Police, Fire, & Court Records – May 25th Edition

(May 9) Agency Assist
(May 9) Warning – Speed
(May 10) Bad Check
(May 10) Warning – Failure To Yield Right Of Way
(May 10) Warning – Speed
(May 11) Medic Assist
(May 11) Agency Assist
(May 11) Warning – Speed
(May 12) Warning – Speed
(May 12) Warning – Equipment Violation
(May 12) Animal Complaint
(May 12) Agency Assist
(May 13) Assault Complaint
(May 13) Warning – Speed
(May 13) Warning – Speed
(May 13) Golf Cart Inspection
(May 14) Warning – Marked Lanes Violation
(May 14) Domestic Dispute

(May 12) Theft
(May 12) Traffic Warning – Speed
(May 12) Criminal Damaging
(May 12) Citizen Assist
(May 12) Medic Assist
(May 13) Burglary
(May 13) Traffic Warning – Speed
(May 13) Traffic Citation – Stop Sign, Expired Plates
(May 13) Traffic Warning – Stop Sign
(May 13) Citizen Assist
(May 14) Custody Dispute
(May 14) Dog At Large
(May 16) Traffic Crash – PDO
(May 16) Burglary
(May 17) Odor Investigation
(May 18) Traffic Warning – Speed
(May 18) Civil Complaint
(May 18) Traffic Warning – Stop Sign
(May 18) Traffic Warning – Stop Sign
(May 18) Fire
(May 19) Traffic Crash – PDO
(May 19) Ordinance Violation

(May 2) Elton Pkwy, Suspicious Act
(May 2) Elm St, Theft
(May 2) E Airport Hwy, Accidental Alarm
(May 3) Maddie St, Welfare Check
(May 3) Paigelynn St, Loose Dog
(May 3) Brookside Dr, Unwanted Person
(May 4) E Airport Hwy, Reckless Semi Truck
(May 4) W Garfield, 911 Hang Up
(May 4) S Main & Airport, Accidental Alarm
(May 5) Fulton St, Suspicious Activity
(May 5) S Munson Rd, Sick Raccoon
(May 5) N Main St, Accidental Alarm
(May 5) Harrison St, Suspicious Vehicle
(May 5) Bassett St, Loose Dog – Returned
(May 5) Co Rd 1-2, Assist Deputy
(May 5) Crabapple, Accidental Alarm
(May 5) Airport & S Main, Accidental Alarm
(May 6) Lincoln St, Criminal Mischief
(May 6) E St. Clair, Peace Keep
(May 6) E St. Clair, Civil Dispute
(May 6) Broadway St, Assist Fire Dept.
(May 7) Harrison St, Noise Complaint
(May 7) Turtle Creek Dr, Suspicious Vehicle
(May 7) Winding Way, Domestic Dispute
(May 8) E Airport Hwy, Unruly Person
(May 8) Woodland Ave, Lost Person Found
(May 9) High School, Fight
(May 9) Airport Hwy, Disabled Vehicle
(May 9) Harrison St, Suspicious Person
(May 9) Franklin St, Accidental Alarm
(May 10) W Airport Hwy, Accidental Alarm
(May 10) Franklin St, Suspicious Vehicle
(May 10) Park School, Unruly Juvenile
(May 10) Cypress Dr, Menacing
(May 11) N Main St, Suspicious Vehicle
(May 11) N Main St, Lost Dog Found
(May 12) Crestwood Dr, Unlock Vehicle
(May 12) Hallett Ave, Found Dog
(May 12) W St Clair, Kids in Woods
(May 12) S Main St, Unlock Vehicle
(May 12) Veronica St, Unruly Juvenile
(May 13) Maddie St, Unlock Vehicle
(May 13) E Airport Hwy, Non Injury Accident
(May 14) Maddie St, Domestic Violence
(May 14) N Main St, Unlock Vehicle
(May 14) Dodge St, Peace Keep

