Ratanjibhai Govindbhai Patel

Ratanjibhai-Govindbhai-Patel WEBRatanjibhai Govindbhai Patel, 90 of Ena, Taluka Palsana, Dist- Surat, Gujarat, India, passed away Thursday morning in Montpelier.

He was the father to three children Harishkumar Ratanjibhai Patel (wife Hemuben Harishkumar Patel), Dahiben D. Patel and Asuben V. Patel.

He is also survived by his wife Ratanben Ratanjibhai Patel and several grandchildren.

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Arrangements have been entrusted to the Thompson Funeral Home in Montpelier. www.thethompsonfuneralhome.com


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