Recycling Report Released For Third Quarter In Fulton County

Fulton County Public Utilities Director Ziad Musallum provided his third-quarter update to the county board Oct. 27.

The update reported normal monitoring of several water and sewer systems.

Solid Waste collection totals are as follows:

Plastics – 25.36 tons
Cardboard – 113.75 tons
Electronics – 49.14 tons
Non-ferrous metals – 17.04 tons
Ferrous metals – 12.91 tons
All paper – 89.49 tons

Transfer station:
Construction and demolishing
waste – landfill – 533.29 tons
Municipal waste – landfill – 345.68 tons
Scrap metal – recycled – 14.52 tons
Tires-Henry Co. Tire processing – 1.85 tons

The county has hauled 120,000 gallons of leachate from its lagoons to Pettisville.

A report from the Ohio State University Extension showed the county’s 4-H program served 998 youth in 40 clubs.

There were 197 volunteers who gave 100 hours a year. At the current volunteer rate of $22.14 per hour that adds up to $436,158 worth of volunteer support for the teens.

One hundred percent of the eligible Fulton County 4-H Junior Fair exhibitors completed quality assurance training.

Two hundred four youth participated in Camp 4-H.

Weekly classes were provided to 100 clients of Jobs and Family Services to improve their skills and employability.

The Fulton County Board of Commissioners approved a contract with the Lucas County board for use of the Lucas County Coroner.

The agreement runs from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2017.

Fulton County will pay Lucas County $1,350 for each complete autopsy performed, mileage for having the coroner testify and $25 if a body arrives at the coroner without a body bag. Extra large bodies will cost $65.

The Fulton County Dog Warden picked up 14 strays the week of Oct. 16-22. There were 10 dogs redeemed.

The office collected $130 in fees including $100 for euthanasia.

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