Queen Alexandra Kiess & Court Reign Over 2014 Festivities

VR LOGO - WEBStudents at Edon High School will celebrate Homecoming 2014 “Toon into a Bomber Victory” during the mighty Bombers showdown with the Danbury Lakers this Friday at Leanne Field. Chosen last month by the student body to reign as Homecoming Queen is Alexandra Kiess. Her Courtiers, selected by their respective classes, include Senior Attendant ~ Kaitlin Chrisman; Junior Attendant ~ Kaela Gearhart; Sophomore Attendant ~ Samantha Trausch and Freshman Attendant ~ Jacklyn Dargitz. Fulfilling their traditional duties as escorts for the evening will be senior football team members Heath Brown, Luke Price, Kaden Sapp, Kenny Ordway, Brendan Fifer, Cameron Castillo and Jordan Stuart. Homecoming Ceremony Assistants this year are kindergarteners Rebecca Waters, Flower Girl and Aricin Rodriguez, Crown Bearer.

Edon High School Homecoming Royalty

Queen Alexandra Lee Kiess
Alex, the daughter of Carey and Andy Kiess, has two younger siblings attending Edon Schools as well, Austin, a seventh-grader and Carlie, a fifth-grader; also part of the family are Puttsey, the cat, Oakley the dog and a fish named Halftail. While at EHS, Alex has been active in National Honor Society, musicals and Lady Bomber volleyball, basketball and softball; she’s also received academic honor roll recognition and serves as Butterfly Project leader. During her spare time, Alex enjoys hanging out with friends and classmates, going to the lake and being with her family. After graduating in May 2015, she would like to attend college and possibly major in radiology; she may continue her basketball career at the collegiate level as well. Once she’s received her degree, Alex plans on securing a job and living life to the fullest.

Senior Attendant Kaitlin Rose Marie Chrisman
Kaitlin is the daughter of Tammy and Greg Chrisman and has an older sister, Amanda; joining the family are Gunnar, a pet dog, and Miss Kitty, a cat. Her school activities over the past four years have included National Honor Society, Butterfly Project leader and participating on Lady Bomber volleyball, basketball and softball teams. During her free time, Kaitlin enjoys playing sports and spending time with family and friends. After graduation, she would like to attend college, pursuing her interest in the medical field.

Junior Attendant Kaela Leann Gearhart
Kaela, the daughter of Kerri and Andy Gearhart, has two older sisters Briana and Baylee; rounding out the household are pet dogs, Buzz and Otis and cats, Rex and Spazz. Throughout high school, Kaela has been active in Student Council, annual musicals, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Lady Bomber volleyball and track as well as being Butterfly Project leader and girls basketball statistician; Kaela also attends Life Changing Realities Fellowship and is a member of its MOVE Youth Group. Going to Taco Bell with her best friend, watching Big Brother with her sisters, running, biking and cheering on the Buckeyes are some of Kaela’s favorite pastimes; spending time with her parents and grandparents, reading her Bible and making people laugh fills her free time as well. After high school, Kaela would like to major in psychology at The Ohio State University. Upon completion, she hopes to attend grad school for counseling psychology and eventually live in a big city and start a family.

Sophomore Attendant Samantha Jo Trausch
The daughter of Tina and Mark Trausch, Samantha has a younger brother, Jarrett, an Edon third-grader. In addition to FFA, choir, EHS musicals, Spanish Club and serving as a Butterfly Project leader, Samantha is active in Julie’s School of Dance and its Pure Energy Dance Company, Blue Bomber Bacon 4-H Club and St. Joseph Youth Group as well. While her favorite pastime is dancing, she also enjoys spending time with her family and best friends, shopping and riding four-wheelers. After graduation, Samantha would like to further her education to become a dance instructor or professional dancer.

Freshman Attendant Jacklyn Michelle Dargitz
Jacklyn, the daughter of Laura Pierce and Timothy Dargitz, has three older siblings, sisters Alex and Jennifer Kowalis and brother, Orion Dargitz, a junior at EHS. During this first year of high school, Jacky has enjoyed Spanish Club and being a member of the Lady Bomber cheerleading squad and track team. Among Jacklyn’s favorite pastimes are climbing trees to sit and listen to music and read a book; watching Doctor Who (memorizing entire episodes as well) and discovering a new band or singer. Although her career plans are still undecided, Jacklyn’s future does include attending a four-year college and possibly some traveling.

