Stryker FFA Students Already Enjoying A Successful Year


It’s a new year, and that means that Stryker FFA is back. So far just in one nine weeks we have done many different interactive activities. One of the first activities that we have done is building a greenhouse. Our greenhouse is 12 feet by 16 feet, and so far we have come close to finishing it this nine weeks. Many of the students have put in a great amount of effort and time into building this greenhouse, it was really a team effort. We have also harvested tomatoes from Planson farms. Picking tomatoes was a new experience for some people in the group. Sierrah Whitman said, “I thought that picking tomatoes was an adventure due to the fact that Kayla and I were throwing tomatoes at each other.”

Another great experience that the Stryker FFA has enjoyed very much was going to Rupp seeds. While we were there we learned a lot about GMO’s. GMO’s are genetically modified organisms, which means that they change the genome of the plant. A genetic engineer uses different techniques to modify its DNA so it contains one or more genes not normally found there. They also talked to us about the way they have their fields laid out and their different daily processes.

After the tour, we walked to an area where they tested drones. The drones can fly up to fifty miles per hour. We were also provided with a very delicious meal and a hat as a souvenir.

This year the FFA group also went to three cord for a tour of their building in Archbold. They took us through every step of the way they create different types of signs and prints on shirts. The Stryker FFA also participated in the Williams county fair. Many students made different projects that they took to the fair. Levi Chappuis said, “I enjoyed working the beef stand, but I liked hanging out with my goats as well.” “Amanda Oberlin said,“ I enjoyed showing my cattle at the fair. “Every student that participated in the Williams county fair overall had a great time riding rides, and showing their animals.

The mechanical principles class did a lot in the first nine weeks. One of the most memorable projects they did was building Lowes planters with the kindergarten classes. Jacob Rohrs said “It was really fun to work with the kindergartners, and to show them how to build the planter.”

The FFA group also had a major project of showing first and third graders different things that you can do with apples. We did three different thing with apples, we made apple volcanoes, apple races, and apple drinks. Jalyn Dickerson said, “All of the kids were well behaved and we had a lot of fun.”

Many of the students helped create the play props for this year’s play “Alix in Wonderland”. Also this year the Stryker FFA took part in the annual fruit sale. All of the students had quite a challenge to sell to people. One very fun activity that the FFA took part in was, the extreme sandbox at the Kenn Feld Group. We had a lot of fun learning new things about their equipment and getting the chance to drive a mini excavator and track skid steer.

The Stryker FFA is off to a great start and we hope to have a great rest of the year.

-Samantha Haas for Reporter Tyrel Patterson

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