Scoring Summary – Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday, December 10  Scoring Summaries



Wauseon once again were represented at the prestigious, National, Walsh Jesuit Ironman Tournament. Senior Tony Banister and Juniors Hunter Yackee and Sandro Ramirez were selected to compete. “I thought all 3 battled hard.” Wauseon coach Mike Ritter said. “This tournament gathers the best wrestlers from across the country in one spot. It is incredibly competitive and you’re seeing state placement caliber wrestlers every round,” Ritter continued. “None of our wrestlers placed, but in the matches we did lose, we were right there in all of them and the outcome could have gone either way. All three were a match or two away from placement, so it tells me that we can compete with the best. We have had two placers in the past and I felt pretty good about the chances of the guys we took for placement this year. It did not work out that way this year, but I was proud of their efforts over the weekend.”

Backhaus Duals

Edgerton 55, Bryan 24

106: Dakota Minck (BRYA) over   (EDGE) (For.) 113: Gabe Mendez (BRYA) over   (EDGE) (For.) 120: Hunter Weber (EDGE) over   (BRYA) (For.) 126: Chad Baumgardner (EDGE) over Joe Pokornik (BRYA) (MD 20-10) 132: Devin Thiel (EDGE) over Bryant Horne (BRYA) (Fall 3:26) 138: Hunter Hamblin (EDGE) over Jacob Colbart (BRYA) (Fall 1:07) 145: Jacob Fenter (BRYA) over Trevor Eustace (EDGE) (Fall 5:08) 152: Tylor Hartman (EDGE) over Corbin Marr (BRYA) (Fall 0:54) 160: Blake Hohler (EDGE) over Reno Smith (BRYA) (Fall 1:19) 170: Jonah Brown (EDGE) over Andrew Allen (BRYA) (Fall 2:39) 182: Micah Ritter (EDGE) over Brandon Kreischer (BRYA) (Fall 3:30) 195: Jacob Huffman (EDGE) over Eion Moor (BRYA) (Dec 5-2) 220: Justin Harding (BRYA) over Blake Risner (EDGE) (Fall 3:42) 285: Ethan Brown (EDGE) over Jamin Santiago (BRYA) (Fall 1:06)

Backhaus Duals

Bryan 54, Paulding 27

106: Dakota Minck (BRYA) over   (PAUL) (For.) 113: Gabe Mendez (BRYA) over   (PAUL) (For.) 120: Ryan Woodring (PAUL) over   (BRYA) (For.) 126: Joe Pokornik (BRYA) over   (PAUL) (For.) 132: Logan Mudel (PAUL) over Bryant Horne (BRYA) (Fall 4:15) 138: Jordan  Mudel (PAUL) over Jacob Colbart (BRYA) (Fall 2:34) 145: Isaiah Hale (BRYA) over Cole Mabis (PAUL) (Fall 1:30) 152: Corbin Marr (BRYA) over   (PAUL) (For.) 160: Reno Smith (BRYA) over   (PAUL) (For.) 170: Ethan  Matty (PAUL) over Andrew Allen (BRYA) (Dec 5-4) 182: Adrian Simonin (PAUL) over Brandon Kreischer (BRYA) (Fall 3:10) 195: Eion Moor (BRYA) over Seth Wagner (PAUL) (Fall 0:25) 220: Carter Hoffman (BRYA) over Dylan Laney (PAUL) (Fall 1:16) 285: Payne Frank (BRYA) over   (PAUL) (For.)

Backhaus Duals

Otsego 57, Bryan 24

106: Jake Manley (OTSE) over   (BRYA) (For.) 113: Cameron Pollard (OTSE) over Gabe Mendez (BRYA) (Fall 1:56) 120: Jesse Wright (OTSE) over   (BRYA) (For.) 126: Ian Kress (OTSE) over Joe Pokornik (BRYA) (Fall 2:58) 132: Gus Mancuso (OTSE) over Jared Ramey (BRYA) (Fall 0:59) 138: Jake Tercha (OTSE) over Jacob Colbart (BRYA) (Fall 4:30) 145: Clay Edwards (OTSE) over Jacob Fenter (BRYA) (Dec 6-2) 152: JD McNett (OTSE) over Corbin Marr (BRYA) (Fall 3:50) 160: Cole Steele (OTSE) over Reno Smith (BRYA) (Fall 0:58) 170: Andrew Allen (BRYA) over Logan Kitchen (OTSE) (Fall 0:16) 182: Brandon Kreischer (BRYA) over   (OTSE) (For.) 195: Eion Moor (BRYA) over   (OTSE) (For.) 220: Justin Harding (BRYA) over   (OTSE) (For.) 285: Dillon Farley (OTSE) over Payne Frank (BRYA) (Fall 2:41)

Backhaus Duals

Tinora 45, Bryan 36

106: Dakota Minck (BRYA) over   (TINO) (For.) 113: Gabe Mendez (BRYA) over   (TINO) (For.) 120: Jordan Bowers (TINO) over   (BRYA) (For.) 126: Andy Hinojosa (TINO) over Joe Pokornik (BRYA) (Fall 4:29) 132: Garett Paxton (TINO) over Bryant Horne (BRYA) (Dec 7-4) 138: David Wolfrum (TINO) over Jacob Colbart (BRYA) (Fall 1:30) 145: Hunter Retcher (TINO) over Isaiah Hale (BRYA) (Fall 1:37) 152: Aaron Wagner (TINO) over Corbin Marr (BRYA) (Fall 1:08) 160: Juan Castillo (TINO) over Reno Smith (BRYA) (Fall 2:39) 170: Tim  Meyer (TINO) over Andrew Allen (BRYA) (Fall 3:47) 182: Brandon Kreischer (BRYA) over Dylan Eagleson (TINO) (Fall 1:50) 195: Eion Moor (BRYA) over Spencer Martin (TINO) (Fall 3:52) 220: Justin Harding (BRYA) over   (TINO) (For.) 285: Jamin Santiago (BRYA) over Chandler Hahn (TINO) (Fall 2:52)

