Sidney Houk Crowned At Homecoming

10-03-2014-Montpelier Homcoming-T.J (13) WEBWith Jake Dewire and Jared Shoup on either arm, Sidney Houk stood at midfield as the announcer told the crowd about her high school career and future plans.

 He also mentioned the possibility of her becoming Homecoming Queen.

 Now, before he’s anointed a fortune teller, it should be noted that the announcer said the same of the other two Senior Attendants for Montpelier’s Homecoming, Christy Duchene and Breanna Stein.  Yet it did end up being Houk who was proclaimed Queen at the conclusion of the Homecoming Ceremony.

 Of course, all of the attendants had a turn taking center field.  First in line was Freshman Attendant Joy Scholma, accompanied by her escort Jaden Vantong.  Sophomore Attendant Alyssa Stoy was escorted by Nick Buehrer and C.J. Roth.  Zech Thompson and Dylan Snyder walked with Hope Scholma, Junior Attendant, as she made her way to midfield.  Of the Senior Attendants, Christy Duchene was accompanied by Jared Lyons and Jared Sargent, Breanna Stein by Cody Caudill and Hunter McKelvey, and Houk by Dewire and Shoup.

 All the while, friends and family awaited each attendant as they made their way toward the Montpelier sideline.  With cameras and phones in hand, they captured memories of the momentous ceremony as the sun shined down on the Homecoming royalty from behind.

 Upon her announcement as Homecoming Queen, Houk was crowned by last years Queen Jessy Duchene, who happens to be the sister of Christy.  After her coronation, Queen Houk and her court were introduced to the home crowd.

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