Scoring Summary For Tuesday, May 3

Scoring Summary  Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Wauseon 107, Bryan 53, Patrick Henry 14

4×800 relay: Wauseon (Christian Suarez, Tyler Wilson, Michael Cheezon, Owen Newlove) 8:58.55, Bryan (Brandon Nojica, Ashton Link, Andrew Carmen, Jerrad Kepel) 9:11.45; 110 Hurdles: Seth Hutchison (Wauseon) 16.58, Konner Lamb (Bryan) 18.6, Dalton Moore (Patrick Henry) 19.1, Zac Carroll (Wauseon) 20.27; 100 meters: Austin Bachman (Wauseon) 11.9, Thibart Woolace (Bryan) 12.0, Travis Adkins (Wauseon) 12.3, Spencer Clausen (Wauseon) 12.4; 4×200 relay: Bryan (Jake Hanson, Drew Peters, David Rummel, Alex Dolan) 1:36.5, Wauseon (Dawson Rupp, Mason Creager, T.J. Leininger, Zach Fink) 1:36.9; High jump: Austin Bachman (Wauseon) 6’4”, Dawson Rupp (Wauseon) 5’6”, Mason Frazer (Bryan) 5’4”, Colton Blanton (Wauseon) 5’4”; 4×100 relay: Wauseon (Andres Blanco, Travis Adkins, Junior Martinez, Spencer Clausen) 47.1, Patrick Henry (Mitchell Bonner, Sean Holdan, ?, Mason Arps) 48.2;  1600 meters: Caleb Blanchong (Wauseon) 4:46.4, Chase Starkweather (Wauseon) 5:02.6, Michael Sheridan %;10.5, Nicholas Bostelman (Patrick Henry) 5:14.4; 300 hurdles: Seth Hutchison (Wauseon) 44.1, Konner Lamb (Bryan) 45.3, Zac Carroll (Wauseon) 50.0, 400 meters: Jake Hausch (Bryan) 52.2, Mason Creager (Wauseon) 52.5, Chase Reynolds (Wauseon) 54.2, David Rummel (Bryan) 57.3; 800 meters: Kyle Vernot (Wauseon) 2:06.4, Xavier Wensink (Patrick Henry) 2:07.0, Caleb Blanchong (Wauseon) 2:07.2, Aaron Beck (Wauseon) 2:07.6; Long jump: TJ Leininger (Wauseon) 18’0”, Logan Deel (Bryan) 17’9.5”, Drew Peters (Bryan) 17’1.5”, Dawson Rupp (Wauseon) 16’6.5”; 3200 meters: Kyle Vernot (Wauseon) 10:46.8, Aaron Beck (Wauseon) 10:52.7, Michael Sheridan (Bryan) 11:13.8, Nathan Bostelman (Patrick Henry) 11:28.0; 200 meters: Alex Dolan (Bryan) 23.7, Logan Deel (Bryan) 24.06, Chase Reynolds (Wauseon) 24.07, Ty Leininger (Wauseon) 24.16; Shot put: Ethan Baker (Wauseon) 49’9”, Austin Rotroff (Wauseon) 46’, Desmond Rapp (Wauseon) 43’6.5”, Kyle Zirkle (Wauseon) 40’5.5”; Pole vault: Parker Harris (Bryan) 12’, Daniel Hench (Wauseon) 11’6”, Christian Suarez (Wauseon) 9’, Isaiah Taylor (Bryan) 8’6”; 4×400 relay: Bryan (Thibaut Woolace, Evan Smith, Logan Deel, Jake Hausen) 3:38.9, Wauseon (Seth Hutchison, Daniel Hench, Zac Carroll, Mason Creager) 3:43.3; Discus: Ethan Baker (Wauseon) 140’3”, Joey Tanner (Patrick Henry) 136’2”, Austin Rotroff (Wauseon) 133’8”, Daniel Lanzer (Patrick Henry) 133’6”.