Edon High School Homecoming Court Escorts
Senior Football Squadron

Heath Thomas Brown
Heath is the son of Albert and Lori Brown and has three older siblings, Elizabeth, Joey and Ben. While sporting the blue and gray, Heath has been involved in football, baseball and FFA; he also enjoys hanging out with friends during his free time. After graduating in May, Heath plans to study Ag Diesel Mechanics at Ohio State University ATI.

Cameron Michael Castillo
Cameron is the son of Toby Castillo and Amanda Decker; he has an older brother, Austin, and four younger siblings, Travis, Brogan, Kolton and Lily. During high school, Cameron has participated in football and track. While one of his favorite pastimes was going on a cruise to the Bahamas and swimming with stingrays, Cameron usually can be found sleeping during his free time. Following graduation, he plans on joining the workforce for the rest of his life.

Brendan Fifer
Brendan, the son of Rick and Jackie Fifer, is the “middle child” in a family of five boys ~ older brothers, Ricky and Justin, and younger brothers, Jonathan, an eighth-grader and Jack, a fifth-grader, at Edon Northwest Local Schools. While at EHS, Brendan has participated in football, track and Spanish Club; in his spare time he likes playing videogames. Brendan plans to attend college after graduating from high school.

Kenneth Wesley Ordway
The son of Chad and Mary Ordway, Kenny has two older brothers, Lee and Cody Wolfe; his pets around the house include rabbits, Cooper and Piper and a dog named Bella. Throughout his years at EHS, Kenny has participated in football, track, choir and FFA; during his free time, he likes playing X-Box, watching sports and hanging out with his girlfriend. Following graduation in 2015, Kenny would like to attend college for music and hopefully earn a spot on the track and field team as a thrower.

Lucas Clay Price
The son of Ray and Teresa Price, Lucas is big brother to Hayden, a sixth-grader at Edon Schools; his pets include a dog named Drake, and Scout, the cat. Over the past four years at EHS, Luke has participated in football, basketball, baseball and FFA; chillin’ with the squad and playing football and basketball are some of his favorite pastimes. Luke’s future plans include attending college and hopefully playing football at the collegiate level.

Kaden Lyle Sapp
Kaden is the son of Kyle and Stacy Sapp and has two younger brothers, Kelby, a seventh-grader and Kyler, a second-grader, at Edon Northwest Local Schools. As an Edon Blue Bomber, Kaden has been a three-year letterwinner in football, basketball and baseball; he also participates in FFA, National Honor Society and school musicals; he serves as a second grade student aide and has achieved High Honor Roll recognition as well. Kaden attends St. John’s Lutheran Church in Montpelier where he teaches Sunday School; he’s also a member of the church’s youth group. Upon finding a little free time, Kaden enjoys hunting, fishing, riding his motorcycle and hanging out with friends and family. After graduation, he plans to attend college for pre-med, focusing on becoming an orthopedic surgeon; Kaden also aims to play collegiate football as well.

Jordan Scott Stuart
Jordan is the son of Jason Stuart and Debbie Derck and has four younger siblings, eight-year old Allyson Derck; ten-year old Meghan Derck; eight-year old Karagen Stuart and ten-year old Clayton Stuart; rounding out the family is a chocolate lab named Lacy. As a Blue Bomber, Jordan has participated in baseball, football and FFA; his favorite pastimes include watching sports and hanging out with friends. Jordan plans to graduate from college with a degree in law enforcement.

Edon High School Homecoming Ceremony Assistants

Flower Girl Rebecca Lee Waters
Rebecca is the daughter of Misty Rice and has a big sister, Abigail Waters. While she likes playing with her pet cat, Smokey, the adventurous kindergartener also enjoys riding her four-wheeler for fun. When she grows up, Rebecca would like to be a ballerina.

Crown Bearer Aricin Haze Tyler Rodriguez
Aricin is the son of Troy and Haley Rodriguez and has an older sister, Ashlin, a third-grader at Edon Elementary School; his pets include Hershey the dog and Hot Coco, a hamster. The active kindergartener enjoys playing baseball, riding bikes and swimming. When he grows up, Aricin would like to be a semi driver.

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