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(Updated January 2016)


 Serving Williams & Fulton Counties In Northwest Ohio
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 Publisher: Forrest R. Church

 Office Manager: Casey Church

 Sales Manager: Chelsie Firestone

 Sales Representative: Monica Smith

 Sales Representative: Melissa Ewers

General Information

  • News stories and photos published daily online with advertisement appearing next to content.
  • Newspaper editions published weekly both in print and online.
  • Pdf editions are published online and made available for free viewing (49 editions per year).  Online editions are identical to our print copies thus placed advertisement appears in the same location (page) whether in print or online.
  • Traditional print editions are published weekly on Wednesday mornings (49 editions per year).  Paid subscribers are mailed a physical copy while print newspapers are delivered to counter sale throughout Williams and Fulton Counties.  Counter sale store locations are available for viewing at www.thevillagereporter.com / top menu bar.
  • Major credit cards accepted for placed advertisement.  Billed advertisement is due by the 15th of the month.  A late fee of 5% or $2 minimum is set for tardy payment.

Why Market With “The Village Reporter”?

OPTIONS OPTIONS OPTIONS! – You have numerous choices for advertising in great local newspapers.  The Village Reporter offers a large circulation in comparison to many smaller weekly newspapers, frequently at rates equal to or more affordable than other media outlets.

WELL READ! – Weekly newspapers are read from front to back, giving your advertisement excellent exposure.

WHY WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS? – Have you placed your advertisement in a daily newspaper only to find your customers missed it?  Consider whether your advertisement was placed next to local news.  Often larger newspapers are skimmed as readers are looking for specific news of interest (local news).  If your advertisement is not placed next to local content, it is very likely your promotion is being missed all together.

Take into consideration the “built up newspaper” trend – daily newspapers building up all week long and skimmed during the weekend when readers have a time to take a break from busy weekday activities.  Take into consideration shelf life.  Daily papers are more expensive to market within yet are only on the shelf for 24 hours before new editions are replaced and your advertisement goes with them.  Advertisement in weekly newspapers makes sense: (1) Long Shelf Life, (2) More Affordable Rates, (3) Highly Desired News Next To Your Promotion.

NATIONAL MARKETING MINDSET – Many newspapers have suffered a sizeable loss in circulation numbers over the past five years and some large marketing consultants suggest shying away from newspaper advertisement because of this trend.  The Village Reporter with its Hometown News Coverage has grown in circulation size during this same time frame.  What might be a smart marketing strategy nationally is not always your best decision LOCALLY, where you conduct business each and every day.

UNIQUE NEWS – A high percentage of Hometown News printed each week by The Village Reporter cannot be read, heard, or watched anywhere else.  Readers can flip through regional television channels, search web sites online, listen to the radio, enjoy coffee talk at a local restaurant, or even dig through larger daily papers.  Even if readers had enough time to do all this, they would still miss the majority of their local news!  Placing your advertisement next to LOCAL news will grab the attention of LOCAL consumers.

Exposure & Circulation

EXPOSURE – Some newspapers have an online presence with their news content but only after requiring readers to pay for access (password protected), thus limiting online exposure. Other newspapers provide free online access to limited news stories but fail to include print advertisement online for exposure.  It is the tradition of the industry to charge advertisers a second time if print advertisement is also placed online, whether online content is password protected or not.

Our number one goal is to ensure that those marketing with The Village Reporter have ultimate exposure.  Our success is based off the success of businesses and organizations that market with us.   Our “outside of the box” system of publishing advertisement both in print and online for one rate provides one of the highest circulation options in the area.

Placed display advertisement is made available to readers via four different avenues:

(1) Mailed to paid subscribers (traditional printed newspaper).

(2) Available to consumers at counter sale locations throughout Williams & Fulton Counties (traditional printed newspaper).

(3) Available via our online pdf edition that is placed on our website available for FREE viewing.  Online editions are the same as print editions. Visit us online to view this very popular option read thousands of times per week by online readers.

