Scoring Summary For Saturday, April 30

Scoring Summary  Saturday, April 30, 2016



Liberty Center 3, Hilltop 1  (Game 1)

All the scoring in this game happened during the third inning. Bailey Funkhouser connected for two singles while Allie Schmitt, Ariana Brown and Danny Ackley had one single apiece.  Funkhouser pitched the complete game giving up three runs on six hits while striking out two.


Hilltop 22, Liberty Center 9

With the Cadets holding a 7-5 lead heading after three innings, they erupted for 13 fourth inning runs to walk away with a doubleheader split. Becca Miller had five hit and seven total bases to lead the 13 hit effort. Allie Schmitt had three hits including a single, double and triple. Bailey Funkhouser added two hits including a triple. Aubrey Wyse’s one hit was a triple while Ariana Brown and Abby Schaper added a hit apiece. Wyse got the five inning win pitching the complete game and giving up nine runs on nine hits while striking out four.


Archbold 6, Anthony Wayne 4

The Bluestreaks brought four runs home in the fifth inning after trailing 4-2. Payton Robinson played double duty as she finished three for four at the plate with a double and pitched the whole game.  Over the seven innings she gave up four runs on nine hits and struck out five.


Fairview 5, Wauseon 1

The Apaches scored three in the fourth to break a scoreless tie adding two in the sixth for the win. The Indians lone run came in the seventh and final inning. Reagan Spadafore connected for three hits including a single and double to lead the Wauseon hitters. Alisa Shelt had two hits while Ana Lozano, Oliviah Banister and Maddie Martinez had one hit apiece. Shelt and Ally Tefft shared the mound as Shelt served up for 4.2 innings allowing three runs on five hits while striking out seven. Tefft pitched for 1.1 innings in relieve and gave up two runs on three hits.


Bryan 11, Rossford 0

The Golden Bears moved to 12-5 overall with the shutout win. Trista Savage got the shutout win pitching the complete five innings giving up five hits and striking out 10. At the plate for Bryan is Bailee Speelman two for two with a double and a triple with four RBI. Gracie Voigt finished three for four also with four RBI. Kaitlynn Antigo was three for three with a double and two singles. April Rickenberg two for four with two RBI.



Toledo Start 2. Archbold 1

Start shutout the Bluestreaks through six innings to give Archbold their fifth loss of the season. Bryce Williams was two for three and Toby Walker finished two for four. Lathon Babcock (3-1) pitched the complete game giving up two runs on six hits while striking out four. In the seventh inning, Toledo Starts centerfielder made a diving catch on a line drive shot by Archbold’s Ben Bucklew and turned it into a doubleplay to end the game.


Hilltop 2, Liberty Center 1

With the game tied 1-1 heading into the seventh the Cadets squeaked out the win with one run scored in the bottom of the seventh for the non-conference win. Nic Scheiber hit two singles with one RBI to lead the Cadets. Tyler Suboski added two singles while Cole Haynes and Ethan Dunson finished with one hit apiece. Haynes pitched three innings in the win giving up three hits while striking out two. Kohl Collins pitched the final four innings giving up the one run on two hits and striking out four.



Bryan Golden Bears Invitational (results for teams of interest)