Hilltop 125, Edon 91, North Central 55, Pettisville 54, Stryker 22

4×800 relay: Pettisville 9:23.8, Edon 11:09.7;  110 hurdles: Shilling (H) 17.6, K. Faler (N) 18.7, N. Traxler (N) 19.3, Bloir (E) 19.9, Jullian (E) 21.1; 100 meters: Batt (E) 12.3, Rupp (E) 12.4, Lesniak (H) 12.6, Z. Turner (N) 12.5, Goodnight (H) 12.8; 4×200 relay: Edon 1:43.1, Pettisville 1:45.7, North Central 1:46.3, Hilltop 1:47.2; 1600 meters: Andrew (E) 4:51.0, Van Dyke (H) 4:58.6, T. Jakos (N) 5:00.4, McCain (H) 5:09.7, B. Gray (P) 5:10.7; 4×100 relay: Pettisville 48.9, Edon A 50.8, Hilltop A 51.0, North Central 51.9; 400 meters: Sauber (H) 57.8, Pease (E) 58.8, J. Shilliry (H) 59.1, E. Munger (N) 1:01.2, J. DeCastro (S) 1:01.5; 300 hurdles: S. Shilling (H) 45.1, C. Nofziger (P) 45.9, Reed (E) 46.0, McCain (H) 47.3, Walkowski (E) 49.4; 800 meters: J. Vassar (NC) 2:12.1, Van Dyke (H) 2:18.7, Laduke (E) 2:19.7, B. Gray )P_ 2:21.3, Sauber (H) 2:24.0; 200 meters: Schilling (H) 25.0, Batt (E) 25.8, Peese (E) 25.9, G. Young (P) 26.3, Z. Turner (N) 26.4; 3200 meters: T. Sakos (N) 10:59.5, J. Braun (E) 11.29.5, Johantzen (N) 11:46.0, T. Eash (P) 11:51.1, E. Warner (P) 11:55.7; 4×400 relay: Hilltop 3:53.7, Pettisville A 4:03.5, Edon A 4:03.8, North Central 4:08.7; Discus: Schaffner (H) 118’1”, Bost (S) 113’5”, Grapengeter (H) 112’5”, Waidelich (P) 106’2”, Robertson (E) 101’3”; Shot put: Grapengater (H) 40’, Robertson (E) 38’2.5”, Masters (H) 38’, Bost (S) 35’11.5”, Chappuis (S) 34’11.5”; Long jump: T. Trent (H) 18’7.5”, S. Shilling (H) 18’, A. Bost (S) 17’5”, C. Reed (E) 17’2.25”, Z. Morrison (P) 16’10.75”; Pole vault: Trayler (N) 11’, McCain (H) 10’6”, Z. Morrison (P) 10’, VanDyke (H) 10’, Walkowski (E) 10’; High jump: Bost (S) 5’10”, Trent (H) 5’6” S.Rychner (P) 5’4”, J. Rychner (P) 5’4”, Fisk (E) 4’10”.


Wauseon 87, Bryan 46, Patrick Henry 30

Pole vault: Lindsey Duvernay (Bryan) 8’6”, Lindsay West (Patrick Henry) 7’6”, Sydney Baynes (Wauseon) 7’, Samantha Gray (Wauseon) 7’; 4×800 relay: Wauseon (Ashton Falor, Hannah Richer, Avery Giguere, Karli Penrod) 11:37.1, Bryan (Mackenzie S., Morgan T., Mykenz B., Morgan M) 11:50.9; 100 hurdles: Halen Mealer (Wauseon) 16.9, Katelynn Mock (Bryan) 18.2, Katrina Gonzales (Bryan) 18.5, Mackenzie Moehrman (Patrick Henry) 19.0; 100 meters: Seneca Wyse (Wauseon) 13.5, Samantha Gray (Wauseon) 13.9, Allye Minor (Bryan) 14.0, Verak Flint (Bryan) 14.2; 4×200 relay: Bryan (Sophie Smith, Katie Pool, Allye Minor, Jerad Flint) 2:00.7, Wauseon (Alex Gray, Kaylei S., Kaysen Nofziger, Lassica Perez) 2:09.8; High jump: Amy Bosell (Wauseon) 4’8”, Maddie Kryder (Patrick Henry) 4’8”, Karli Penrod (Wauseon) 4’6”, Lexi Sauber (Wauseon) 4’4”; 1600 meters: Hannah Richer (Wauseon) 6:14.5, Margo Morr (Bryan) 6:20.4, Tara Lanszer (Patrick Henry) 6:33.7, Marissa Martinez (Wauseon) 7:50.4; 4×100 relay: Patrick Henry (Abby Nye, Olivia T., Emma Berky, Mackenzie Moehrman) 54.8, Bryan (Sophie S., Baylee H., Sarah E., Allye Minor) 56.4; 400 meter: Amanda Hammontree (Wauseon) 1:07.0, Brooke Sugg (Patrick Henry) 1:10.0, Lexi Sauber (Wauseon) 1:10.2, Annika Neilsen (Wauseon) 1:10.6; 800 meters: Karli Penrod (Wauseon) 2:47.5, Brittney Willis (Bryan) 2:52.5, Mackenzie Siller (Bryan) 2:54.9, Tara Lanzer (Patrick Henry) 2:58.9; 300 hurdles: Halen Mealer (Wauseon) 52.0, Paige Smith (Wauseon) 58.0, Katrina Gonzales (Bryan) 56.3, Mykenzi Greenier (Bryan) 1:01.0; Long jump: Lexi Sauber (Wauseon) 14’1”, Allye Minor (Bryan) 13’3”, Sam Brinkman (Bryan) 12’8”, Taylor Thompson (Patrick Henry) 12’4.5”; 3200 meters: Avery Giguere (Wauseon) 12:08.5; 200 meters: Olivia Thompson (Patrick Henry) 27.9, Seneca Wyse (Wauseon) 28.1, Jerah Flint (Bryan) 28.8, Sophie Smith (Bryan) 29.3; 4×400 relay: Wauseon (Halen Mealer, Amanda Hammontree, Annika N., Seneca Wyse) 4:39.1, Bryan (Katie Pool, Morgan Tinkel, Margo Morr, Mackenzie S.) 4:55.4, Patrick Henry (Brooke Sugg, Paige Wade, Kalyn Blue, Madison Bonner) 5:20.4; Shot put: Kallie Strauss (Wauseon) 33’2”, Aliza Dauterman (Wauseon) 32’1”, Miriam Triana (Wauseon) 31’10”, Brooke Renfer (Wauseon) 31’5”; Discus: Alexis Miller (Patrick Henry) 125’2”, Kallie Strauss (Wauseon) 106’, Miriam Triana (Wauseon) 105’6”, Kalyn Blue (Patrick Henry), Haley Wulff (Patrick Henry) 93’5”.

