Stryker JV’s Third Quarter Mishap Results In Loss To Evergreen

(February 23rd, 2015): STRYKER – The Panther’s Junior Varsity boy’s team hoped to set the stage for the evening with a win at home against the visiting Vikings from Evergreen. Throughout the steadfast event, both teams would exhibit comparable strengths that were evenly matched.

A balanced first quarter was propelled by Stryker’s Cameron Frey and Hayden Clingaman driving to the basket, putting up 2 points each. Sophomore Kaid Woolace also added two points of his own at the free-throw line. Woolace went on to have a stellar second quarter, shooting a layup alongside three free-throws that would alleviate the Panthers to 11 points by the end of the first half. With the Panthers down 11-15 at the break, the JV boys would need to reconstruct their strategic course of action for the second half.

Unfortunately, the Panthers couldn’t find their footing coming into the third quarter. As the Panthers faltered, the Vikings managed to add 4 points to lead 11-19 leading into the final quarter of play. Stryker’s offense quickly rallied; Hunter Lilleholm made the team’s only three-point basket with an additional three points at the foul line. Alex Bost also scored 5 points in the fourth, shooting two inside the three-point line and one at the foul line. Despite the hopeful resurgence by Stryker’s offense, it wasn’t enough to take the win against Evergreen’s superior fourth-quarter shooting. The JV Panthers would lose to the Vikings, 34-25.

Throughout the conquest, the Panthers would top Evergreen in turnovers, 13 vs 11, and demonstrated consistency at the free-throw line, shooting 59%. Sophomore Kaid Woolace would lead the Panthers in scoring for the evening, totaling 8 points; teammates Hunter Lilleholm and Alex Bost also contributed 6 and 5 points, respectively.

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