Stryker Looking For New Council Member; Police Chief Sees Scary Situation With Scheduling Coverage

By: James Pruitt

The Village of Stryker is looking for a new council member following the resignation of Tracy Wyse.

Wyse submitted his resignation with an effective date of April 8 and the letter was read to council April 11. Wyse said he is moving out of the village and has to resign.

Interested village residents should contact the village office.

A student at the Northwest State Police Academy who had been sponsored by the Stryker Police Department is recovering from an accidental shooting at the Napoleon Police Department firing range.

The name of the victim is being withheld pending the investigation, Chief Steve Schlosser told the council April 11. The person is listed in critical, but stable condition.

The shot was through and through and entered about 6 inches above the tailbone and nicked the victim’s kidney before exiting through the stomach. Doctors had to remove the spleen, Schlosser said.

The incident will likely prevent the person from completing the course, but Schlosser said he is more focused on the person’s recovery.

The department should have one cadet complete the program and be on the road in late May or early June.

Part-time patrolman Jason Algarin will work the rest of April before he heads off to a new job in Walbridge.

Another part-time officer will no longer be available on weeknights as he is taking a full-time second shift position. Yet another patrolman is likely to be promoted at his full-time job and will probably leave law enforcement altogether, the chief said.

The changes will make it difficult for the chief to provide coverage for 24-hour patrols, Schlosser said. Part of the problem is finding qualified officers to work nights and weekends, he added.

Mayor Beck said he had been in discussion with the chief and asked Schlosser to bring it to council’s attention.

“It is kind of a nice problem to have,” Schlosser said. “Knowing you are really helping these officers out with training and letting them go out for bigger and better things.

“But it also gets kind of scary when you look at your roster and say ‘oh boy, what are we going to do?’”

The council is still waiting for information on price for street light at Curtis and Defiance. The feeling is there won’t be a charge form the new pole and light, but even if there is, the council is ready to proceed.

A dehumidifier was installed in the basement of the depot and some trash was cleaned out. Doors on the west end will be uncovered once the bids come in.

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