Prayer Vigil Set For Local Kidney Recipient & Donor


An invitation to participate in a special prayer vigil Tuesday through Thursday, Sept. 13, 14 & 15 is extended to everyone in the Montpelier and Williams County community. The 72-hour prayer vigil is being organized for the benefit of Tanya (Ruble) Likens, kidney transplant recipient, and Patrick Michael, kidney donor. Their surgeries are scheduled at the University of  Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor on Wednesday, Sept. 14th (time to be announced).

Those interested in participating with prayers for Tanya and Patrick are asked to select half-hour time slots from 12:01 am through 12:00 midnight starting the day before surgery Sept. 13th, the day of surgery Sept. 14th and the day after surgery Sept.15th. It is hoped that each half-hour time slot will be filled for the entire 72 hours.

Tanya, wife of Brian Likens and daughter of Rex and Marcella “Marcy” Ruble, has been waiting quite a long time for a kidney donor match. She was born with only one kidney and at the age of nine was diagnosed with kidney disease. For several years she has undergone kidney dialysis three times each week until transplant surgery became a reality.

Since insurance only covers part of the surgeries and patient care costs, during the past couple of years, Tanya’s church family at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church has held third Sunday dinners and some Wednesday night meals for freewill donations designated to assist with additional costs, such as prescriptions for expensive anti-rejection drugs.

Those willing to participate in the prayer vigil are asked to contact their church office to sign up for time slots.  Montpelier churches have sign-up sheets available for each of the three days. More than one person may select the same time slot if they choose to do so. Please include the families of both Tanya and Patrick, the surgeons, hospital staff and caregivers in prayers.

Lists of those needing organ transplants keep growing each day. Anyone willing to serve as an organ donor should notify their family physician and the appropriate association or foundation for additional information. This could be your chance to help save lives, maybe even someone you know.

Cards of encouragement and good wishes for recovery and healing may be sent to Mrs. Brian Likens, 526 Empire St., Montpelier, OH 43543 and Mr. Patrick Michael, 314 North Pleasant St., Montpelier, OH 43543.

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