(May 9) Criminal Mischief
(May 9) Fraud
(May 9) Unwanted Person
(May 9) Marked Lanes – Warning
(May 10) Theft
(May 10) Domestic Violence
(May 11) Agency Assist
(May 11) Speed – Warning (2)
(May 11) Marked Lanes – Warning
(May 12) Unsecure Premises (3)
(May 12) Funeral Escort
(May 12) Lock Out
(May 12) Ordinance Violation (5)
(May 12) Suspicious Person
(May 12) Speed – Warning
(May 13) Unsecure Premises
(May 13) Lock Out
(May 13) Noise Complaint
(May 13) Speed – Warning
(May 14) Telephone Harassment
(May 14) Medical Emergency
(May 14) Speed – Warning
(May 14) Equipment – Warning
(May 15) Medical Emergency
(May 15) Agency Assist
(May 16) Traffic Crash – Hit-Skip
(May 16) Traffic Crash
(May 17) Agency Assist
(May 17) Traffic Crash – Hit- Skip
(May 17) Medical Emergency
(May 17) Keep the Peace
(May 17) Speed – Warning
(May 18) Agency Assist
(May 18) Animal Complaint
(May 18) Traffic Crash
(May 18) Keep the Peace (2)
(May 18) Suspicious Vehicle
(May 19) Disabled Vehicle
(May 19) Traffic Crash/Improper Starting – Citation
(May 19) Fraud (2)
(May 19) Medical Emergency
(May 19) 911 Hang Up
(May 19) Wellbeing Check
(May 20) Animal Complaint
(May 20) Agency Assist (2)
(May 20) Disabled Vehicle
(May 20) Citizen Assist
(May 21) Lock Out
(May 21) Keep the Peace/Domestic Dispute/Drug Complaint
(May 21) Juvenile Complaint (2)
(May 21) Criminal Damaging
(May 21) Animal Complaint
(May 22) Medical Emergency

(May 9) 415 Cole St #25, Fall
(May 9) Ohio Turnpike MM 35, Injury Accident
(May 9) Ohio Turnpike MM 34, Injury Accident
(May 10) SH 108 7 Ohio Turnpike, Injury Accident
May 10) Bryan to UTMC, Transport
(May 10) FCHC to UTMC, Transport
(May 11) FCHC to Bryan, Transport
(May 11) 140 W Superior St, Ill Subject
(May 11) 1285 N Shoop Ave #123, Ill Subject
(May 11) 303 W Leggett St, Ill Subject
(May 11) 152 S Fulton St, Alarm Malfunction
(May 12) 720 N Shoop Ave, Ill Subject
(May 12) Fulton & Elm St, Injury Accident
(May 12) 701 Burr Rd #34, Ill Subject
(May 12) 10070 Co Rd 14, Ill Subject
(May 12) 1307 SH 108, Ill Subject
(May 13) 104 E Superior St, Fall
(May 13) 725 S Shoop Ave, Ill Subject
(May 13) 485 E Airport Hwy, Fall
(May 13) 995 Enterprise Ave, Injured Person
(May 13) 303 W Leggett St, Ill Subject
(May 13) 112 N Fulton St, Ill Subject
(May 13) 335 Sycamore St, Ill Subject
(May 13) 825 SH 108, Injured Person
(May 13) Co Rd AC & Co Rd C, Odor Investigation
(May 13) 840 W Elm St #404, Ill Subject
(May 14) 555 W Linfoot St, Ill Subject
(May 14) 12399 Co Rd 13, Injured Person
(May 14) 243 W Elm St, Ill Subject
(May 14) FCHC to Defiance, Transport
(May 14) Co Rd 12 & US 20, Injury Accident
(May 14) 701 Burr Rd #26, Ill Subject
(May 14) Wood St, Ill Subject
(May 14) FCHC to UTMC, Transport
(May 15) FCHC to Toledo Hospital, Transport
(May 15) FCHC to UTMC, Transport
(May 16) 303 W Leggett St, Ill Subject
(May 16) FCHC to UTMC, Transport
(May 16) 721 S Shoop Ave, Ill Subject
(May 16) 1250 N Shoop Ave, Ill Subject

WILLIAMS County Traffic
Carr, Levi C. (Bryan, Ohio). 46/25 speed. Fine: $60; Costs: $93.01.
Entenman, Andrew P. (Edon, Ohio). OVI. Fine: $650; Costs: $90; Jail: 20 days with 17 days suspended. Operator’s license suspended from March 25, 2016 to September 21, 2016. 1st Timers Retreat within 90 days. No future violations within next 2 years. 82/55 speed. Fine: $45; Costs: $40.
Goins, Kerrie L. (Bryan, Ohio). Assured clear distance ahead. Fine: $50; Costs: $117.64. Restitution of anything not covered by insurance.
Nicolen, Jacob A. (Pioneer, Ohio). 70/55 speed. Fine: $35; Costs: $86. Stop sign. Fine: $35; Costs: $92.
Wade, Kevin E. (Bryan, Ohio). Railroad crossing. Fine: $200; Costs: $111.01.