Pettisville 129, Stryker 71, Edon 62, Hilltop 51, North Central 40

4×800 relay: Pettisville 9:50.9, Hilltop 10:36.2, Edon 11:23.3, North Central 13:46.6; 100 hurdles: H. Herring (P) 17.7, K. Pettite (S) 18.9, P. Schaffter (E) 19.2, K. Ewers (E) 19.7, T. Steinke (E) 23.3; 100 meters: P. Speelman (S) 13.1, K. Brown (H) 13.5, S. Herring  (P) 14.5, E. Breier (S) 14.6, J. Keesecker (N) 14.9; 4×200 relay: Stryker 1:55.0, Pettisville 2:00.5, North Central 2:07.0, Edon 2:10.5; 1600 meters: M. Routhier (H) 5:45.3, K. Sonneberger (E) 5:56.5, Kar. Sonneberger (E) 6:00.6, L. Brown (H) 6:04.6, W. Braun (E) 6:06.0; 4×100 relay: Pettisville 57.4, North Central 58.6, Stryker 1:00.5, Edon 1:04.8; 400 meters: A. Leppelmeier 1:02.6, K. Brown (H) 1:06.3, K. Gearhart (E) 1:07.8, N. Fook (P) 1:08.6, T. Waidenlich (P) 1:08.7; 300 hurdles: H. Herring (P) 53.2, S. Whitman (S) 55.9, K. Ewers (E) 59.1, P. Schaffter (E) 59.2, R. Steele (P) 1:03.6; 800 meters: A. Leppelmeier (P) 2:24.8, M. RouthT. Waidelich (P) 14’5.25”, K. Shavi (N) 14’4.5”,V. Lashaway (N) 14’4”, Davis (P) 13’10”;  P. Schaffter (E) 13’1.75”; Pole vault: K. Pursel (P) 8’6”, V. Lashaway (NC) 7’6”, K. Pettite (S) 6’6”, S. Herring (P) 6’6”, A. Bauer (H) 6’0”; High jump: R. Steele (P) 4’4”, S. Lemon (E) 4’2”, K. Pettite (S0 4’, A. Renich (P) 3’10”, M. Sauber (P) 3’10”.


Pettisville 5, North Central 4

The Blackbirds won this BBC tilt in the seventh and final inning. After the Eagles toed up in the top half of the inning, Pettisville answered with two runs for the win. Each team used two pitchers in the nip an tuck game. Landon Roth got the start for Pettisville and threw six innings giving up three runs on seven hits while striking out eight. Christian Barhite pitched the final inning giving up one run with two strike outs to earn the win. David Pinc took the toyugh loss pitching 6.1 innings allowing five runs on seven hits and striking out two. Josh Bailey came in to pitch to the Blackbirds final batter. Roth led Pettisville at the plate with a double that drove in two runs. Barhite was two for four with one RBI, John Rufenacht was one for three wiyh a RBI, Dillon King was one for four with a double and Nate Hartzler was one for one. Remington Beck led North Central going two for three and Dakota Pitts finished two for three.