3.) Bryan – 71, 4.) Wauseon – 45, Evergreen 29

100 meters: Allye Minor, Bryan 13.99; 200 meters: 6.) Sophie Smith, Bryan 30.26, 8.) Annika Neilsen, Wauseon 30.94; 400 meters: 4.) Annika Neilsen, Wauseon 1:08.88, 6.) Megan Floyd, Evergreen 1:09.46, 9.) Morgan Tinkel, Bryan 1:12.67, 10.) Haley Maxcy, Bryan 1:14.62, 13.) Sierra Tack, Evergreen 1:25.85; 800 meters: 6.) Ashton Falor, Wauseon 3:11.98; 1600 meters: 2.) Sarah Schwan, Evergreen 5:51.06, 4.) Mackenzie Siller, Bryan 5:57.71, 5.) Brittney Willis, Bryan 6:25.09, 9.) Alexis McCormick, Evergreen 8:10.28; 3200 meters: 5.) Marissa Martinez, Wauseon 17:13.96; 100 meter hurdles: 4.) Amelia Kennedy, Evergreen 17.20, 6.) Katelynn Mock, Bryan 18.76; 300 meter hurdles: 4.) Bailie Sutter, Evergreen 51.07, 5.) Amelia Kennedy, Evergreen 51.38; 3.) Evergreen (Olivia Kennedy, Amelia Kennedy, Jade Stiles, Bailie Sutter) 56.36, 4.) Bryan A (Sophie Smith, Baylee Krupp, Jerah Flint, Allye Minor) 56.81, 5.) Wauseon A (Alex Gray, Kaylei Satkowski, Kalyn Nofziger, Jessica Perez) 1:02.31; 4×200 relay: 3.) Bryan A (Sophie Smith, Mykenzi Greenler, Katrina Gonzales, Jerah Flint) 1:58.56; 4.) Evergreen (Olivia Kennedy, Megan Floyd, Sierra Tack, Jade Stiles) 2:11.47, 5.) Wauseon (Alex Gray, Kaylei Satkowski, Kalyn Nofziger, Jessica Perez) 2:13.76; 4×400 relay: 3.) Bryan (Katie Pool, Morgan Tinkel, Sophie Smith, Mackenzie Siller) 4:53.76, 4.) Wauseon A (Annika Neilsen, Rylee Campbell, Kalyn Nofziger, Alex Gray) 5:00.38; 4×800 relay: 3.) Mackenzie Siller, Morgan Tinkel, Mykenzi Greenler, Margo Morr) 12:22.05; High jump: 3.) Katelynn Mock, Bryan 4’2”, Pole vault: 2.) Lindsay Duvernay, Bryan 8’; Long jump: 6.) Allye Minor, Bryan 13’3.5”, 7.) Bailie Sutter, Evergreen, 13’3”; Shot put: 1.) Aliza Dauterman, Wauseon 34’9”, 3.) Brooke Renfer, Wauseon 30’3”, 4.) Rylee Campbell, Wauseon 30’.5”, 7.) Asia Shurhek, Bryan 29’3.5”; Discus: 1.) Aliza Dauterman, Wauseon 117’2”, 2.) Olivia Witte, Bryan 108’0”, 3.) Asia Shurbek, Bryan 100’11”, 5.) Sam Brinkman, Bryan 94’6”, 7.) Deziree Jacobs, Evergreen, 83’.



Bryan Golden Bears Invitational (results for teams of interest)

2.) Bryan – 139, 3.) Evergreen – 63, 4.) Wauseon – 59

100 meters: 1.) Alex Dolan, Bryan 11.2, 2.) Hunter Van Wert, Evergreen 11.58, 5.) Jake Hausch, Bryan 11.81, 6.) David Rummel, Bryan 11.91; 200 meters: 2.) Alex Dolan, Bryan 22.36, 3.) Jake Hausch, Bryan 22.83, 6.) Sean Higgins, Evergreen 24.75; 400 meters: 4.) Logan Deel, Bryan, 54.92, 5.) Thibaut Woolace, Bryan 55.57, 8.) Hunter Svoboda, Evergreen 56.49, 10.) Grant Donnald, Evergreen 57.51, 11.) Andrew Stemen, Bryan 57.66, 13.) Kyle Peete, Evergreen 1:01.83, 14.) Nick Dilworth, Wauseon 1:08.18; 800 meters: 4.) Tyler Wilson, Wauseon 2:15.26, 5.) Evan Smith, Bryan 2:15.73, 6.) Dylan Komisarek, Evergreen 2:19.52, 7.) Brandon Mojica, Bryan 2:20.07, 8.) Jarred Kepler, Bryan 2:28.73, 10.) Kyle Smith, Evergreen 2:33.53,13.) Lucas Blanchong, Wauseon 2:43.26; 1600 meters: 2.) Michael Sheridan, Bryan 4:58.79, 3.) Chase Starkweather, Wauseon 4:59.36, 4.) Dylan Komisarek, Evergreen 5:15.8, 6.) Michael Cheezen, Wauseon 5:19.51, 7.) Evan Smith, Bryan 5:24.14, 9.) Andrew Knight, Bryan 5:50.25; 3200 meters: 2.) Michael Sheridan, Bryan 10:49.73, 5.) Kyle Knierim, Wauseon 11:28.82, 6.) Josh Lowry, Wauseon 11:38.04, 7.) Michael Cheezen, Wauseon 11:57.93, 8.) Shawn Ramy, Bryan 12:02.17, 9.) Race Vollmar, Bryan 12:26.91, 11.) Nick Hassen, Evergreen 13.35.91; 100 meters hurdles: 3.) Corbin Garza, Bryan 16.85, 4.) Josh Laux, Evergreen 17.40, 5.) Konner Lamb, Bryan 18.54, 6.) Aaron Newland, Wauseon 19.46; 300 meter hurdles: 1.) Corbin Garza, Bryan 42.9, 2.) Josh Laux, Evergreen 43.21, 4.) Konner Lamb, Bryan 45.17, 6.) Aaron Newland, Wauseon 46.25, 7.) Chandler Lumbrezer, Evergreen 46.66, 8.) Zac Carroll, Wauseon 49.05; 4×100 relay: 2.) Bryan A ( Jake Hausch, Corbin Garza, David Rummel, Alex Dolan) 44.74, 3.) Evergreen A  (Sean Higgins, Peyton Pawlaczyk, Josh Laux, Hunter Van Wert) 47.54, 5.) Wauseon A (Zac Carroll, Zeb Smith, Jacob Barone, Zach Fink) 51.40; 4×200 relay: 1.) Bryan (Jake Hausch, Corbin Garza, David Hummel, Alex Dolan) 1:34.15, 4.) Evergreen A (Hunter Van Wert, Peyton Pawlaczyk, Huner Svoboda, Sean Higgins) 1:40.71, 5.) Wauseon A (Zac Carroll, Zeb Smith, Jacob Barone, Zach Fink) 1:49.20; 4×400 relay: 2.) Bryan A (Parker Harris, Andrew Stemen, Brandon Mojica, Thibaut Woolace) 3:51.82; 3.) Evergreen A (Dylan Komisarek, Grant Donnald, Josh Laux, Hunter Svoboda) 3:51.95; 5.) Wauseon A (Tyler Wilson, Zach Fink, Zac Carroll, Aaron Newland) 3:55.43; 4×800 relay: 2.) Bryan (Brandon Mojica, Evan Smith, Andrew Steman, Jarred Kepler) 8:59.37, 3.) Wauseon A (Tyler Wilson, Chase Starkweather, Josh Lowry, Michael Cheezen) 9:33.67, 4.) Evergreen A (Dylan Komisarek, Kyle Smith, Grant Donnald, Kyle Peete) 9:50.64; High jump; 1.) Austin Bachman, Wauseon 5’10”, 5.) Mason Frazer, Bryan 5’2”, 6.) Colton Blanton, Wauseon 5’, 7.) Nick Hassen, Evergreen 4’10”; Pole vault: 1.) Parker Harris, Bryan 11’, 2.) Aaron Newland, Wauseon 9’6”, 4.) Isaiah Taylor, Bryan 8’6”; Long jump: 1.) Austin Bachman, Wauseon 20’01”, 3.) Logan Deel, Bryan 18’3.5”, 4.) Drew Peters, Bryan 17’5”, 6.) Chandler Lumbrezer, Evergreen 16’4”, 7.) Bryse Wagner, Bryan 16’4”; Shot put: 2.) Tyler Coopshaw, Evergreen 46’9.5”, 6.) Clya Byers, Wauseon 38’9.5”, 7.) Angel Juarez, Wauseon 37’11.25”; Discus: 2.) Tyler Coopshaw, Evergreen 143’2”, 4.) Keegan Brown, Bryan 127’1”, 5.) Austin Teegarden, Bryan 120’1”, 6.) Clay Byers, Wauseon 106’3”, 7.) Angel Juarez, Wauseon 104’7”;



