State Representative Candidate Guest Speaker At Montpelier Rotary Club

Jason Rockey was the speaker at the regular meeting of the Montpelier Rotary Club. Mr. Rockey is a candidate for State Representative and life-long resident of Montpelier.

Mr. Rockey spoke about his extensive experience in public service through coaching, civic groups and, most recently, his six years as a member of the Montpelier Village Council. Mr. Rockey expressed his frustration with the State Legislature in lagging behind neighboring Indiana and Michigan in promoting business-friendly legislation. “It is important now, more than ever, that Northwest Ohio be represented in Columbus,” Mr. Rockey stated, adding that Williams County’s businesses are free to move across the border to benefit from more favorable conditions. He pledged to work with others in the legislature who agree that Ohio needs to be leading, rather than reacting, when it comes to making Ohio a place where businesses want to reside.

In going to the State Legislature, Mr. Rockey intends to build on the strong institutions that already exist in Ohio, serve the people in his district and provide a good example. He explained that research forms the basis of his decision-making – much of that research based on his discussions with local people, those who will do the work or will be directly affected by the decisions. He also noted the favorable situation of a State Representative living in Williams County. Acknowledging that the job of State Representative involves a great deal of travel to Columbus, the drive would take him through much of his district (House District 81 includes Henry and Putnam Counties).

Jason Rockey will stand as a candidate for State Representative in the primary scheduled for May 6, 2014.


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