Power & Employee Compensation Topics Of Discussion For Holiday City Village Council

VR LOGO - WEBPower contracts and employee compensation were the main topics of conversation during the October 16 Holiday City Village Council meeting. A major portion of the conversation relating to power involved Ordinance 2014-5, a power purchase schedule with American Municipality Power (AMP) that would allow Chase Brass to lock in prices for remaining power used beyond the amount contracted. Without the authorization to lock into these prices, Chase Brass would need to purchase their remaining power at market prices. The ordinance does not mandate that Chase Brass take part in the purchase schedule; it merely allows Chase Brass to do so if they so desire.

Discussions of employee compensation were brought to the table by Mayor Shawn Clark and Clerk/Treasurer Lauri TenEyck-Rupp in an effort to avoid the need to pass emergency legislation in December to give out raises to Village employees. Councilor Dennis Hutchison made a motion to award a 3% raise to the Clerk/Treasurer, Village Administrator, and Deputy Administrator. There was some confusion, however, as employee compensation has generally been discussed by Council in executive session prior to be voting upon. This is also the first time that Council visited the topic in October.

Legal counsel advised that the issue of employee compensation could be addressed either in executive session in December as it had been in the past or in three readings, which had been the intent of Clark and TenEyck-Rupp. The only problem that might occur is that, should council decide not to change the amount of the raises it wishes to award the Village Employee, they would need to restart the process of passing the legislation in three readings – which would result in emergency legislation still needing to be passed in December. For now there has been one reading of the proposed legislation and two more will be necessary in order for any change in compensation to go into effect.

Also discussed by Council was whether or not to allocate $100,000 to a water tower fund as Council had done the year before. While such an allocation would be difficult to undo, it was decided that Council presently has the funds to do so and would like to build a fund should any repairs need done to the water tower. With present quotes of new water towers as high as $800,000, Council is hoping to steadily put aside funds to save around $1 million.

It was also noted by Councilor Robert Day that the tornado siren once again did not sound during the monthly test. The siren has had problems on and off for some time and Kristie Keil remarked that it’s time to “get a new one and quit messing around”.
The next meeting of the Holiday City Village Council will be held at 7:00 PM on November 20 in council chambers.

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