Quadco To Offer Residential Services

Quadco Rehabilitation Center (QRC) is ready to offer residential services for people with disabilities in the area.

At the monthly meeting of the Quadco joint Administrative and Non-Profit boards, Executive Director Bruce Abell explained to the board members that adding residential services is one way that QRC can offer an enhanced list of services to people in need of services.

“One of the things we need to do is to view ourselves not just as a day hab provider, but as a provider of all services to people with disabilities and that would include residential services,” he told the board members.

“We’ve started to do a little bit of that, and I think we need to continue to grow that and do more of that and become an all-purpose provider of services,” he continued.

The center has been certified to be a residential provider with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities for quite some time and has had requests locally from time to time to provide residential services.

He said the center has begun to provide residential care on a limited basis to make sure that their systems were in place and could satisfy the needs of the people being served. Now that they have done that, he said they plan to expand the offering to others.

The Stryker SUBWAY® restaurant owned and operated by QRC received a regional award at a recent gathering of the franchisees. The Stryker SUBWAY® restaurant received recognition as having the highest increase in miscellaneous sales over the past year of any SUBWAY® restaurant in the region. The region covers 386 stores in northwest Indiana and northwest Ohio.

Miscellaneous sales included items such as cookies, chips, apples, and yogurt.

Bill Priest, Director of Marketing, reported that their SUBWAY® restaurants were included in the 7th Annual Crescent-News Readers Choice Awards. Their readers chose SUBWAY® Restaurants as having the best sub/deli sandwiches in the area.

Mr. Abell introduced guests Logan Grant and Lisa Blum, who work at the SUBWAY® Restaurants operated by QRC.

Mr. Grant told the board members he likes working at the SUBWAY® restaurant and meeting the people while he is on the job.

When asked how she likes working at the SUBWAY® restaurant in the Bryan Walmart store, Ms. Blum said, “Good. I like it. I like the workers.”

Tyler Good told the board members that he likes being at Northwest Products and also enjoys playing basketball for the Williams County team.

Program Coordinator Jessica Douglass said the QRC Halloween party will be held on October 31 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Stryker building. Along with a costume contest, there will be tours of a haunted barn that has been created next to the building.

She said people in all of the areas at the Stryker building have worked on decorating the former bus garage into a Halloween showplace. This year the theme is based on fairytales.

Mrs. Douglass said that QRC’s Senior Activities Center was recently the host for a day with seniors from other county board programs. She said the group went for a tour of the haunted barn that day.

The board members then took a break from their deliberations and went on a tour of the building to see the barn for themselves.

Once reconvened, Mr. Abell told the board members that the center will hold an Inservice training day on November 4.

Mr. Priest said the schedule will include sessions on recent MUI rule changes, the Employment First Initiative and Bridges to Transitions program, A.L.I.C.E. training, development of an armed intruder policy and training on chemical safety.

The next meeting of the QRC joint board will be on November 26 in the Stryker conference room.


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