Quadco Rehabilitation Center Talks Planning, Training, & Machinery Upgrades

Stryker – Planning, training and machinery upgrades were among the topics discussed during Quadco Rehabilitation Center’s (QRC) monthly Board meeting held Tuesday, February 28. Executive Director, Bruce Abell, shared with Board Members a few of the items that will be prioritized during the organization’s, March 28, 2017, annual planning session.

Abell said the group would be focusing on how to continue to expand community integration for the individuals served by Quadco. Abell added, “We do a good job with integration now, but we want to continue to improve and offer even more opportunities for the folks we serve.”

Other topics on the agenda for the March planning session will include business and employment, which will focus on the production work provided as employment training for individuals participating in Quadco programs. Abell also explained the Center provides services to a growing number of individuals that are getting older and are not as interested in working every day. Many of these individuals would rather participate in alternative activities in-house, as well as in the community. The group will be working on plans to offer more opportunities for those individuals.

The Board also heard that significant upgrades will be made to the organization’s automated pallet assembling equipment located at the Northwest Products facility in Archbold. The machinery, which was purchased 20 years ago out of a growing need to modernize the agency’s production process, is in need of updates to the computer software and hardware equipment that controls the automated equipment. This will require manufacturer technicians to be on-site for three days to facilitate the equipment upgrades and train staff on the new operating process. Abell added that despite being 20 years old, the equipment has been very dependable and has required minimal repairs during the 20 years of continuous service.

Board members learned QRC recently received donations of $278 from the Bryan Knights of Columbus and $160 from the Blakeslee Knights of Columbus. Abell told the Board Members that the contributions were part of the organizations’ “Measure Up Campaign” and both were very much appreciated.

Abell ended his report by sharing with the Board Members that the organization continues to meet requirements for on-going annual training for Direct Support Providers. Recent training topics included: Health and Safety Alerts, Unusual Incident Reporting, and the Abuser Registry.

In addition to discussing Community Club trips to the Humane Society, bowling, and dining out for lunch, Shannon Zellers, Program Manager, showed Board Members some of the winter craft activities that individuals have been making, including a skiing snowman pine cone. Zellers also shared pictures of QRC’s Valentine’s Day Party and Dance. Party goers enjoyed cupcakes, punch, and a DJ dance.

Quadco’s Northwest Employment Services Manager, Rachel Lange, told the Board Members that Northwest Employment Services is currently serving 38 individuals in Job Placement Services. Lange shared with members that some of the employment opportunities recently obtained are: clerical, hotel housekeeping, food service, and retail related.

The next regular meeting of the Non-Profit Board will be March 28, 2017, in the Stryker facility conference room.


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