Scoring Summary – Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Scoring Summaries  Tuesday, November 29


Liberty Center 43, Hilltop 27

The Cadets were outscored 19-10 in the second half as they fell to the Tigers. Felicity Jackson hit on two three-pointers in the first quarter as she led Hilltop with 10 points. Abby Schraper added six points, Sydni Rivera and Kara Brown connected for five points apiece and Becca Miller chipped in with a foul shot for one point.

Pettisville 52, Delta 48

The Blackbirds escape from the Jungle for a four-point non-conference win. Morgan Leppelmeier sparked the Pettisvile win connecting for 21 points. Her sister, Alexa Leppelmeier, added nine. Other Blackbirds in the scoring column were: Tilley six points, Lynnsey Crouch five points, Elizabeth Beck five points, Nichole Foor four points and Brandi Schnitkey two points. The Panthers a Abby Freeman exploded for 26 points in the loss. Maddie Mattimore contributed with 12.  Emily Clifton finished with four, Darian Elendt had three and Mary Miller with one.


Wauseon 143, Ayersville 21

200 yd. Medley Relay: 1.) Wauseon (Nicholas Dilworth, Kyle Zirkle, Branden Arredondo, Justin Freestone) 2:03.21; 2.) Wauseon (Aaron Beck, Lucas Blanchong, Ryan Scherer, Cam Sauber) 2:06.86. 200 yd. Freestyle: 1.) Mac Warncke (Wauseon) 2:11.58, 2.) Zach Fink (Wauseon) 2:13.81; 200 yd. IM: 1.) Branden Arredondo (Wauseon) 2:21.33, 2.) Lukas Dominque (Wauseon) 2:34.72, 3.) Lucas Blanchong (Wauseon) 3:00.80. 50 yd. Freestyle: 1.) James Hutchison (Wauseon) 27:55, 2.) Kyle Zirkle (Wauseon) 27.59,) 3.) Michael Cheezan (Wauseon) 29.81, 1 mtr. .Diving: 1.) Tony Schweinhagen (Wauseon) 207.38. 100 yd. Butterfly: 1.) Branden Arredondo (Wauseon) 1:02.88, 2.) Austin Schuette (Wauseon) 1:04.04. 100 yd. Freestyle: 1.) Ryan Scherer (Wauseon) 54.81, 2.) Mac Warncke (Wauseon) 58.70, 3.) Kyle Zirkle (Wauseon) 1:00.94. 500 yd. Freestyle: 1.) Christian Suarez (Wauseon) 6:08.18, 2.) Aaron Beck (Wauseon) 6:36.45, 3.) Cam Sauber (Wauseon) 7:02.34. 200 yd. Freestyle Relay: 1.) Wauseon (James Hutchison, Lukas Dominque, Seth Hutchison, Nicholas Dilworth) 1:43.19, 2.) Wauseon (Zach Fink, Mac Warncke, Ryan Scherer, Austin Schuette) 1:43.60. 100 yd. Backstroke: 1.) Nicholas Dilworth (Wauseon) 58.21, 2.) Kyle Vernot (Wauseon) 1:12.08, 3.) Seth Hutchison (Wauseon) 1:13.79. 100 yd. Breasstroke: 1.) Lukas Dominque (Wauseon) 1:19.35, 2.) James Hutchison (Wauseon) 1:25.38, 3.) Michael Cheezan (Wauseon) 1:29.63. 400 yd. Freestyle Relay: 1.) Wauseon (Lucas Blanchong, Kyle Zirkle, Mac Warncke, Austin Schuette) 4:05.96.


Wauseon 112, Ayersville 52

200 yd Medley Relay: Wauseon (Alexis Meyer, Kate Precht, Alexys Carteaux, Daisy Giguere 1:43.77. 200 yd. Freestyle: 1.) Sydney Darnell (Wauseon) 2:05.76, 2.) Alexys Carteaux (Wauseon) 2:15.93, 3.) Marin Miller (Wauseon) 2:32.16. 200 yd. IM: 1.) Brooke Schuette (Wauseon) 2:32.69, 2.) Kate Precht (Wauseon) 2:47.55. 50 yd. Freestyle: 1.) Alexis Meyer (Wauseon) 28.66, 2.) Daisy Giguere (Wauseon) 31.11, 4.) Alyssa Russell (Wauseon) 33.68. 1 mtr. Diving: Alexys Carteaux (Wauseon) 156.45, 2.) Kennedy Nation (Wauseon) 148.80, Megan Carroll (Wauseon) 146.77. 100 yd Butterfly: McKenzie Darnell (Wauseon) 1:03.32. 100 yd. Freestyle: 1.) Kate Precht (Wauseon) 1:04.05, 2.) Megan Carroll (Wauseon) 1:10.0, 3.) Marin Miller (Wauseon) 1:10.06. 500 yd. Freestyle: 1.) Sydney Darnell (Wauseon) 5:48.10. 200 yd. Freestyle Relay: 1.) Wauseon (Hannah Richer, Daisy Giguere, Alexis Meyer, Brooke Schuette) 2:13.73. 100 yd. Backstroke: 1.) Alexis Meyer (Wauseon) 1:14.10, 3.) Alyssa Russell (Wauseon) 1:32.31. 100 yd. Breaststroke: 1.) Brooke Schuette (Wauseon) 1:22.81. 400 yd. Freestyle Relay: 1.) Wauseon (Keyarra Gorsuch, Daisy Giguere, McKenzie Darnell, Sydney Darnell) 4:23.99.


8th grade – Liberty Center 47, Pettisville 5

The Blackbirds suffered their first loss of the young season to non-conference foe Liberty Center from the NWOAL.  Pettisville was led by Ellie Wixom with three points and Elise Hartzler made a basket for two points.

7th grade – Liberty Center 19, Pettisville 12

The Blackbirds had the game tied up after three 10-10 but the Tigers scored nine fourh quarter points to two for the win. Addison Moyer paced the Blackbirds with 10 and Karsyn Hostetler added two.

Additional Summaries  Monday, November 28


Wauseon 2178, Tinora 2030

The Indians opened their 2016-17 season with a non-league win over the Rams.  Leading Wauseon with games of 202 and 142 was Nicolas Kearney. Also competing for the Indians were Chance Buehrer (331), Quincy Rohda (331), Colin Ashbaugh (324) and Brady Blaylock (292).


7th grade – Edon 28, Stryker 14

The young Bombers, behind an 11 point performance from Heinze defeated the Panthers. Haylee Fulk led Stryker with six points and Marissa Myers finished with three points while Brianna Breier and Mallori Blevins added two points apiece.

8th grade – Edon 38, Stryker 8

Edon’s xxxx xxxxx scored 16 points as the Bombers coasted to the easy win. Joining xxxx on her big night were xxxxx with eight points, Bignell with six, Julian with four, and Kissinger and Greese with two points apiece.

8th grade – Pettisville 20, North Central 19

North Central got off to a quick start with an 8-4 advantage after one, but the Blackbirds prevailed in a game that was close throughout. Pettisville was led by Xavia Borden’s six points. Elisa Hartzier had five, Ellie Wixom with four, Anna Hudspeath with three and Kearsten Zuver with two.  Makayla Myers led North Central with five points.

7th grade – Pettisville 17, North Central 13

Karsyn Hostetler scored 10 of Pettisville’s points during the contest to earn the four point win. Addison Moyer added five points for the winners. Lauren Balser led North Central with six while Erin Elser chipped in with five.

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