Stannard Wins Franklin B. Walter Award For Fayette


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Fayette’s Dylan Stannard is a student who understands balance.

He has been able to hold down a job on a hog farm, do community service through the Fayette United Methodist Youth, be an excellent student-athlete in both cross country and track, and still maintain exemplary grades in the classroom. So it should have come as no surprise when he was awarded the district’s Franklin B. Walter Award this year.

It certainly wasn’t to Scott Sanderson.

“You can always trust Dylan to get the job done, and get it done well.” The science teacher claimed.
That would be high praise from any person, let alone an educational instructor. Surely such a rewarding compliment has been earned over the course of many years of hard work and dedication in Sanderson’s classes.

Only that isn’t the case, as Sanderson is just finishing his first year at Fayette.

Stannard has taken two of the new teacher’s classes in that span, as he is on the roster for both Physics and Anatomy. A small group of seniors are taking both courses in their final year, allowing Sanderson to get to know those students quite well. While they all have bonded throughout the academic term, Stannard in particular has stood out to him.

“He works hard, is outgoing, and is easy to talk to.” Stated Sanderson. “Everything that makes a great student.”

Stannard wasn’t the only one in the relationship to make an impression, either. In fact, when it came time to select a teacher to tribute, a requirement of the award winners, he didn’t hesitate with his choice. It was a chance to express his appreciation for Sanderson’s efforts to help him achieve his goals beyond the classroom.

“I’m planning on going into the medical field,” Stannard announced, “and he’s helped me out with that a lot.”

The high school senior’s opinion of Sanderson goes so far that he is using the educator as a measuring stick for his collegiate instructors. Stannard will be attending the University of Cincinnati in the Fall. He made that decision after speaking to a few of the professors there.

“They kind of reminded me of Mr. Sanderson.” Said Stannard.

As for Sanderson himself, he’ll be keeping an eye on his soon to be former pupil.

“I look forward to seeing what Dylan does in the future.” Sanderson admitted, before adding, “I expect big things.”

With an individual as balanced as Stannard, one should really expect no less.

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