(4) Advertisement is placed next to new daily website posts (news, sports, obituaries) on a random / rotating basis.  These posts are available for FREE viewing by website guests.  Visit us online and click on a news post for an example.  These posts, thus placed advertisement, are viewed by tens of thousands of readers per week (averaging 24,000 visitors per week – August of 2015).

We realize times have changed over the past decade with digital online viewership becoming extremely popular.  Taking into account the future of our industry being more web based but also realizing the desire for traditional newsprint by a substantial percentage of readers and advertisers still exists, The Village Reporter has decided to support both forms which creates great exposure for those marketing with us.   Instead of charging advertisers for print advertisement and then again for online exposure, your advertisement is automatically placed both in print and online for one low price!

CIRCULATION – Traditionally newspapers provide circulation numbers based off how many readers subscribe, adding how many newspapers are delivered to counter sale store locations.  As an example, a daily newspaper may indicate they deliver 11,000 newspapers per day while some smaller weekly newspapers may indicate they publish 1,200 newspapers per week.

Circulation varies from week to week with The Village Reporter depending on current promotions.  Viewership of advertisement ranges from 2,800-3,300 print copies issued per week with an additional 24,000 readers visiting our website per week (August 2015 numbers).  Online website readers are monitored and tallied by Google Analytic, the most trusted website monitoring service in the world.  If you would like current circulation numbers, please ask your advertisement representative.

Print Column Widths

1 Column ………………… 1.6 Inches

2 Columns ……………….. 3.5 Inches

3 Columns ……………….. 5.3 Inches

4 Columns ……………….. 7.1 Inches

5 Columns ……………….. 8.9 Inches

6 Columns ……………….. 10.75 Inches

*Term PCI = Per Column Inch

Print & Web Ad Pricing

Open Rates

$7.50 – PCI (Civic & Charity Groups)

$8.50 – PCI (For Profit Organizations)

$50 – Add Spot Color To Your Advertisement

$100 – Add Full Color To Your Advertisement

Discounted Open Rates

$400 Half Page (Free Full Color) = $6.34 PCI.
(63 Column Inches x $8.50  + $100 Color = $635.50. (37% Discount @ $400)

$500 Full Page (Free Full Color) = $3.96 PCI.
(126 Column Inches x $8.50  + $100 Color = $1,171. (57% Discount @ $500)

Bulk Advertisement Discount 

*Column Inches Purchased Within A 12 Month Time Frame (Contract PCI Discount – Open Rate $8.50 PCI).

500 Inches Per Year                $8.25 PCI

1000 Inches Per Year              $8.00 PCI

1500 Inches Per Year              $7.75 PCI

2000 Inches Per Year              $7.50 PCI

2500 Inches Per Year              $7.25 PCI

3000 Inches Per Year              $7.00 PCI

3500 Inches Per Year              $6.75 PCI

4000 Inches Per Year              $6.50 PCI

Special Section Rates

Shop At Home Business Directory – (Weekly) – $12.00 Per Week / Free Featured Business Rotation

Hometown Huddle Sponsorship (Weekly) – $12.00 Signature Ad /$20.00 Business Card

Church Page Sponsorship (Weekly) – $12.00 Signature Ad /$20.00 Business Card

Front Page Banner (Full Color) – $200.00 (As Available On Print Publication)

Community Calendar (Weekly) – $20.00 Standing Business Card

Classified Advertisement (Prepaid Only) – $8.00 For 1-20 Words; $10.00 For 20-40 Words; +$2 Each Additional 20 Word Block

Flyers / Inserts – $.10 Cents Per Flyer Inserted Into Print Publication

Website only ads

$25 Side Ad (Weekly) – Appears On All Website Stories (Right Side) & Can Link To Your Business Website Or Facebook Page.

$100 TOP Banner Ad (per week) – Appears On Home Page & Top Of All Stories.

Contact Information

115 Broad Street, Montpelier, Ohio

Phone (419) 485-4851

Fax (877) 778-9425 


Open 9-5 / Monday – Friday

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