Salsa Challenge Takes Center Stage In Downtown Wauseon

salsa challenge 2014 WEBDowntown Wauseon is being revitalized.

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with some reconstruction campaign or a redesigning of public structures. The village council isn’t updating their stoplights or signs. Bringing downtown back to life has to go deeper than that.
It has to come from the people themselves.

That’s why the Wauseon Downtown Association’s (WDA) collaboration with the Farmer’s Market on September 20, the first of many, meant so much. The plan is to do something at the Market every Saturday in an effort to get Wauseon residents to spend some quality time with their downtown area.

What was it that the WDA selected to start this ambitious campaign?

Salsa, of course.

The Farmer’s Market played host to a Salsa Challenge, while local vendors were also allowed to set up shop as well. It was the patrons themselves who declared the winner. For a one dollar donation, anyone on the street would receive a coin. This would give them a taste of each salsa, and they would in turn give the coin to the creator of their favorite. There was no limit to the number of votes each person was allowed.

All of the salsa was made from local produce, grown within fifty miles of Wauseon, every one of them. The home town products attracted a good number of Wauseon people to the Farmer’s Market, and they were all smiles as they chatted with neighbors and strangers alike at the event. The vendors were happy to discuss their wares with they patrons, and a friendly vibe was about the place.

The people were coming to life, and they were bringing downtown with them, in a trend that is sure to continue.

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