Montpelier Track Invitational

Montpelier girls finished third, boys fifth.

Earning medalist honors for the girls were Kiah Sanders (1st place, disc…new personal best), Jastin Edinger (2nd place, pole vault), the 4X100 relay team of Halie Rose, Ashton Dick, Tory Steffes, and Shailynn Bohner (2nd place), the 4X200 relay team of Halie Rose, Kennedy Caudill, Tristen Bexten, and Shailynn Bohner (2nd place…new personal best), and Tory Steffes (3rd place, 200M…new personal best).  Making the podium were Abi Viers (4th place, 400M), Rachel McCintosh (4th place, high jump), Kenzie Nemire (5th place, pole vault), Kiah Sanders (5th place, shot), the 4X400 relay team of Alison Lamontagne, Tristen Bexten, Tory Steffes, and Abi Viers (5th place), Shailynn Bohner (6th place, 100M), Ashton Dick (6th place, 100 hurdles…new personal best), and Emily Fritsch (6th place, high jump).  Rounding out the scoring for the girls were Keiylee Bentley (7th place, long jump), Ali Repp (7th place, disc), Abi Viers (8th place, 200M), Tristen Bexten (8th place, 400M…new personal best), and Kennedy Caudill (8th place, long jump)


Earning medalist honors for the boys were the 4X200 relay team of Chandler Byers, Rowen Beck, Ethan Varney, and Eric Short (1st place), Chandler Byers (2nd place, 110 hurdles…new personal best), Tyler Phongphiou (2nd place, shot…new personal best), and Jonathan Rediger (3rd place, 800M…new personal best).  Making the podium were Rowen Beck (4th place, 200 hurdles), the 4X100 relay team of Chandler Byers, Rowen Beck, Thomas Jay, and Alex McCord (5th place), Eric Short (5th place, long jump), the 4X400 relay team of Dylan Eitniear, Cole Dewire, Thomas Jay, and Jonathan Rediger (5th place), and Jaret Dye (6th place, disc…new personal best).  Rounding out the scoring for the boys were Eric Short (7th place, 100M), Thomas Jay (7th place, 400M…new personal best), William Belknap (7th place, 800M…new personal best), Jonathan Rediger (8th place, 1600M…new personal best), and Tyler Phongphiou (8th place, disc).




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