Snake Finds Its Way Into The Engine Of Bryan Man’s Van

Checking the vehicle of one’s own spouse can lead to a plethora of surprises.

After all, it always seems to be the one who isn’t behind the wheel who is the better driver in a relationship, always willing to offer free advice on how to operate the vehicle. So who knows just how they drive or what they get into when one is not around to chaperone.

Of course, for Corey Kurth, what he found in the engine of his wife’s van had nothing to do how or where she was driving.

It seems most likely the Python slipped into the engine from an opening under the barn floor where it was parked. In any case, the three foot long snake was making itself comfortable within the confines of the engine when Kurth was showing his friend, Jason Fulton, the interior of his wife’s vehicle.

“He was just kickin’ back in there,” Kurth recalled, “like it was where he belonged.”

The pair were used to finding animals in engines, so they had some idea of what to do, though the experience was unique.

“I’ve pulled a lot of animals out of engines,” said Kurth, “but never a snake.”

It was actually Fulton who removed the reptile from the inner workings of the van. The two men treated the animal as though it were deadly, even though it showed no signs of hostility.

“It was docile, really mellow.” Kurth remembered.

Placing the snake in a cat food bag, Kurth called the sherrif’s office. After several attempts, he finally got through, where his dilemma was met with laughter.  Afterward, the office told Kurth there was nothing they could do.  Kurth ended up giving the Python to Alfonso Pena, a neighbor, who is currently keeping it as a pet.

As for how long the Python had been on the property, it’s difficult to say. The recent cold spell would likely have driven it to a warmer area had it been there a while.  Yet, there was a troubling trend that indicates it may well have camped out in the barn for a bit.

“A few of our barn cats are missing.” proclaimed Kurth. “We wonder if he was feeding.”

Hopefully the Python will have a healthier, not to mention less disturbing, diet in its new home.

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