Single Cadet Shines In Junior High Meet Versus Montpelier

August 25th-Montpelier: Nine competitors lined up to begin the race at Superior Athletic Complex. Some of them were girls. Some of them were boys. But only one of them was a Cadet.

Blue Repp served as the sole representative of Hilltop as the Cadet faced off against the Locomotives of Montpelier. Though completely alone, Repp still managed to pull out a first place finish at the event, ending the race at 14:35.

Montpelier claimed the other four places for the boys race. Second place belonged to Daniel Banks with a 15:39. Gage Crissenbery was right on top of him, finishing a mere three seconds later at 15:42. Next to finish was William Belknap, who turned in a time of 17:09.

The Lady Locomotives raced against themselves at the event, taking all four places and all finishing less than a minute apart. Lydia Grime took first place at 15:04. Brinn Miller, Kimme Engels, and Gabby Cox all completed the race right after the other, with times of 15:54, 15:55, and 15:56 respectively.

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