Pride Of Pioneer Contestants Take A Walk Through Candy Land

Pioneer Pageant (284) WEBTen girls from Pioneer visited Candy Land while competing for one of four crowns at the Pride of Pioneer Pageant held at River of Life Worship Center on Saturday, August 9. With summer wear, a question and answer segment, and an evening wear portion as well as references given by teachers, all of the contestants showcased winning smiles and personalities that were fitting for the pageant’s Candy Land theme as well as for representing their hometown.

Audience members also had the opportunity to be entertained one last time by the 2013 Queens before each Queen took her final walk and crowned the 2014 Queen. 2013 Teen Miss Pioneer Morgan Elizabeth Mitchell, 2013 Junior Miss Pioneer Emile Sue Eustace, and 2013 Little Miss Pioneer Makinzy Carlyle all bid a tearful goodbye but also welcomed with open arms the new Queens.

Awards given, by division were:

Miss Pioneer
2014 Miss Pioneer – Kirby Jeanne Miller

Teen Miss Pioneer
2014 Teen Miss Pioneer – Shailyn Elaine Bohner

Junior Miss Pioneer
2014 Junior Miss Pioneer – Baylee Marie Joice

First Runner Up – Haley Dawn Wehrle

Miss Congeniality – Haley Dawn Wehrle

Miss Photogenic – Emma Raye Fidler

Little Miss Pioneer
2014 Little Miss Pioneer – Katelyn Paige Balser

Runner Up – Ava Marie Livengood

Miss Congeniality – Madeline James Zimmerman

Miss Photogenic – Katelyn Paige Balser

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