Steve “Slowride” Haskins To Speak At Angola’s Revelation Chapel

Steve and Debbie Haskin are the founders of Whitehorse Ministries, along with their son “Little John”. They comprise the leadership of this anointed, powerful ministry which reaches people right where they are in the “Highways and Hedges of Life”.

“Slowride” believes in ministering to people right where they are, in their “situation of life”. Regardless of where he finds them, he receives them as they are, loves them unconditionally, and “sows seeds” of the love, grace and mercy of God, which produces life changing radical transformation.

This ministry is especially successful among the “biker community” reaching not only social bikers clubs but also “hard core” biker clubs, including gangs. This ministry has transcended “colors and patches” without fear or intimidation, being accepted by them as a fellow biker and truly ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

He has been able to pray with them, share life experiences where Jesus has been there for him as well. These clubs continue to express their appreciation for them bringing the Presence of God into their campsites and club houses. No matter how hard the person is, or what lifestyle they are living, they know down deep inside, they need Jesus Christ. That is what Whitehorse Ministries is all about, taking the Presence of God into everyday, ordinary, often hurting, lost and confused people’s lives, and letting Jesus make a difference.

Their “Ministry Patch” explains it all! Jesus is coming soon, not as a bleeding Lamb, but as a reigning King, coming conquering, victoriously over all Nations and Leaders of this World! They are endeavoring to see as many as possible come to see Jesus now, to avoid His Wrath!

We encourage you to join us for this great service at Revelation Chapel, 501 South John Street, Commons Park, Angola Indiana at 10:10am July 10th, 2016. Pastor John and Marilyn Winright 260.687.8532 or


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