Stryker Rotary Club Awards Craig Koeppe For Service To The Community

The Stryker Rotary Club invited Craig Koeppe and his wife Deb to present Craig with an award for his dedicated service to the Stryker Fire Department and community. Craig has served on the Stryker Fire Department for 40 years and has been Chief for the last 13. He is stepping down as chief on November 26th of this year, but plans to continue on as a Stryker Fireman. Craig told the Rotary that he has seen many changes over this period of time. When he was new to the department all of the fire gear was rubber and today his fireman are outfitted with much safer equipment including air packs. He also pointed out that all firemen must receive many hours of training to prepare them for the job. The duties and responsibilities of chief are many, and Craig credits his captains for assisting him in getting all the work done. He also said he was very proud to serve with each of the 31 members of the department. We have been provided with very good equipment and Craig expects the firefighters to keep the equipment well maintained and clean. He said the department also has very strong support from surrounding departments, and can depend on help from any of them if it is needed. Craig invited everyone to come to the feather party on November 3rd as this is one of three fund raisers held each year. Craig spoke as a guest of Stryker Rotary Member Dean Beamont.

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