Polio Plus District Chairman Tim Ryan Guest Speaker at Stryker Rotary Club

Tim Ryan, Polio Plus District Chairman, spoke to the Stryker Rotary on Tuesday evening as a guest of Reverend Dane Meuschke. Tim told the club that Rotary International has spent over half a billion dollars in the fight against this terrible disease. The work began in the 1950’s fighting polio in the United States, and has expanded to a goal of complete eradication on the planet. This goal has come very close but the last steps have been very illusive. During 2013 the world has seen a setback with more confirmed cases than in previous years. This setback has proven that the mission is worth the cost because polio is very contagious and without preventive steps could surface back in the United States. In 2012 Rotary had only seen reported cases in three countries, but during this year cases have been reported in eight countries. When Rotary goes into an area to vaccinate children six years and under; they also provide education to the community about sanitation, as well as other types of medication. Tim has personally participated in several trips to third world countries to assist with this vaccination process. He has been visiting clubs to tell the polio story and raise funds working toward this elusive goal of eradication. He also comes with news that all money raised will be doubled by the Gates Foundation. Reverend Dane Meuschke on the Right is pictured with Tim Ryan, Polio Plus Chairman.


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