Edon 5, Montpelier 0

Hayden Runyan held the Locomotive batters to just three hits to help the Bomber prevail. Runyan pitched the complete game shut out. He struck out 10 batters. Montpelier used three pitchers. Wyatt Beck took the loss throwing four innings and giving up three runs on three hits with five strikeouts. Gunnar Matson pitched the fifth and sixth innings for the Locomotives allowing two runs on two hits while striking out one. Keaton Byers pitched the seventh inning facing four batters while having one strkeout. Levi Brandt was two for four for the Bombers with a single and a triple. Preston Klingler, Landon Bloir and Braden Miller each finished one for three with a single. Beck, Dalton Surbey and Matson were one for three apiece for Montpelier with each reaching first base with singles.

Edgerton 9, Hilltop 6

Hilltop jumped out to a 2-0 first inning lead only to see the Bulldogs score five in the third to take the lead for good at 5-2. After Edgerton took a 6-2 lead in the bottom of the fourth inning, Hilltop answered back with two runs in the top half of the fifth to make the score 6-4. In the seesaw battle, the Bulldogs scored three more in the bottom of the sixth and then held off the Cadets in the seventh as they crossed the plate only two more times. Edgerton got a pair of hits from Jake Siebenaler, Landon Thiel and Drew Hug. Alex Michael batted in three runs with a double. Thiel’s two hits produced one RBI. Hug’s single scored a run and a single from Logan Sack brought in a run. Cole Haynes led Hilltop with three hits and five RBI including a pair of singles and a double. Quinn Smith finished three hits. Tyler Suboski and Ryan Brooker had a pair of hits. Nic Schieber’s single produced a RBI. Edgerton used a pair of pitchers with Alex Michael throwing six innings and giving up four runs on eight hits with four strikeouts. Sack pitched the seventh and gave up two runs on three hits while striking out one. Smith was on the mound for 5.1 inning for Hilltop giving up eight runs on eight hit and striking out three. Jacob Champion and Haynes pitched a third of an inning each. Champion gave up one run on one hit while Haynes pitched to the last Edgerton batters.

Wauseon 4, Delta 1

The Indians held Delta to five hit giving up just one run in the third for the NWOAL victory. The Indians got two hits from Josh Whitcomb, Brady Rupp and Franklin Peralta. Rupp had two RBI and Brady Kinnersley and CJ Moser added one RBI apiece. Whitcomb, JJ Kauffman, Carter Bzovi and Rupp scored the runs for the Indians. Rupp continued his masterful pitching as he gave up five hits and one run with 11 strikeouts in the complete game win. Jason Beverly led the Panthers with to hits and one RBI. Austin Sayen, Marc Callahan and Ron Vargyas had one hit apiece. Evan Vasquez scored Delta’s sole run.

Tinora 3, Archbold 1

Archbold (15-6) got into a pitcher’s dual with the Rams in a non-league game. Brandon Miller came on in the seventh and took the loss giving up one run on no hits with two strikeouts. Bryce Williams led the hitting for the Bluestreaks with one RBI.


Wauseon 9, Delta 0

The Indians lit up the Panthers with 11 hits in the nine-run NWOAL shutout win. The hitting was as much a highlight as the pitching for Wauseon. Ally Tefft was the standout of the game as she had four hits, scored one run and had a pair of RBI. Erin Douglass scored a run and collected two hits with one RBI. Oliviah Banister, Alisa Shelt, Reagan Spadafore, Maddie Martinez and Taylor Benschoter had one hit apiece. Banister, Spadafore, Douglass and Benschoter collected one RBI each. Tefft was equally affective on the mound where the sophomore threw three strong innings allowing just two hits while striking out four. Shelt pitched four innings giving up four hits while striking out four. Delta got two hits each from Sara Sintobin and Erin Mazurowski. Sadie Burres and Madi Nadolay added one hit apiece. Hayley Callahan pitched two innings allowing three runs on six hits. Burres pitched four innings and gave up six runs on five hits with one strikeout.

