Stryker Junior High Loses To Antwerp

(September 22nd, 2014): Stryker’s Lady Panthers met with the Archers of Antwerp in junior high volleyball action. Both the Seventh and Eighth Grade girls of Stryker fell to the Lady Archers in two games.

The Seventh Graders began the contest. Getting off to a sluggish start, the Lady Panthers dropped game 1 5-25. They were able to regroup for game 2, however. It wasn’t quite enough, though, as they lost the set 20-25.

In the Eighth Grade match, the Lady Archers took control early and never relinquished it. Stryker strubbled in game 1, losing 7-25. Game 2 saw a better performance from the Panthers, but they still lost the set and the match 14-25.

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