Queen Meili Reigns Over Soggy Homecoming Festivities


MONTPELIER- Despite less than ideal weather conditions, the pre-game Homecoming activities went on as planned at Montpelier on Friday, September 30.

The night’s events began at 6:00 pm as the parade left from the Montpelier pool.  Led by the Montpelier Police and MHS Band, each attendant, queen candidate, as well as 2015 Homecoming Queen Hannah Blake, along with a group from each high school grade, and also the cheerleaders, passed by the entrance to the football stadium where onlookers greeted them.  Finally the participants arrived at their destination, the south end of the football stadium.

Now the moment had arrived, the entrance by each attendant and queen candidate, along with their escorts who were all members of the football team. Although precipitation was falling, each trio, beginning with the freshmen class, marched in down the 50 yard line from the visitor’s side of the field.  Freshmen included attendant Emma Clair and escorts Chandler Byers and Connor Yahraus.  The sophomore class was represented by Maya Taylor, who was accompanied by Andrew Frisby and Bryer Bentley.  Katie Scott, the Junior Attendant was walked in by classmates Jaden Vantog and Kolden Uribes.  The first queen candidate, McKenna Quaderer, strolled down the field in the arms of CJ Roth and Nick Beuhrer.  Meili Leung, the second queen hopeful, was escorted by Michael Blake and Bryce Cooley.  The final senior seeking crowning, Misheala Robertson, walked down midfield with Caleb Haines and Zac Mason.  The reigning Queen, Hannah Blake, made her final entrance with Colin Rockey and Jared Armstrong.

With great anticipation those in attendance waited for the announcement.  “The 2016 Montpelier Homecoming Queen is Meili Leung.”  A huge smile was evident on the new queen’s face as Miss Blake placed the crown on Queen Leung’s head.

Although a steady rain continued for most of the first half, ultimately resulting in a cancellation of the halftime band show, it was a great first day of Queen Leung’s reign.  The plethora of umbrellas closed as the skies dried for the second half and the host Locomotives shut down the Ottawa Hills offense in route to a 20-2 victory!

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