Retired Flag Drop Box Installed At Swanton Public Library

New this year at the Swanton Public Library, the public may utilize a 24-hour outdoor unit designed to collect flags for appropriate retirement.

This endeavor was spearheaded by Christian Aumiller of Boy Scout Troop 254 as part of his application for Eagle Scout status. Aumiller approached the library with his idea last fall, adding that his intention was to develop a project that would benefit the community and promote patriotism. Trustees and library administration were supportive of the initiative and official approval was provided at the December Board of Trustees meeting.

“We see this as another way the community can work together and share resources,” said Janelle Thomas, Swanton Public Library Director.

“Christian’s drop box offers a simple solution for others to make sure their flags receive the respectful, dignified retirement they deserve.”

The drop box, its decals, and its installation have all been funded and provided by Aumiller. The unit is located toward the back of the building, along the sidewalk underneath a parking lot light. As such, it is accessible 24-hours a day, every day of the year. Aumiller said he and others including his family, friends, and scoutmaster, John Murray, will take responsibility for monitoring the box.

“There will be a lot of flags being collected in the first year,” said Aumiller in his initial letter of intent to the Swanton Public Library. “Then there won’t be as much attention towards it but when the time comes, it will be there.”

Those with flags that have reached a condition where they are no longer fitting emblems of display are encouraged to utilize this new service.


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