Second Body Found South Of Williams County In Two Days


After finding a body at an abandoned property outside of Antwerp on Monday, the Paulding County Sheriff’s office finds itself investigating a second suspicious death.

A man hunting for mushrooms near the south edge of the Rochester Cemetery near US 24 and CR 24 in Crane Township discovered the body around 7 PM Tuesday evening.  The county coroner and crime scene investigators believe that the body, which is to believed to have been a man and which was covered in a blanket, had been at the cemetery for several weeks.

An autopsy, which will assist with positive identification, will be conducted by officials in Toledo.

The matter remains under investigation and no further information is available.  This latest crime scene is only about 15 miles from the Monday crime scene.  However, with both matters under investigation, local law enforcement has not indicated whether or not the two might be connected.

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  1. Maybe frank Tracey wanted for the murder of the first girl in pauldin?

  2. I think its him

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