Allen, Melissa C. (Montpelier, Ohio). Theft. Fine: $100; Costs: $114; Jail: 30 days with 30 days suspended. No future violations within next 2 years. Restitution of $86.74 by June 3, 2016 to prosecutor.
Entenman, Andrew P. (Edon, Ohio). Possession. Fine: $150; Costs: $40. Operator’s license suspended from May 20, 2016 to November 16, 2016.
Harris, Harold L. (Toledo, Ohio). Possession. Fine: $150; Costs: $84. Operator’s license suspended from May 17, 2016 to November 13, 2016.

Bowditch, Brett A. (Jackson, Michigan). Count I – Aggravated possession of drugs (F5). Count II – Possession of heroin (F5). Count III – Possession of cocaine (F5). On all counts – sentenced to ODRC for 6 months with a discretionary period of up to 3 years post-release control. Sentences shall run concurrently. In addition, sentence shall run concurrently with sentence imposed by Hillsdale County, Michigan. Credit for time served. Driver’s license suspended for 6 months. Ordered to pay all costs of prosecution, any court appointed counsel costs, and any supervision fees permitted.
Burdine, Jacob D. (Bryan, Ohio). Possession of drugs (F3). Sentenced to 5 years of community control with 180 days of incarceration at CCNO. All 180 days of said sentence suspended pending compliance with conditions of probation. Driver’s license ordered suspended for 6 months. Fined $1500. Ordered to pay all costs of prosecution, any court appointed counsel costs, and any supervision fees permitted.

For: Indian Trails Estates, LLC. (Edon, Ohio). Against: Punches, Lois (Montpelier, Ohio), Hickman, James (Montpelier, Ohio), and Hickman, Susan (Montpelier, Ohio). All care of Hickman, Shannon (Montpelier, Ohio). $800.

Albus, Becky A. (Wauseon, Ohio). 75/55 speed. Fine: $100; Costs: $88.
Berry, Sarah E. (Archbold, Ohio). 67/55 speed. Fine: $37; Costs: $88.
Borton, Andrew G. (Fayette, Ohio). 80/55 speed. Fine: $102; Costs: $80.
Buchholz, Kim R. (Defiance, Ohio). Improper backing. Fine: $102; Costs: $88.
Cadwell, Kyleigh M. (Wauseon, Ohio). Seat belt – driver. Fine: $30; Costs: $51.
Collins, Karl D. (Archbold, Ohio). Signal lights. Fine: $102; Costs: $88.
Cox, Matthew M. (Swanton, Ohio). Seat belt – driver. Fine: $30; Costs: $43.
Crispen, Jason J. (Wauseon, Ohio). 68/55 speed. Fine: $37; Costs: $88.
Dean, Bettie J. (Swanton, Ohio). 52/40 speed. Fine: $37; Costs: $80.
Holdridge, Zackary T. (Delta, Ohio). 71/55 speed. Fine: $47; Costs: $80.
Fuzinkski, Paul J. (Swanton, Ohio). 70/55 speed. Fine: $47; Costs: $80.
Keeton, Wendy R. (Wauseon, Ohio). Full time attention. Fine: $102; Costs: $88.
Lee, Sylvia J. (Swanton, Ohio). 68/55 speed. Fine: $37; Costs: $80.
Leo, Domenic J. (Metamora, Ohio). 84/70 speed. Fine: $37; Costs: $88.
Martinez, Jacob M. (Wauseon, Ohio). 68/55 speed. Fine: $37; Costs: $88.
Michelson, Daniel M. (Delta, Ohio). Stop sign. Fine: $102; Costs: $80.
O’Brien, James J. (Metamora, Ohio). Failure to yield. Fine: $102; Costs: $80.
Peabody, Jerred R. (Swanton, Ohio). 70/55 speed. Fine: $47; Costs: $80.
Rohrs, Cecily G. (Archbold, Ohio). Expired plates. Fine: $37; Costs: $88.
Stanford, Katie M. (Archbold, Ohio). 77/55 speed. Fine: $100; Costs: $88.
Windischman, Paul E. (Delta, Ohio).55/35 speed. Fine: $77; Costs: $80.
Wolf, Clayton J. (Fayette, Ohio). 41/25 speed. Fine: $47; Costs: $88.

Clark, Brandon (Lyons, Ohio). Restrain dog. Fine: $100; Costs: $41.
Meade, Sven E. (Holland, Ohio). Possession of marijuana. Fine: $100; Costs: $70. Operator’s license suspended from May 20, 2016 to November 18, 2016. Paraphernalia. Fine: $100; Costs: $41. Operator’s license suspended from November 18, 2016 to May 20, 2017. Driving privileges permitted when Ohio license received. All seized property forfeited.
Pedersen, Shawn (Delta, Ohio). No dog license. Fine: $10; Costs: $70. Loose dog. Fine: $25; Costs: $41. Loose dog – Count II. Fine: $25; Costs: $41.
Rata, Choummaly (Wauseon, Ohio). Illegal dumping. Fine: $77; Costs: $78.

