Shelter At Montpelier’s Storrer Park Built By Faith

DSC_1105 WEBBy T.J. Hug
The Village Reporter

Faith can shield a person from a good many things.
Which is precisely what makes the shelter being built at Storrer Park such a beautiful metaphor.
Since January of this year, the Montpelier Community of Faith has been working with volunteers to improve the children’s play area. These workers include numerous members of local clergy, along with others from the ministerial association.
Multiple weeks of horrible weather occurring consecutively led to the ministers to the idea of providing a shelter at Storrer Park. Not only did one not currently exist, but no plans had been made by anyone to rectify this issue. It was in March that those involved with the volunteer work decided to erect a shelter at the park. These men and women of God have decided to follow Christ not just in his message, but in his inherited profession as well.
Chris Kannel was contacted by the Community of Faith to assist in designing the shelter. Kannel was the architect behind the shelter at the Main Street Park. That experience was called upon once again in the Storrer Park project.
The plan was discussed at five meetings, including two with the Montpelier Park Department, one with the town’s Park Board, one with the School’s Administration, and one with the Montpelier Village Council, before the project was publicly announced on May 28, at the Community Dinner Fund Raising event.
By August, the Community of Faith had raised nearly fifteen thousand dollars for the Storrer Park effort. A building permit was obtained in September. It is the hope of those involved that the project will be completed by December. Currently, the posts that will make up the framework of the shelter are standing.
Once completed, the shelter will protect the children of Montpelier from rain, sleet, and snow.
Shielding them with faith.

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