community control. He ordered Ms. Wright to serve 10 days in CCNO, pay prosecution costs and counsel fees, pay restitution of $637.05, not consume or possess alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, not enter bars or taverns, complete 20 hours of community service, and have no contact with the victim or the victim’s family. Failure to abide by these conditions could result in Ms. Wright serving 10 months in prison.

The Fulton County Crime Stopper Program would like your help in solving the following crimes:
Authorities are investigating a cluster of break-ins and thefts in the are of County Road 5-2 and Rainbow Drive, Delta. Between December 17 and 18, 2014, an unattached garage was broken in to on County Road 5-2. Tools, a Botsch drill and baseball bag were taken, totaling $320. A vehicle breakin was reported on Rainbow Drive. A wallet and DVD player were stolen. On December 18, a vehicle parked on Rainbow Drive was entered and a purse was taken containing cash and bank cards.
Authorities are also investigating a theft at Archbold Equipment, 4982 SH 66, Archbold. Between Friday, December 26 and Sunday, December 28, 2014, a 2014 Bobcat was driven off the front lot. The Bobcat is Model T750IT4, serial #ATF613771, and is valued at $79,000.
If you have any information concerning these crimes that could lead to the arrest and incarceration of the person(s) involved, please contact the Fulton County Crime Stopper Hotline. Anyone with information about these or any other felony will be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 cash. Call is confidential and anonymous. The number to call day or night is 1-800-255-1122, toll free.

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