Backhaus Duals

Archbold 63, Bryan 12

195: Eion Moor (BRYA) over   (ARCH) (For.) 220: Trevor Short (ARCH) over Justin Harding (BRYA) (Fall 5:07) 285: Anthony Gonzalez (ARCH) over Payne Frank (BRYA) (Fall 5:42) 106: Dawson Liechty (ARCH) over   (BRYA) (For.) 113: Gabe Mendez (BRYA) over   (ARCH) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Shane Eicher (ARCH) over Joe Pokornik (BRYA) (Fall 3:42) 132: Zach Rocha (ARCH) over Bryant Horne (BRYA) (Fall 0:17) 138: Gavin Seiler (ARCH) over Jacob Colbart (BRYA) (Fall 0:27) 145: Brennan Short (ARCH) over Corbin Marr (BRYA) (Fall 0:28) 152: Elijah Alvarado (ARCH) over Reno Smith (BRYA) (Fall 1:48) 160: Noah Quintanilla (ARCH) over   (BRYA) (For.) 170: Camden Miller (ARCH) over Andrew Allen (BRYA) (Fall 1:42) 182: Mason Babcock (ARCH) over Brandon Kreischer (BRYA) (Dec 4-0)


Pettisville 68, Montpelier 57

The 4-0 Blackbirds connected at a 25 of 45 clip for 55% shooting to grab the BBC win. Pettisville was paced by Gabe Beck with 18 points, Caleb Rychener with 15 points and Justin Rupp and Dillion King with 12 points apiece. Kolden Uribes hit on six twos, two threes and six foul shots for 24 points to lead the Locomotives. Teammate Michael Blake finished with 20 points, including eight points at the foul line.

Hilltop 45, Stryker 43

After three quarters the Panthers had the 37-29 advantage. But a 16-6 run during fourth quarter action proved to be enough as the Cadets won the BBC battle. Though Tim Maneval was held to well under his average, Quinn Smith picked up the slack for the Cadets with 14 points. A pair of Panthers were in double figures during the game as Chase Glock led with 16 points and Colten Benson added 11 points

Edon 65, North Central 51

The Bombers had four players in double figures as they flew past North Central in a BBC contest.  Braden Miller led the scoring parade with 18 points, Travis Siebenaler added 15 points, Austin Kiess 11 points and Preston Klingler had 10 points. Cody Tomblin, behind the strength of four three-points, led the Eagles with 13 points. Nick Henry also contributed with 10 points for North Central.

Antwerp 46, Fayette 42

Despite winning the fourth quarter 17-13, it was not enough for the Eagles to prevail against Antwerp. Trey Keefer led Fayette with 16 points.

Wauseon 51, Fairview 29

Wauseon’s Carter Bzovi had the hot hand as he exploded with 12 third quarter points and finished with 25 points for the game as the Indians won the non-league contest.


Stryker 43, Hilltop 35

Logan Boetz finished as the game’s high scorer with 15-points leading his team to the BBC win. Daniel Fether also broke into double figures for the Panthers with 12 points. Christian Mckinney led the Cadets with 11 points.

Antwerp 33, Fayette 15

The Eagles were led by Tanner Lemley finishing with five points. Noah Brineger added four points.

North Central 46, Edon 26

The Eagles soared to the 20-point win behind 19 points from Jack Bailey. Joining Bailey in double figures was Hayden Haas with 10 points.


North Central 32, Edon 27

Alex Lehsten scored six of his team-high 12 points in the first quarter as the Eagles won the BBC contest. Nathan Myers paced the Bombers with six points.


Antwerp 54, Fayette 27

Antwerp got off to a fast 24-2 first quarter lead and never looked back in the Eagles non-league defeat. Fayette’s Jennaya Hibbard and Rhys Ruger scored 22 of the Eagles’ points as Hibbard led with 12 points while Ruger added 10 points.

Delta 53, Genoa 49

The Panthers fell behind after three quarters 33-31 but battled back in the last period 22-16 to pull out the non-league victory. Maddie Mattimore and Abby Freeman scored 39 of the Panthers points with 22 and 17 points respectively.


Pettisville 33, Montpelier 15

7th grade – The Blackbirds put the game away in the third period with a 13-2 advantage. Zakkai Kaufmann led Pettisville with 16 points. Colin Mattern led Montpelier with six points.

North Central 43, Edon 42

7th grade – The Eagles led for most of the game with Edon following closely behind. Zach Hayes connected for 16 points in the win.

Edon 30, North Central 20

The Bombers exploded for an 18-point first half lead on way to the 10-point victory. Roman Sutton led North Central with 13 of his team’s 20 points.


Hilltop 31, Stryker 8

7th grade – The Cadets’ Lana Baker and Leanna Baker each scored 10 points in the BBC win. The Panthers led Mallori Blevins with four points.

Hilltop 28, Stryker 18

8th grade – Riley paced the Cadets with 14 points as Kinsey Myers led the Panthers with 10 points.

Montpelier 30, Pettisville 15

The consistent scoring of the Locos with eight points in each of the first three quarters and six in the fourth was the difference in the game. Bumb finished with 11 and McIntosh added nine.

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