Stryker Board Updated On Finances & Upcoming Events

10-20-2014-Stryker School Board-T (1) WEBMeeting in the High School Art Room, the Stryker Board of Education met in regular session on October 20. The board was properly updated on financial matters pertaining to the district, as well as the happenings soon to occur at the school.

Richelle Oberlin, Treasurer of the Stryker Local School District, gave the board a report on the finances of the school. The cash balance of the General Fund currently sits at $2,597,454.11. Total Revenue brought in for the month of September was $197,927.02. However, total expenses for the month were $402,334.66. Oberlin claimed that, under the current financial plan, the school would be deficit spending for the foreseeable future, though the cash balance of the General Fund would still be positive at the end of the five-year forecast. At the request of the board, Oberlin is looking to amend the school’s spending policies to slow down or halt this drain on the General Fund.

The Friends of Panther Baseball made a donation of $3,822.35 to go toward the school’s Baseball Field, which was accepted by the board. An anonymous donor gave $150 worth of miscellaneous tools to the Agricultural Science Department, which was also gratefully accepted by the board.

Principal Dave Schultz gave his report to the board, keeping them apprised of upcoming events for the school. He informed them that Fall OGT testing would begin on October 27, and continue through October 31. Also according to Schultz, Grandparents Day at Stryker will take place on November 7, with Grandparents of students being invited to lunch, classroom visits, and to view a snap shot of the school play. Said play, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” will be unveiled on November 8 at 7:00 P.M. on the school’s stage, and will be followed up by an encore performance on November 9 at 2:0o P.M., also on the stage.

Schultz announced to the board that all veterans will be welcomed into the school for a free lunch on Veteran’s Day, which falls on November 11. Also held on that date will be the Williams County Junior Varsity Quiz Bowl Tournament, an event hosted by Montpelier at 4:00 P.M. Not only that, but November 11 will serve as the Winter Sports Picture Day as well. A Band Reverse Raffle will take place at 6:00 P.M. on November 15 in the school’s Multipurpose Room, per Schultz.

Superintendent Nate Johnson recommended the hiring of Substitute Bus Drivers Dawn Woolace and Tim Morr, with both hires being approved by the board. Supplemental contracts for Beth Morr as a Mentor, and Blake Ruffer and Cale Frey as Co-Assistant Baseball Coaches were also awarded by the board on Johnson’s recommendation.

Work on the Softball Press Box will begin at the end of October.

The board concluded the meeting by entering into Executive Session in order to consider the evaluation and review of public employees or officials, as well as the investigation of charges or complaints against public employees. No action was expected.
With their next regular meeting taking place on November 17, the board will meet in the High School Art Room at 6:30 P.M.

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