Santa Will Be Coming to Holiday City

The Jolly Old Man himself will be stopping by Holiday City on Saturday, December 8 at the Holiday Inn from 10 a.m. until noon. Children will receive a gift bag filled with candy and other goodies. The Holiday City/ Jefferson Township Visitor’s Bureau is still accepting cash donations to purchase gifts. They are expecting up to 150 children, eager to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him about their Christmas wishes and dreams.

Diamond Zimmerman of WEDCO (Williams County Economic Development Corporation) was a guest at the November 15th meeting. She spoke about the upcoming Manufacturer’s Expo which is being planned for Wednesday, March 6, 2013. The event will be held at the Ramada Inn from 1 – 4 p.m. WEDCO is extending the invitation to businesses within a 50 mile area in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, so that it can truly be a tri-state event. It is the hope of the organization that businesses can showcase their products and services to raise awareness of what is available in the area, and to encourage businesses to network and purchase goods locally. The event is being offered at no cost. Those wishing to participate can contact Zimmerman at 419-636-8727.

Kristie Keil made corrections to the minutes of the October meeting, and the minutes were passed. She wanted to correct the name of the attorney present at the last meeting, and to clarify that she and her husband Ron Keil, Jr. did not recuse themselves from the meeting, but were asked to leave due to an issue presented by a family member. Ron Keil, Sr. had attended the October meeting to discuss the payment on a transformer that he had added to his electrical line, and to discuss whose responsibility it was to make payment on the project.

In old business, Village Administrator Gary Baker said that he had contacted Doug Seigel about cleaning the ditches, and he will be able to do the job for $1000. He has not yet had a chance to begin the job.

The tornado siren next to Menard’s has been repaired, but the one in Holiday City is still being worked on and is not yet operational. The village is trying to get a quote for a repair job, but have not yet heard from the companies that have been contacted.

The village had received a report from electrical supplier AMP-Ohio, about the company’s long term power plan, but it was “essentially useless” to council as the items that Holiday City had contracted with AMP to do had not been included in the report. The administrator will contact AMP for a revision of the report.

Clerk Laurie Ten-Eyck Rupp and Deputy Administrator Blair Campbell expressed disappointment at seeing the town’s Christmas Decorations go up before Halloween, as they would have liked to see them installed at a later date, but the company who put the decorations up on the electrical poles was not able to do the job at a later date.

The council approved the following:

• Ordinance 2012-7, the Revised Well ordinance, in which the village “desires to prevent unnecessary waste of water, prevent the pollution of the water supply, and to protect the integrity of the wastewater treatment system.” This ordinance repeals the original ordinance 2011-6 as language was changed. A motion to declare an emergency so that the ordinance could be activated immediately was approved. Village Solicitor Michelle Krantz was present for the reading of the ordinance.

• Resolution R-2012-7, a Then-and-Now Purchase Order (45-2012) to the Village of Montpelier for a new meter purchase for Ron Keil, Sr. Council members Kristie Keil and Ron Keil, Jr. abstained from the vote as it involved a family member.

Clerk Laurie Ten-Eyck Rupp showed the council a copy of the Community Profile and Membership Directory publication titled “Williams County, At The Top of Ohio.” The booklet showcases towns in Williams County, and she pointed out a list of county employers who had the greatest number of employees. Holiday City listed three businesses, some of which were in the top 8 in number of employees. The directory is available at the Visitor’s Bureau.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

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