Stryker Academic Awards Distribute Nearly Half-Million Dollars In Scholarships

IMG_0090.JPGBy: Timothy Kays

The Stryker School District presented their Junior and Senior High School Academic Awards Ceremonies on the evening of May 18 on The Stage in the Stryker School.
Guidance Counselor, Mr. Michael Donovan, opened the ceremonies as he recognized the Top Five Seniors for the 2014-15 school year, which were Amy Chappuis, Tanner Clingaman, Zachary Tingley, Madeline Uribes and Katie Yoder. Those recognized as Senior Mentors for underclassmen, middle and elementary school children were Tanner Clingaman, Shelby Uran, Parker Ruffer and Amy Chappuis.
Various representatives of area organizations then came forward to present scholarships from their respective organizations to senior recipients. They were followed by Mr. Donovan, who read from a listing of other scholarships that were presented by colleges and other entities. The total amount of these scholarship funds presented to Stryker seniors totaled $492,012. Those receiving scholarship funds on this evening included:

Amy Chappuis
(Attending Northwest State and Defiance College)
The Stryker School Foundation Helen Beamont Scholarship – $750
Defiance College Dean’s Scholarship – $32,000
The Williams County 4-H Scholarship – $500
Northwest State Honors Scholarship – $5,000

Tanner Clingaman
(Attending Northwest State and Defiance College)
The Stryker School Foundation Scholarship – $1,000
The Northwest State Presidential Scholarship – $10,000
The Bryan Times Academic All Star Award – $100
The Bryan Kiwanis Scholarship – $750
The Defiance College Dean’s Scholarship – $88,000

Cody Hall
(Attending The University of Toledo)
The University of Toledo Trustee Award – $6,000

Bayli Louys
(Attending Bowling Green State University)
Bowling Green State University Academic Scholarship – $10,000
Stryker Rotary Scholarship – $500

Alexander Miller
Stryker Academic Booster Scholarship – $500
Stryker Rotary Scholarship – $500
The Stryker School Foundation Scholarship – $250

Gabriella Paxton
(Attending Bowling Green State University)
Stryker Academic Booster Scholarship – $500
The Sam Grime Memorial Scholarship – $250
Bowling Green State University Academic Scholarship – $10,000

Parker Ruffer
(Attending The University of Toledo)
The University of Toledo Dean’s Scholarship – $4,000
The University of Toledo Baseball Athletic Scholarship – $48,000

Zachary Tingley
(Attending the University of Michigan)
Stryker Academic Booster Scholarship – $500
The Sam Grime Memorial Scholarship – $250
The University of Michigan Provost’s Award – $40,700
Additional grants from the University of Michigan – $124,064

Madeline Uribes
(Attending Bowling Green State University)
The BGSU Freshman Academic Award Scholarship – $16,000
The BGSU Academic Investment in Math & Science Scholarship – $19,148

Katie Yoder
(Attending Goshen College)
Stryker Academic Booster Scholarship – $500
The Walter Buehrer Scholarship – $500
The Franklin B Walter Scholarship Award – $250
The Menno Simons Scholarship – $56,000
The Frank and Elaine Lisnet Miseta Scholarship – $10,000

Shelby Uran
(Attending Northwest State)
Northwest State Honors Scholarship – $5,000
The GenFed Scholarship – $500

As presented by their teachers, individual junior and senior high school class awards were given to:

Presented by Mr. Larry Freshour
Jaelina Mitchell — World History 7
Thomas Bost — American History 8
Hayden Clingaman — American History 10

Presented by Ms. Katie Jimenez
Madison Myers — World History 9
Amy Chappuis — Sociology and Psychology
Tanner Clingaman — Psychology and Senior Government
Emily Cadwell — Economics
Emily Musser — Current Events and Geography

Presented by Ms. Tiffany Korzan
Jaelina Mitchell — Language Arts 7
Madison Myers — Language Arts 9
Emily Cadwell — Language Arts 10
Maygen Wray — Yearbook

Presented by Mr. Shane Marshall
Thomas Bost — Reading 8
Luke Holsopple — English 8
Megan Graber — Language Arts 11
Tanner Clingaman — Language Arts 12
Katie Yoder — AP English

Presented by Ms. Barb Yoder
Jaelina Mitchell — Reading 7
Amanda Oberlin — Spanish I
Emily Cadwell — Spanish II
Megan Graber — Spanish III
Katie Yoder — Spanish IV

Presented by Ms. Laura Moser
Jenna Ramon — Art 8
Chyanne Cameron — Art I
Megan Graber — 2D Art
Audra Rupp — Glass I
Katie Yoder — Independent Study

Presented by Ms. Laurin Waidelich
Thomas Bost — Science 8
Carly Smith — Integrated Science 9
Maygen Wray — Biology I
Amy Chappuis — A & P/Biology II
Alexander Bost — Engineering Science

Presented by Ms. Donneen Dyess
Jaelina Mitchell — Integrated Science 7
Madison Myers — Integrated Science 9 and Forensics Science
Megan Graber — Chemistry
Tanner Clingaman — Physics and the High School Science Award

Presented by Mr. Blake Ruffer
Noah Huffman — Integrated Math 7
Luke Holsopple — Algebra I
Maygen Wray — Algebra II
Tanner Clingaman — Calculus

Presented by Ms. Melanie Baldwin
Brittney Haines — Pre-Algebra
Mark Short — Pre-Algebra
Tricia Wolfrum — Geometry
Megan Graber — Advanced Math
Shelby Uran — College and Career Math
Tanner Clingaman — The High School Math Award

Presented by Mr. Matt Arnos
Trevor Zachrich — Agriculture & Industrial Power
Parker Ruffer — Communication & Leadership
Corbyn Heath — Environmental & Agriculture Science
Dustin Teschke — Financial Management

Stryker Principal, Mr. David Schultz, came to the podium to present the Presidential Awards. Receiving the Presidential Award for Education Excellence were Amy Chappuis, Tanner Clingaman, Zachary Tingley, Madeline Uribes and Katie Yoder. Receiving the Presidential Award for Achievement were Bayli Louys, Gabrielle Paxton and Shelby Uran.
Receiving Grade Point Average Awards from Mr. Schultz were:

Seventh Grade
Kalista Blevins
Anna Heeres
Noah Huffman
Jaelina Mitchell

Eighth Grade
Thomas Bost
Luke Holsopple

Madison Myers
Amanda Oberlin
Gabriele Stuckey
Kimberly Stuckey
Sterling Wisnewski

Colton Benson
Emily Cadwell
Chyanne Cameron
Gabriella Clark
Hayden Clingaman
Bristle Dix
Cameron Frey
Allison Frisbie
Andrew Fritch
Miranda Maynard
Emma Shindledecker
Tricia Wolfrum
Kaitlyn Wonders
Kaid Woolace
Maygen Wray

Brittany Breier
Kyleigh Brown
Megan Graber
Kaycee John
Melissa Kinkaid
Miranda Pegorch
Trevin Rhoades
Chad Ruffer
Audra Rupp
Shi’anna Whitman

Amy Chappuis
Tanner Clingaman
Naomi Diaz
Cody Hall
Nicole Jones
Bayli Louys
Cody Michael
Alexander Miller
Gabrielle Paxton
Mckinze Powers
Casey Reiniche
Caleb Short
Kaci Smith
Zachary Tingley
Shelby Uran
Madeline Uribes
Katie Yoder

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