Hilltop 14, Montpelier 4

M Eberly’s one hit, a double, drove in three runs to lead the Cadets to the non-conference win. Karissa Crisenbery finished two for four with two RBI. Bailey Funkhouser added two singles for Hilltop. B. Miller, Veronica Roth and Danny Ackley also connected for one hit apiece. Funkhouser pitched the complete game throwing five innings and giving up four runs on five hits and striking out six. Haley Suffel led Montpelier with a single and double and one RBI. Maddie Richmond added one hit with a double and a RBI. Maddison Sumers added a double and Rheanna Stoy collected one hit. Alexis Nemire and Peyton Houk were on the mound for Montpelier. Nemire pitched 3.2 innings giving up 13 runs on six hits with two strikeouts. Houk followed with 1.1 innings pitched giving up one run on two hits with one strikeout.

North Central 8, Pettisville 5

After the Blackbirds took the lead 5-4 after the fifth inning, the Eagles responded with four runs in the top of the sixth to capture the BBC win. The four-run sixth was helped by a three-run homerun by Makayla Hayes.  Alyssa Swank was also solid at the plate for North Central finishing with two singles and a double. Pettisville, despite the loss, notched 10 hits in the game. Kaija Blosser finished with two doubles, Amber Klopfenstein had two singles and a double, Sami Tilley hit a single and double, Jaelyn Rufenacht had a double and Kyra Behnfeldt along with Andrea Flory singled for the Blackbirds.  Hayes also starred on the mound pitching the complete game win giving up five runs on nine hits with six strikeouts.  Behnfeldt took the loss with the complete game effort. She gave up eight runs on nine hits while striking out three.

Southview 9, Archbold 0

Southview’s pitcher Courtney Kwiatkowski overpowered the Bluestreaks with the two-hit shutout while striking out five for the non-league win. Archbold’s Payton Robinson came in for the final two innings gave up two runs on three hits with two strikeouts. Her record moved to 9-2 with the loss. Neila Kinsman threw the first five innings for the Bluestreaks giving up seven runs on 10 hits and struck out one. Madison Kohler had a double for one of Archbold’s hits.

Ayersville 12, Stryker 1

The Panthers season dropped to 1-12 with the non-conference loss to the Pilots. S. Walters contributed the lone RBI for Stryker with two singles. M. Pegorch had three singles for the Panthers while K. Tingley, T. Worfrum. M. Maynard and E. Cadwell had one single each while Wolfrum and Maynard added doubles. J. Ramon pitched the five inning contest from beginning to end for Stryker and gave up 12 runs on nine hits while striking out five.

Edgerton 4, Edon 2

The Bombers scored two runs in the seventh but fell just short to the Bulldogs in a BBC clash. Autumn Rowe and Cloey Whitman led Edgerton with two hits apiece. Whitman scored a run as did Shayla Sleesman, Hannah Sleesman and Molly Miller. Autumn Rowe, Miller and Megan Rowe had one RBI each for the winners. The Sleesman sisters shared the hill for the Bulldogs. Shayla pitched six innings allowing two runs on three hits and struck out eight. Hannah finished off the Bombers in the seventh allowing one hit and striking out two. The four Edon hits came off the bats of Shalyn Mason, Sara Hiller, Eliza  Zulch and Faith Livensparger. Mason and Hiller score the runs for Edon. A. Maier and Hannah Kaylor had a RBI apiece. Jordan Runyan pitched five innings for Edon and gave four runs on six hits and struck out two while Mason pitched the sixth inning and struck out all three batters that she faced.

Archbold 10, Patrick Henry 2

The Bluestreaks got off to a first-inning 3-0 lead adding three more runs in the third, two in the fifth and two in the seventh for the NWOAL win. Payton Robinson pitched the complete game allowing two runs on seven hits with six strikeouts. Robinson got plenty support at the plate as Archbold collected 12 hits in the win. Cassi Wyse was three for four with a double Shelby Cline was two for four with a homerun, Madison Kohler was two for three with two doubles, Andi Peterson was two for three and Gabby Nafziger was two for five with a triple. Cline provided three RBI while Wyse and Nafziger finished with two RBI and Kohler with one.


Wauseon 4, Bryan 1

After a loss in first singles, the Indians swept through the remaining for matches to to the Golden Bears. Conner Hicks suffered a 6-4,6-2 defeat at the hands of Eliot Pitman. Derek Zimmerman was victorious in second singles with a 6-2, 6-4 win over Logan King and Evan Kost earned a third singles win over Marin Perret with scores of 6-0, 6-1.  In the two Wauseon double match victories, Aaron Spieles and Tristen Uribes were 6-4,3-6,6-2 winners over Zeke Ferrel and Mason King and in second doubles Taylor Wilcoxon and Brady Blaylock scored an identical 6-4,3-6,6-2 victory over Colt Arthur and Eric Gendron.

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