Beach, David C. (Bowling Green, Ohio) and Beach, Joyce A. (Delta, Ohio).
Keefer, Meribeth (Fayette, Ohio) and Amireh, Moawiah Dar (Monroe, Michigan).
Steiner, Emily Jo (Whitehouse, Ohio) and Steiner, Brandon Dale (Wauseon, Ohio).

A Toledo woman pled guilty and was sentenced on May 17, 2016, in the Fulton County Common Pleas Court. Annette Shufelt, age 43, pled guilty to Possession of Cocaine. According to Fulton County Prosecutor Scott A. Haselman, on or about November 4, 2015, Ms. Shufelt possessed cocaine. Judge James E. Barber sentenced Ms. Shufeld to one year of community control. He ordered her to serve five days in CCNO, pay prosecution costs and counsel fees, pay a fine of $250, not consume of possess alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, not enter bars or taverns, and be assessed by a reputable drug/alcohol agency and successfully complete any recommended treatment. Her driver’s license was suspended for six months, with privileges for therapy and medical appointments. Failure to abide by these conditions could result in Ms. Shufelt serving six months in prison.
A Fayette man was sentenced on May 17, 2016, in the Fulton County Common Pleas Court according to County Prosecutor Scott A. Haselman. Dale Heller, age 31, previously pled guilty to three counts of Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs. On March 19, April 10, and July 8, 2014, he sold Amphetamine. Judge James E. Barber sentenced Mr. Heller 2 years of community control and ordered him to pay prosecution costs, including court appointed counsel fees, pay restitution of $350 MAN Unit, stay out of bars/taverns, not possess or consume alcohol, obtain GED, pay a $250 fine, be assessed for drug/alcohol treatment and successfully complete any recommendations, serve 21 days in CCNO within 180 days, and suspended his driver’s license for 6 months, with privileges for work, probation appointments, and treatment appointments. Failure to comply could result in Mr. Heller spending 17 months in prison.
An Archbold man was sentenced on May 17, 2016, in the Fulton County Common Pleas Court. Gregory Goldsmith, age 26, previously pled guilty to Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs. According to Fulton County Prosecutor Scott Haselman, on or about September 14, 2015, Mr. Goldsmith sold or offered to sell oxycodone. Judge James E. Barber sentenced Mr. Goldsmith to serve 14 months in prison. The Court ordered that Mr. Goldsmith pay any fees, all prosecution costs, and court-appointed counsel fees, and make restitution in the amount of $80.00 to the MAN Unit, payable through the Fulton County Clerk of Courts. His driver’s license was suspended for six months.

Sheriff Roy E. Miller announces that the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office conducted a Traffic Blitz that ran May 7th and 8th and May 14th and 15th, designated May Prom Blitz. This Blitz ran in conjunction with the Archbold High School, Wauseon High School, and Delta High School Proms. Deputies who worked this Blitz made 34 traffic stops and issued 9 citations. The citations were for 6 speed violations, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol over the age of 21, driving under a suspended or revoked driver’s license, and a stop sign violation. There was also an arrest made on an outstanding warrant. Deputies also issued 29 warnings during the Blitz. The Traffic Enforcement Blitzes are paid for from a grant that the Sheriff’s Office received from the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Sheriff Miller and his deputies are dedicated to protecting the citizens of Fulton County and the motorists who travel its highways. This grant allows extra patrol to enforce traffic laws that will increase the safety of motorists on the roadway in areas that are prone to a higher number of serious and fatal crashes.

The Fulton County Crime Stopper Program would like your help in solving the following crimes:
Authorities are investigating the theft that occured at 3959 County Road 24, Archbold, Ohio. On April 21, suspect(s) stole a Neal red tandem axle car hauler, made of steel, with a wood deck, serial number 4AOBA2027V1000527, license plate number SCB7990.
Authorities are also investigating a theft at 5014 County Road 20, Archbold, Ohio. On or about March 18, 2016, suspect(s) stole a 2008 Trition ATV88, single axle trailer, made of aluminum, with plywood floor, serial number 4TCSU1880H826103. Total value of the item stolen is $1,200.
If you have any information concerning these crimes that could lead to the arrest and incarceration of the person(s) involved, please contact the Fulton County Crime Stopper Hotline. Anyone with information about these or any other felony will be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 cash. Call is confidential and anonymous. The number to call day or night is 1-800-255-1122, toll free.

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